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Alternative Housing: Tiny Houses, Campers, and the Road Less Traveled

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As we transform ourselves and our communities, we must feel our way forward into the unknown. This thought provoking post inspires questioning the ways we stay stuck in unsustainable and frankly personally miserable societal structures. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful writers and blogs like The Druid’s Garden that inspire me daily to break out of hidebound old patterns of thinking and living!

The Druid's Garden

For an increasing number of Americans, especially those under 30, the “American Dream” is an absolute joke. For those of us in our 30’s, like me, its still a joke, but a harsh one because lot of us got sucked into believing in this dream and buying houses and such just before things crashed down in 2008. Of course, the joke’s on us, I suppose. Even for college graduates (or those with graduate degrees) finding a way to make a decent living and support a family, much less buy a house or anything else, is a fantasy. Those in the trades that I talk to often also don’t have any work. Many friends of mine in their 20’s are still living at home because its too expensive to be on their own, the job opportunities aren’t there, or the bills are too much to consider moving out. Or, they are…

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