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NorthPoint Astrology Journal January 12 to 18, 2015 Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, January 11, 2015
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
January 12 to 18, 2015

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Angelic aurora over Aykhal, Russia on January 7 (credit: Ruslan Ahmetsafin, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the teleclass last week! I hope you both enjoyed and will continue to benefit from the information shared about the next six months.

A quick note about the replay link: If you registered for the class, you should have received the replay link by email Thursday night. Please check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox — and if you’re not able to find it, contact Elsie Kerns atelsie.

Also, if you missed registering for the class, you can still purchase the audio replay and slideshow — just send me an email atpam with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with details.

Now, on with the week’s astrological news:

THE LIST of highlighted aspects for the coming week is amazingly short — so perhaps we will have some opportunities to regroup after our recent Full Moon effects. We’ve certainly been working with a lot of heightened energy since last weekend.

Mars enters Pisces on Monday, which may help us ride the energy waves with less resistance and more trust — always of benefit when we’ve been struggling and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Mars will be in Pisces until February 19, giving us five weeks to settle into more intuitive, less confrontational ways of moving through the world.

URANUS forms sextile aspects with Venus and Mercury on Tuesday and Wednesday. These are not the most powerful aspects, but if we focus on tapping into their energies, they can help us be more flexible, more openminded, and more willing to allow the winds of change to blow through our lives.

However, also on Wednesday, Saturn forms a challenging square aspect with Mars. We’ve already talked about Mars in Pisces wanting to go with the flow, shying away from confrontation. But Saturn in Sagittarius has strong beliefs and judgments, and resists what it sees as irresponsible behavior from our more passive Mars. This can set up a conflict of ideals mid-week, and require that we find a way to reconcile the differences between our desire to be compassionate and our need to be right.

THE ENERGY of the Pluto-Uranus square is again engaged starting midweek. Pluto squares the Moon’s Nodes on Thursday, acting as a catalyst for the release of issues that tie us to the past and to old patterns of reactivity. And, since Uranus is conjunct the South Node in Aries on January 20, themesthat arise this week will likely carry into next.

The Nodes represent our path of spiritual evolution as we integrate the past and project ourselves into the future. With the North Node in Libra, our collective and individual goals are to find a new level of balance in life, a calmness and equanimity that is not overly swayed by issues that arise.

This is a time to focus on some of the qualities of that North Node in Libra, to do our best to stay in balance, and to soften and release the old ego structures that have kept us often in defensiveness, anger, or fear. Having Mars, the ruler of Aries, in Pisces, may be very helpful in this process of release.
And, remembering to breathe should also be helpful!

In peace,

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Highlighted Aspects for This Week .
MON: Mars enters Pisces; TUE:Uranus sextile Venus; WED : Uranus sextile Mercury, Saturn square Mars; THU: Pluto square Nodes
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