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Urgent! Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and Ukraine

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Thank you Lada! I’m so grateful for your patience in blogging the complexities of this situation. I’ve been astonished by the utter lack of sense so many otherwise intelligent Americans have demonstrated in completely swallowing the propaganda about Ukraine. As this post demonstrates, the situation is not amenable to the usual “sound bite” news treatment. I have been keeping the people of Ukraine in my prayers, especially Donetsk and Donates. No matter how many times these atrocities occur, it never becomes understandable.

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Very worrisome urgent news from #Ukraine and #Donbass, secretly linked to the recent multiple false flags in France!

It has become known that the Kiev junta is planning a new massive offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk around January 15. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Kiev is announcing a new mobilization to recruit anywhere between 50 and 200 thousand additional soldiers. Some of these are foreign mercenaries, including from Poland, US, France, Lithuania and Israel, among others.

Link to Sergey Lavrov’s announcement: Сергей Лавров: Украинские силовики готовят попытку силового решения конфликта в Донбассе. Lavrov said: “We have a very worrying information being presently double-checked, that Ukrainian army is preparing soon a new attempt of resolving the Donbass problem by brute force. This attempt will be a catastrophe. Ukraine isn’t denying that a new mobilization is supposed to draft anywhere between 50 and over 200 thousand new troops. In addition…

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