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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Home to The Holler We Go!

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Thank you Cindy! I love the way you find beauty everywhere and share it with all of us!

Living most of my life in the subtropical climate, I have often thought that it’s easier to keep warm than to get cool but it all depends on how cold or hot. My theory is that more trees, less concrete makes any climate easier to work with. Earth sheltered houses in cold climates and designs like the Polynesian canoe house here help keep the comfort level despite the climate. I’m amazed at the myriad adaptations and designs that work WITH the local conditions to create comfort. I’m looking forward to seeing the new rennaissance in architecture as we shift to more realistic power use. I imagine we will see wildly creative versions of Tolkien’s Elven cities adapted to local conditions all over the world; -)

Back to The Holler expecting hum-drum….but no, The Holler hates hum-drum, so look who chaired the welcoming committee!
Isn’t he a beaut! He’s been hanging around here. His wingspan clocks in at almost exactly 5 inches.
He’s a Ceanothus Silk Moth. His larvae feeds on the wild lilacs (ceanothus) that grow all over Hollerdom.
The adults fly at The Holler in January and do not feed. This is the first one I have ever seen.
If you’re feeling winter weary, here’s a couple of clicks of the tropics to warm you up!
This traditional Polynesian Canoe House is built to catch the tropical breezes and is amazingly cool even on morbidly hot tropical days. Remember Frost saying, if the world ended in fire or ice, he’d “go with those who favor fire?” He is one of my favorite poets, but he must not have spent much time in the tropics…

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One thought on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Home to The Holler We Go!

  1. You are a brainiac. I love this comment and your ideas about architecture. Tolkien’s Elven cities got my mind going, remembering their phenomonal creativity and the way they blended with the environment naturally and artistically. Thank you for your wonderful brain my friend~

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