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“Get yourself in alignment with the quantum field and you’ll beam like the sun.”—Russell Brand

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The trick to changing unhelpful beliefs imprinted on your nervous system in childhood is to create “imprint vulnerability” and then reprogram your mental and emotional software. Robert Anton Wilson explained this thoroughly in his wonderful book “Prometheus Rising”. NLP is a modern method for doing so, as, I believe Silva also is.

When we keep attracting more of what we don’t want, I believe the culprit is often our “hardwired” imprints unconsciously keeping beliefs we no longer agree with active. There’s no point in beating ourselves up over it, just find a better tool to overwrite the “program” with.

Pam Grout

“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself and thus make yourself indispensable.”—Andrew Gide

It’s your lucky day, boos. Another great blog post from my buddy, Greg Kuhn. Take it away, Greg:

Why Being Useful Almost Always Guarantees You Success and Happiness

The energy of “you” (who you are) forms coherence with the energy of the quantum field. Becoming coherent with the energy of the quantum field means that like-energy from the quantum field becomes in-synch with “you”. And, once in-synch, the energy of the quantum field forms a material reality which matches (or is in alignment) with “you”.

A more common phrase we use for the energy of “you” is “your beliefs”. Your beliefs are who “you” are and they are the “you” that the quantum field becomes coherent with.

Furthermore, the vehicle with conveys the energy of your beliefs (or “you”) to the quantum field are…

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