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Truthout Daily Digest | Friday, 30 January 2015

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An Explosive Crisis: Government Bickering Clouds Cleanup Effort at Camp Minden

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: An explosion two years ago led investigators to 15 million pounds of hazardous and potentially explosive munitions waste, illegally stashed in northwest Louisiana, but cleanup is once again unclear as federal regulators haggle with an angry public and the Jindal administration.

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Rep. Keith Ellison: Postpone Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Robert Naiman, Truthout: Reps. Keith Ellison, Steve Cohen and Maxine Waters are circulating a letter to Speaker Boehner, asking him to postpone the invitation until after the Israeli election and after Congress has considered the issue of Iran sanctions.

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Shedding Light on Three Big Lies About Systemic Pesticides and Bees

Maryam Henein, Truthout: Ridiculous misinformation is being planted in the media about honeybees and the systemic pesticides killing them. This begs the question: To what extent does Big Agriculture influence the way science is researched and reported to line its pockets and benefit its corporate agendas?

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Progressives Have Hope; Just Don’t Ask Jonathan Chait About It

Lisa Factora-Borchers, Truthout: To overlook writer Jonathan Chait’s self-appointed superiority complex as the work of one anachronistic guy would be to ignore the growing litany of complaints emerging from straight White men – claiming their own marginality.

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Why Is Marissa Alexander Still Being Punished for Fighting Back?

Victoria Law, The Nation: On Tuesday, January 27, Marissa Alexander walked out of jail, but not as a free woman. As Alexander leaves prison for house arrest, it’s time to question the system that turns women into criminals for trying to stay alive.

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Laura Flanders | Moving Your Money: An Interview With Finance Expert Michael Shuman

Laura Flanders, GRITtv: Why is it so hard to invest your money locally? Grassroots activists trying to build economic alternatives in the United States encourage investing in the businesses in your neighborhood, instead of in far-off corporations. It turns out that it’s not so easy to move your money; there are even laws against it in the United States.

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The Invisible Man: Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower

Norman Solomon, Expose Facts: The mass media have suddenly discovered Jeffrey Sterling – after his conviction Monday afternoon as a CIA whistleblower. Sterling’s indictment four years ago received fleeting news coverage that recited the government’s charges. From the outset, the Justice Department portrayed him as bitter and vengeful.

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Community-Owned Energy: How Nebraska Became the Only State to Bring Everyone Power From a Public Grid

Thomas Hanna, YES! Magazine: In this red state, publicly owned utilities provide electricity to all 1.8 million people. Here’s how Nebraska took its energy out of corporate hands and made it affordable for everyday residents.

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Trouble Already Brewing for Saudi Arabia’s New King

Lizabeth Paulat, Care2: The death of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz last Friday marked a passing of the torch in Saudi Arabia’s kingdom. His replacement – and brother – Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud has come at a tenuous time, with people now questioning his involvement in terrorist organizations and the country’s shaky human rights record.

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Fudging the Future

Emily Schwartz Greco, OtherWords: How precise is energy forecasting? To put it politely, the experts who get paid to predict these things aren’t the most accurate arrows in the quiver. Take the still-unfolding crude crash. Its cause boils down to one simple fact: The industry is producing way more oil than consumers want.

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Richard D. Wolff | Economic Update: Economics and Revolutions

Richard D. Wolff, Truthout: This episode provides updates on political corruption, the Greek election results, Social Security taxes, debt jubilee, union membership and the lessons of revolutions.

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Romney Is as Credible a Poverty Fighter as Kochs Are as Advocates of No Campaign Spending

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The statistical economic facts have shown that the trickle-down paradigm is a hoax: It has led to the greatest redistribution of wealth – from the poor and middle class to the rich – in US history.​

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“Viper” Alert: Citizens United’s David Bossie Is on the Prowl

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Mitt Romney Will Not Run for President Again

Read the Article at The Washington Post

CIA Interrogations Took Place on British Territory of Diego Garcia, Senior Bush Administration Official Says

Read the Article at Vice

Manufacturing Terror: How the FBI Invents Some Plots and Ignores Others in the “war on freedom”

Read the Article at Occupy.com

Texas Legislature Introduces Bill Allowing Teachers to Shoot Students

Read the Article at Crooks & Liars

Air Pollution Actually Messes With Your Genes

Read the Article at Grist

One of the World’s Biggest Lakes Is Dying, and We’re to Blame

Read the Article at Mother Jones

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