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A Couple of Prestons, VT 2-2,3-15… “Changes we could never imagine” and “It’s Time to Bust It Up”

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I’m not sure I agree with centralizing the role of the Zionist criminal faction (and I emphatically highlight the very important point that the right wing money mad warmongers of the Zionist factions in the U.S. and Israel do NOT represent or in any way relate to the millions of ordinary people all over the world who happen to be Jewish people. A lot of clueless people have been conflating these groups to justify their own racist mindset and I find that to be both repulsive and dangerous. But the overall gist of this article as to the immense control being exerted by the corporate owned media is important information. I have been horrified recently by the people jumping onto this media promoted bandwagon of hate and vilification of people who choose not to vaccinate children. It looks exactly like pieces of Orwell’s novel 1984. It seems disturbingly similar to episodes I read about from China’s “Cultural revolution”.
Otherwise intelligent people are acting like rabid robots programmed to attack anyone who thinks differently. I’m ashamed to be a Democrat right now.
Even a lifelong liberal like myself can easily see government crossing a significant line by enforcing corporations profits by forcing people to undergo medical procedures, or forcing them to allow such invasive control over their children.
There is a big difference between taxes and invasive direct control of an individual’s physical body. Liberals normally understand this when we oppose restrictions on personal medical procedures such as abortion. Going without a needed medicine or procedure can be horrible but is still within the ordinary because with poverty people have long been deprived of necessities. But other than imprisoning people for committing crimes we don’t normally accept outside control of a person. We call it slavery.

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