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Truthout Daily Digest | Friday, February 6, 2015

I hope the hullabaloo about measles and vaccination soon turns to what I consider the elephant in the room. Even though the inviolable sanctity of an individual’s physical body is a significant issue, and the conflict between that and the compelling aspect of the social contract re: the collective good/public health is unlikely to be resolved any time soon; the biggest issue we could effectively control is being ignored, possibly suppressed.

I’m not against vaccination. I don’t know anyone well who has children who is. So perhaps my perspective is skewed. But after my own review of the research, it appears to me the only medical problem with vaccination using dead organisms is the unintended effects caused by additives and preservatives used in the carrier fluid.

The studies “proving” the lack of connection between vaccination and negative effects such as neurological damage appear to have used fresh and uncontaminated vaccines.

Corporations that manufacture these things cut costs by using toxic preservatives like thimerosal which contains mercury ( I have been told this particular preservative was removed from many but not all vaccines). The carrier fluid can contain multiple substances that are well known toxins and allergens.

Instead of making a witch-hunt for the anti-vaccine people, it would seem more logical and sensible to simply regulate the manufacturing of vaccines to eliminate all nonessential substances, specifically all toxic or allergenic substances.

With a pure, “killed” vaccine the worst reactions should be minor except in extremely rare circumstances.

Instead we have hysteria and propaganda making certain “types” of people out to be villains just for being concerned for their children.

I think we need to pay attention to the purposeful division of Americans into opposing camps on everything. We need to get past this tendency to vilify and caricature those who think or feel differently than we do.

The only issue with that kind of stark import is environmental destruction. If our species goes extinct all other disputes immediately become pointless-or actually non-existent since no one will exist to disagree!

But even then hatred, nastiness, and oppositional language is counterproductive.

Until we learn to work together again measles is the least of our worries. As distressing as losing your child is (I know all too well unfortunately); it cannot compare to losing your only life sustaining planet or your entire species.

When we listen to one another and actually count all voices respectfully as in consensus governance, amazing creative solutions are frequently the result.

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