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Corporate Media Ramps Up Pro-Vaccine Rhetoric

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Thank you for posting this! I’ve been feeling very disturbed by the vicious rhetoric on this issue. And by the way otherwise normal people who rely on mainstream news become nearly violent and horrible when anyone disagrees with the idea of mandatory vaccination. It reminds me of the people in Orwell’s novel 1984. Or the “Cultural revolution” in China.
I believe in a democratic society we have the right and responsibility to think for ourselves, research issues and act on our findings. Mindless parroting of propaganda, and aggressive knee-jerk reactions to alternative ideas are hallmarks of totalitarian societies.

Challenging the Rhetoric

IMAGE SOURCE: consfearacynewz.com IMAGE SOURCE: consfearacynewz.com

By Anita Stewart, Challenging the Rhetoric,  Wise Women Media

Over the past several weeks corporate media has inundated the public with news items, stories, interviews and plenty of rhetoric about the Measles “outbreak” in California. A lot of blame is being placed on the “anti-vaccination” or anti-vaxxer community saying they have created the perfect situation for an outbreak to take place.

An ABC report released today says the CDC has documented 121 confirmed measles cases in 17 states since Jan. 1, 2015. According to health officials, the recent outbreak originated earlier this year by a group of unvaccinated people who visited the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. Is the Measles outbreak becoming the US’s Ebola epidemic?

The Government Already Admitted Vaccines Are Harmful

The fear-factor runs rampant while listening, reading or watching corporate media. They will have you believing you may possibly die from the Measles, but in truth, no…

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