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New Web Exclusives on Jubilee and Debt Abolition | Tikkun

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New Web Exclusives on Jubilee and Debt Abolition

One in three Americans is currently being pursued by a debt collector, and debt cuts across many different religious communities. How are people of faith pushing back against unjust debts? If you enjoyed our Winter 2015 print issue [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/winter-2015-table-of-contents ] on this topic, don’t miss these web-only perspectives from Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Catholic, and Episcopal writers, along with secular political analyses from prominent economists and activists. Contributors ask: “How do we adapt the Jubilee of Leviticus to contemporary society?” while seeking creative solutions to the staggering debts of homeowners, students, and developing countries alike.

Fulfilling Our Debt to Humanity: A Hindu Perspective on Jubilee
by Murali Balaji

Once we expand the definition of debt beyond material considerations, the idea of Jubilee becomes more than just debt cancellation-it becomes a broader push to institutionalize the fulfillment of our debts to humanity and Mother Earth.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/fulfilling-our-debt-to-humanity-a-hindu-perspective-on-jubilee ]

The Student Debt Crisis
by Alan Collinge

Why is the Education Department not treating the exponentially increasing student loan debt and astonishingly high default rates as a national crisis?
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/the-student-debt-crisis ]

Sharing Empathy, Sharing Power: A Catholic Take on Debt and Jubilee
by Susan Wilcox

If we are going to demand just and fair debt relationships no longer hijacked by power plays, perhaps we need to instill in our systems and ourselves an understanding of childhood and adult development and build toward a capacity for perspective-taking.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/sharing-empathy-sharing-power-a-catholic-take-on-debt-and-jubilee ]

The Jubilee and the Global Economy: Lessons from Leviticus
by Norman Solomon

Undoubtedly, the present economic order is marred by social and economic injustice among and within nations and by the overexploitation and destruction of natural resources. Scripture is not concerned with designing an economic system, but rather with prescribing how to implement justice and compassion within any given system.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/the-jubilee-and-the-global-economy-lessons-from-leviticus ]

Debtors All: Facing, and Embracing, Our Ecological Indebtedness
by Fletcher Harper

In our ecological age, our most common narratives of debt, which conflate salvation with independence from debt, fail to capture the counterintuitive dynamics of our indebtedness to nature and to recognize that our real salvation is in an intelligent and deeply felt interdependence with natural systems.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/debtors-all-facing-and-embracing-our-ecological-indebtedness ]

Reforming Money and Banking: Keys to Debt and Jubilee
by Hazel Henderson

In the face of economic instability, we need to consider creative solutions-like jubilee, public banking policies, and currency reform-that take into account the complexity of the environment, the nature of money itself, and the possibility for social innovation.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/reforming-money-and-banking-keys-to-debt-and-jubilee ]

A Buddhist and Interfaith Response to Debt Capitalism
by Susmita Barua

In order to alleviate mass suffering, there is a spiritual urgency for the interfaith community in the United States to bring attention and public awareness to this global issue of debt crisis and jubilee.
Read More » [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/a-buddhist-and-interfaith-response-to-debt-capitalism ]

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