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Why unexpected money flows to me

Thank you Pam!

Pam Grout

“The world is awash in money.”–Ted Turner

I’m reading Tony Robbin’s new book, Master the Money Game. It’s 600 pages of quite fascinating advice. I particularly enjoyed learning that Warren Buffett is a fan of self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie. So it’s not just us spiritual types who are out here getting our woo-woo on.

I’ll probably even take some of Tony’s suggestions. I’ve been to his resort in Fiji and, hey, the guy knows how to live. My daughter and I, in fact, bunked in Namale’s 2500-square-foot Dream House, next door to he and his wife Sage. It had outdoor showers, two pools, a couple hot tubs, maid’s quarters and 200-foot windows overlooking the ocean. It also had a pull-down TV screen on which we were able to watch the Bachelorette episode that was filmed there. If you want to read the travel article I wrote about the house…

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The Oracle Report | Monday, February 16, 2015



The Oracle Report – Monday, February 16, 2015

“Load In” – Pisces Lunar Cycle (1) 2015 – February 18 – March 19, 2015



Monday, February 16, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: clear, release, dream

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius (7:14 pm ET/ 00:14 am UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of the Wind) and Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire)

Skill: tune in to your inner voice/your heart/your connection with Spirit

Positive Imprints: new directions, clearing space, making sense, adding up, transformation from one thing to another, new uses for existing things, gathering, building energy, stirring in the heart, undeveloped talents and interests being inspired

Catalysts for Change: resistance to new things, obstacles to growth, diversions from one’s path, suppression, too much static or background noise or talk, too much at once, naïve, overpowering others

Sabian symbol for the Lunar Month: “an old adobe mission”

So much is “loading in” to the field of consciousness today in preparation for the New Moon on Wednesday that we just may find ourselves mesmerized by it all. Exceptionally beautifully-wrapped gifts (packets of information) fall down like rain (or snowflakes depending on where you are).

These gifts or packets of information are designed to make our hearts sing. The song is called “The Music of the Spheres” and each of us is like an instrument in the philharmonic.

In the audio recording of the overview for the next New Moon, which is titled “Load In” and posted atwww.oraclereport.com, I mention that over the next two lunar months we are preparing for the new astrological year. The energy of the next astrological year (which begins April 18) is symbolized by the image of “the music of the spheres.”

At the highest and purest level, everything is a sphere of energy (or coalesced within a sphere of energy) – planets, solar systems, Galactic Centers, aeons, us. The “music” of the spheres is the expression or actualization of the individuality of a sphere.

In other words, the music of the spheres is the animating spirit of creation made manifest.

It’s the best possible energetic to create the Second Renaissance, which is created by artists – artists of the soul.

You may not consider yourself an artist, but all things can be artful when undertaken with consciousness and intention. In this way, there are many types of “art” – painting, sculpting, music, singing, teaching, healing, speaking, writing, welding, wiring, coding, protecting…

You are an artist creating the structure of the new way to experience life. Over the next two days, spiritual influences are radiating the field of consciousness to instill awakening, recognition, and eventual application of your uniqueness. Talents, skills, and hopes, wishes, and dreams come to life to create a new experience of life.

Building the Second Renaissance is not drudgery. It is supposed to be fun.

Here’s what’s happening in the sky to facilitate it:

The 26th, 27th, and 28th degrees of Pisces are all about moons- a New Moon, a Harvest Moon, and a Full Moon, respectively. Mars is completing transit of these degrees, hitting them first in order to energize and “load in” feelings of desire (heart and soul’s desires). This has been happening over the last few days, so you can look at events, circumstances, and feelings you’ve had and see what is starting.

Venus will begin transiting these degrees tomorrow, hitting them again and reinforcing what Mars imprinted. Desires are reinforced.

Then, between March 16 – 18, the almighty Sun will reach these degrees, flooding the field and reinforcing what both Mars and Venus have already imprinted. This is just in time for the New Moon on March 20 and also in time for the Spring Equinox.

So you see how the imprinting of energy works and also how important this time is for the future.

The Wisdom Goddesses (Dynamic Duo) of Matangi and Shodashi are close by with this. Matangi brings wind and Shodashi corrects course, so we are moving forward. But if the speed is too much for you, ask that the wind settle down a bit.

I am mixing metaphors all over the place today, but that is the nature of the energy. Today we are tuning in and unwrapping packets of information that “unwrap” more of the nature of reality, more of who we are, and more on what we are here to do.

Go outside. Connect with nature. Gaze at something beautiful and the beautiful gifts will flow.

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I hope to restore the normal layout of the homepage. It was wonky today.)

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal | February 16 to 22, 2015 | Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, February 15, 2015
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
February 16 to 22, 2015

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras fill the sky over Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, onFebruary 13, 2015 (credit: Alan Dyer, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

THE NEW MOON on Wednesday this week is positioned halfway between Pluto and Uranus, at what is called the “midpoint” of the two planets. The midpoint between any two planets is said to carry the energy of both planets involved — and so, the lunar cycle that begins this week is powerfully aligned to carry out the directives of both Pluto the Transformer and Uranus the Liberator.

This also means, of course, that the New Moon is triggering the influence of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square, which has already brought about major changes in many people’s lives, and around the globe.

INTERPRETATIONS of the Pluto-Uranus combination are usually worded very strongly:

Astrologer Robert Hand, in his book “Horoscope Symbols,” writes that when the energies of Pluto and Uranus are combined, we have “revolutionary overthrow, total transformation, sudden changes that have long-standing causes at their root, extreme conditions, sudden and explosive events.”

In Noel Tyl’s books about planetary midpoints, he writes that when the Sun comes to the Pluto-Uranus midpoint, we experience “the urge for independence and freedom, great tension, revolution.” And the Moon at that midpoint brings “change through force, indomitable emotional conviction.”

MY SENSE of this New Moon, when the Sun and Moon both align with that Pluto-Uranus midpoint, is that it is setting up the situations that will carry us through the energy shifts in mid-March.

Our next New Moon on March 20 is also a Solar Eclipse and occurs the same week as the last exact Pluto-Uranus square (March 16-17) and the Aries Equinox (March 20-21). Any one of these planetary events is a news highlight — to have them all within four days of each other is the whole front page of the newspaper.

That week in March represents the mountain peak, or perhaps the rocket launch — and for us to reach the peak or actually fire the rocket, we have to do our prep work ahead of time. The lunar cycle that begins this week is part of that prep work.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the last degree of Aquarius, where the New Moon occurs, is perhaps the longest of all the 360 symbolic descriptions:

“Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to those who have emerged successfully from their metamorphosis.”

The keynote description for this symbol illuminates its meaning further:

“The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.”

THE WORDS “higher forms of existence” may evoke a different image for each of us. The Sabian symbol itself speaks of “a spiritual brotherhood,” and I’m sure many who are reading this resonate with that phrase.

In my mind, this symbol reveals that this is a powerful time for us to connect with aspects of our own beings as they exist in higher-vibrational realms: our higher self, our soul, our Divine Self or Oversoul. This is also, in my opinion, a primary goal of this Time of Great Change, this time of shifting from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar, in his writing about this Sabian symbol, wraps it up with these words:

“It is a symbol of spiritual group fulfillment — of conscious totality of being.”

A lot to expect of a four-week lunar cycle! But perhaps not too much to hope for as a culmination of the past three years of working with the Pluto-Uranus square.

THE SUN enters Pisces just two minutes (!) after the New Moon is exact. The month of Pisces, every year, is a month to release, to surrender to the process, and to trust in the unfolding of life events, even when we cannot see or control the outcome. These directives are especially important this year, given the alignment of the planets and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on March 20, which occurs at the last degree of Pisces.

And yet, there is also a sense this week that the new has already begun. Mars and Venus both enter Aries within a day of each other, then align at the same degree on Saturday. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is always about initiating new action, taking bold steps forward, and being willing to go where no one has gone before.

HOW DO WE accommodate both the energy of Pisces and the energy of Aries at the same time, when they seem so different from each other? By using the best of both.

We must hold the Pisces perspective, that rises above the dramas and traumas of physical reality, that trusts in the unseen realms and lives more by intuition and flow than by logic and control.

At the same time, we must be willing, like Aries, to embrace the new, to courageously explore new frontiers, and to lead the way as needed.

And it is always helpful to remember to breathe, to get good rest, good exercise and healthy food, and to connect with Nature as much as possible.

In peace,

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Highlighted Aspects This Week
TUE: Uranus semisquare Sun, Chiron quincunx Jupiter; WED: Pluto semisquare Sun, New Moon 3:47pmPST, Sun enters Pisces, Jupiter quincunx Ceres; THU : Saturn sextile Mercury, Mars enters Aries; FRI:Venus enters Aries, Jupiter sesquisquare Mars; SAT: Jupiter sesquisquare Venus, Mars conjunct Venus
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