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Why unexpected money flows to me

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Thank you Pam!

Pam Grout

“The world is awash in money.”–Ted Turner

I’m reading Tony Robbin’s new book, Master the Money Game. It’s 600 pages of quite fascinating advice. I particularly enjoyed learning that Warren Buffett is a fan of self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie. So it’s not just us spiritual types who are out here getting our woo-woo on.

I’ll probably even take some of Tony’s suggestions. I’ve been to his resort in Fiji and, hey, the guy knows how to live. My daughter and I, in fact, bunked in Namale’s 2500-square-foot Dream House, next door to he and his wife Sage. It had outdoor showers, two pools, a couple hot tubs, maid’s quarters and 200-foot windows overlooking the ocean. It also had a pull-down TV screen on which we were able to watch the Bachelorette episode that was filmed there. If you want to read the travel article I wrote about the house…

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