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From Chiapas to Rojava: Seas Divide Us, Autonomy Binds Us

Thank you for sharing this! I hope everyone who is working toward “a world that works for everyone” will read and share this. One of the most powerful ways the elite/1% control humanity is through controlling the stories we tell about “reality”-the vision of what is and what is considered possible. When we open our minds to other possibilities we take our power back.

I share a lot of things many people would consider “fluff” or nonsense for exactly this reason; no matter how factual or not, those stories open up possibilities in our minds. This story goes farther than that. It shows us possibilities realized. It shows that when we refuse to be atomized-isolated and brainwashed we can create the better world we know is possible.

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Unwelcome Visitors at The Holler!

For everyone languishing with cabin fever hiding from the snow, ice and frigid temperatures-Cindy has shared the perfect antidote. The beauty and warmth of her area can lift your spirits-and the dangers may just convince you to be grateful for your winter wonderland; -)

We’ve had a couple unwelcome drop in visitors at The Holler.
Don’t you hate that?
And the visitors have drawn the hawks in.
You know how much I love the hawks, but I wasn’t too keen on the visitors, especially because they are supposed to be hibernating.
I walked right over this one in everyday shoes, without even seeing him, while he basked in the sun on the driveway.
Jim said to me in a dead calm voice, “Why did you just walk over that snake?”
I looked down and said, “Oh you mean the rattlesnake? I didn’t see him.”
I am so lucky he chose not to bite me. I missed his head by inches. If this had been me seven years ago, when I first moved here, I would have been terrified and reluctant to go outside. Now, I just endeavor to look where I step, a little…

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