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Truthout Daily Digest | Sunday, February 21,2015

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I read the article in the Buzzflash section below that is the latest in the witch-hunt propaganda against the anti-vaccine movement. I’m disturbed by the repetitive propaganda vilifying people who have concerns without ever once addressing those valid concerns.

If I could find documentation that toxic preservatives had been completely removed and banned legally from being used in vaccine preparation- I would be overjoyed.

The dangers the pro-vaccine propaganda discuss are serious. I’m sure every educated parent who avoids vaccines due to things like thimerosal (because mercury is a well documented neurotoxin that should never be injected into children! ) is losing sleep and sick with stress over such a heart and gut wrenching choice.

If we weren’t being treated as slaves to the corporations and the 1% it would be self evident that such pertinent information as to the formulation and regulation of vaccine manufacturing should be in EVERY article about the subject.

I personally believe that people with the genetic basis for autism are often more sensitive to toxic exposure. This would explain the correlation that the pro vaccine propaganda say is not causative.

It doesn’t matter if the toxics used in vaccine formulas specifically “cause autism”. The significant point is that there is no good reason to endanger children by exposing them to known neurotoxins at such fragile ages.

We can use other less toxic preservatives! Why is that not obvious?

If we as a society decided collectively that mandatory vaccination was necessary then the first order of business should be to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the formulation and regulation of their manufacture were absolutely safe.

Which the laws that say parents cannot sue manufacturers for damages when children are harmed make very clear is NOT the case.

We have, as our Constitution makes clear, certain inalienable rights. Even had the U.S. Constitution never been written, all human beings still would have these rights. It’s instinctual even in single celled organisms to avoid harm to the self. Most animals, including humans, will also fight to prevent harm to their children.

It’s unconscionable to override this for profit.

I hope this issue, like the issues of corruption, money controlling politics, GMO’S and other clean food issues, can unite us. We do have much in common across the heavily programmed boundaries that supposedly divide all Americans into two sheeplike herds ever butting heads.

In the end we are all human beings. We have basically the same needs. We have more in common than different-even two people who appear incredibly different.

If we could just let go of fear, anger and hatred. If we could just open our hearts to one another, feel one another’s struggles and difficulty. We could move beyond fake teams to genuine caring and understanding. Then, together, we would be unstoppable.

I know “American Exceptionalism” is bunk. We are not somehow born special. Much of what makes our country great comes from the mixture. It comes from people of all different countries, races, religions and worldviews finding ways to work together and solve problems effectively. We have done this in no small part by overcoming the fears and hatreds that could divide us.

The public health problems caused by infectious diseases will never be solved by force. They cannot be solved by crushing some to benefit others. They must be solved by making people accountable.

If corporations CEO’s are held personally accountable for harm due to their negligence, if corporations are held financially accountable for harm their products cause then we can expect products to be safer.

If governments want to mandate vaccination then they must also mandate vaccine safety.

And once those necessary steps are accomplished only then is it reasonable to hold individuals and families accountable for their choices in regard to vaccination.

I don’t think many people would choose to avoid vaccination unless it was a medical issue, or a serious conflict with their religious beliefs-IF the vaccines were guaranteed to be safe.


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