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A Clip Here, a Snip There: World Spay Day Is February 24

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Thank you Feygirl! I’m so grateful for all the data and graphics in this post. I hope it’s ok to save and share them everywhere? I’m always amazed that people really don’t seem to have a clue about neutering. Some people complain about feral cats preying on wild birds but from my observations many more birds are lost to pesticides, herbicides and habitat loss from trees being cut down. Once feral cats are neutered (especially if it’s done early) they seem much less interested in hunting and more interested in affection.

Serenity Spell

Best Friends Feral Cat MafiaFebruary is National Spay / Neuter Month, and today is World Spay Day!

We’ve called this “The Year of the Clipping and Snipping” for our neighborhood strays and abandoned cats… Having recently relocated to a large city, we were immediately struck with the number of roaming hungry mouths, right outside our door. Of course, feeding them and providing shelter is easy enough — their spirits are unbelievably beautiful — but after repeated litters immediately upon our arrival, we knew we had to become quickly proactive with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). I was actively TNRing in my old home — always abandoned animals from foreclosed homes — but being in the city is an entirely different affair. We’re up to 10 spayed and neutered kitties now, and we’re not done. Nor do we feel like criminals for trying to help the stray populations (I’m looking at you, certain very large counties in Florida) —

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