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The manuscript of survival – part 434

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Thank you Aisha! It’s amazing how often I get intuition or momentary visions or ideas that seem like a very personal thing only relevant to my own small world and then a few hours later you will post the CC’s explaining just what I was thinking of ! Looking forward to this weekend’s gathering too. Thank you for reminding us early and mentioning the book ends effect. Change can be so chaotic but when we have a framework to think about it, it’s easier to keep moving forward.

aisha north

By now, so much will have been irrevocably changed within you all, and as usual, the outside phenomena accompanying this internal turnaround may be hard to perceive. But again, what you see through those apertures in your head you call eyes accounts for only a small percentage of what is actually there to be perceived, so once again we will remind you that what you see is not all that you get. For there is a way to see beyond this small superficial presentation of “reality”, and that is by way of your heart to use a phrasing you are more than familiar with by now. But as you already know, we are not referring to that actual organ, those cells whose main function is to literally run this show that is your physical vehicle. No, what we refer to, are all those parts of you that do not actually…

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