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Have a wonderful Aurora Dreamflight

Thank you Laura! I have noticed that the more love, care, gratitude and appreciation we put in to a moment-to whatever tasks, or interaction with others the better everything goes. It’s like tuning the radio dial to just shift to a more joyful loving “station” / frequency.

Multidimensional Ocean

Wishing you all a wonderful night, and if you are going on the Aurora dreamflight, I hope that you will have a very revealing session!
Love is everywhere around us and within us! don’t forget that folks! It is what keeps this world together, it is the only thing that really matters. When you do something, try doing it with as much love and care as you possibly can this weekend, and with much consciousness, aka light!

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Common Dreams Highlights | Friday, 27 February, 2015

Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Majority of Americans Agree Fighting Climate Change a ‘Moral Obligation’
by Nadia Prupis
Of the 2,827 people surveyed in the poll, 66 percent said world leaders are ethically bound to reduce carbon emissions, while 72 percent believed that responsibility lay with themselves as well.


As Fast Track Looms, Opposition Mounts to Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals
by Deirdre Fulton
Warren and other senators took to the chamber floor on Thursday to further voice their concern that passing Fast Track authority, which would cede the nuts and bolts of crafting trade agreements to the executive branch for at least four years, will undermine the U.S. economy.
Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years: Oxfam
by Andrea Germanos
The organization’s statement comes six months after a ceasefire agreement ended Israel’s 50-day assault on Gaza, which left over 2,100 Palestinians dead, decimated thousands of structures, and weakened already damaged infrastructure systems.
As Antarctica Melts Away, Seas Could Rise Ten Feet Within 100 Years
by Deirdre Fulton
Parts of Antarctica are thawing so quickly, the continent has become “ground zero of global climate change without a doubt,” Harvard geophysicist Jerry Mitrovica told AP.
The Destruction of Afghan Lives, Captured in US Dollars
by Jon Queally
An armored vehicle ran over a six-year-old boy’s legs: $11,000. A jingle truck was “blown up by mistake”: $15,000. A controlled detonation broke eight windows in a mosque: $106. A boy drowned in an anti-tank ditch: $1,916.
Methane-Explosion Craters Could Be Latest Indicators of a Warming Planet
by Sarah Lazare
Perhaps most alarming is what the funnels reveal about the rising temperature the Arctic, which is heating twice as fast as the rest of the planet.
Great Recession Linked to Rising Suicides Among Middle-Aged Americans
by Sarah Lazare
Economic crises kill in more ways than one.
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10 Reasons To Pray for AIPAC’s Decline
by Medea Benjamin
From topping a catastrophic war with Iran to finally solving the Israel/Palestine conflict, an essential starting point is breaking AIPAC’s grip on U.S. policy.
Our Anti-Immigrant Racism Is Rooted in History
by Sonali Kolhatkar
Solalinde opined, “You don’t have to kill an immigrant with a bullet. You also kill an immigrant with discrimination, with injustice, to not recognize them, to deny them citizenship. They’re human beings.”
For Suffering Palestinians, the Obama-Netanyahu “Rift” Is a Side Show
by Ali Abunimah
The lesson Palestinians have repeatedly learned is that whether they fight or stay quiet, Israel will be allowed to do as it pleases.
When Politics Is Local, Who Decides?
by David Morris
The arguments for stripping people of their right to protect and enhance the health and vitality of their communities are weak. They reflect a fundamental distrust in the intelligence and capacity of the American people.
Congress Is Poised to Introduce a Bill to Fast Track TPP So It’s Time to Act Now
by Maira Sutton
Unless this opaque, undemocratic process is fixed, and state officials uphold the interests of users rather than trampling our rights, we have no choice but to fight trade deals like the TPP.
“A Red Letter Day” at the FCC – Net Neutrality Wins
by Michael Winship
“You did this,” Free Press President Craig Aaron told the gathering, as they held up signs and stamped their feet against the cold. “This is your victory, we did it together. Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we defend this win in Congress, in the courts and in the streets.”
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Yes! Magazine Weekly Digest Friday, February 27, 2015

The best stories of the week from YES! Magazine: Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

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A Conversation With David Korten

Portrait of Christa Hillstrom In 1995, YES! co-founder David Korten wrote When Corporations Rule the World, followed by a series of books that helped birth the New Economy movement. Now, Korten is challenging readers to rethink their relationship with the natural world. In the new issue of YES! Korten talks with us about what it means to recognize Earth as a living being.

P.S. We have two exciting internships open in online reporting and online graphic storytelling. If you know any new journalists interested in gigs that are heavy on research, writing, data, and fun, please let them know!

Christa Hillstrom signature
Christa Hillstrom, web managing editor
Replace the Gospel of Money: An Interview With David Korten

What if we measured wealth in terms of life, and how well we serve it? READ MORE »

David Korten
Forget Dystopian Fiction: This New Novel Explores Being a Modern Teenager Waiting for the End Times

In Bryan Bliss’ debut novel, 16-year-old Abigail’s family follows a charismatic preacher to San Francisco, where they live in a van to wait out the apocalypse. But if you believe completely that the world is coming to an end, what do you do when it doesn’t? READ MORE »

Women Over 65 Own Nearly a Third of Iowa’s Farmland—Can They Prevent the Next Dust Bowl?

So many older women are inheriting farms that some experts believe training them in land conservation may be society’s best bet in protecting the food supply. READ MORE »

We’re Young, Passionate, and Bent on Justice: Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Irresistible

The people dying are moms and dads, kids and teenagers, nerdy, quiet boys and girls. This movement is showing what wholeness looks like and demanding an uncompromised justice. READ MORE »

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These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers

Though the model is new and small, it holds outsize potential for the many neighborhoods whose downtowns are controlled by faraway landlords or retail chains. READ MORE »

These Cities Built Cheap, Fast, Community-Owned Broadband. Here’s What Net Neutrality Means For Them

Publicly owned broadband lets local communities from Iowa to Louisiana control a vital economic resource—rather than leaving it in the hands of a few monopolistic corporations. The outcome of this week’s FCC vote could either help or hinder the path forward. READ MORE »

Photo by Overview.
How has the experience of seeing our planet from outer space changed the way we think about it? WATCH »

Replace the Gospel of Money: An Interview With David Korten

Reader Treeshare asked, “What if we created a currency that was only issued upon the creation of new natural wealth?” READ MORE »

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