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Carl Boudreau: Astrology Status for February 28, 2015 . . . worth the time!!! ~J

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Thank you Jean!
“In reality, all it will do is set up those still committed to a dark and negative outcome for a fall as we head toward two total eclipses in a row”- This is exactly what my intuition has been telling me lately. The Universe is naturally set toward balance and those who continually push for negative things, cruelty, misery and greed are pulling tight the slingshot they are sitting in. How beautiful to recognize this aspect of the ongoing Shift and refuse to be dragged down by their disturbing antics!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

February 28, 2015 at 3:00pm

Deceptive Astrological Coloration

Everyone has doubtless heard of essentially harmless and vulnerable animals who have evolved to resemble dangerous and well-protected animals. Or you will recall movies in which information revealed in the final scenes (The Sixth Sense) forces us to rethink the entire movie. Something like that is happening in March.

Some of March’s most noticeable aspects seem to justify negative expectations across a broad range of issues. On the face of it, the bad news in March can be made to seem really bad.

Seeming Cause for Grave Concern

There is an exact Uranus/Pluto square on March 16th. Uranus and Pluto will both be direct during the exact square. This strengthens and sharpens its explosive, disruptive potential.

The negative potential of this square is further aggravated by the effects of Mars conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. Both will be exact on the 11th…

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