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Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

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Thank you Cindy! I’m so glad to read that you finally got some rain. Rain is such a blessing, easy to forget how magical it is until a drought comes-then we are well reminded by it’s absence.

A rainstorm is forecasted to arrive at The Holler.
All we can see is a spectacular Holler sunset progression.
The sky is lit with fire.
The next day the rain clouds are here, so we head to the ocean to watch the squalls move in.
Soon they are moving in with attitude!
DSC00733 (1)
We race back to The Holler, where the rains have finally come!
Cheers to you from the happy Holler plants and critters who are still, at this writing, being blessed with RAIN!

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One thought on “Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

  1. You of course are right on my wavelength as usual! Hugs & gratitude my friend~

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