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Common Dreams Highlights | Tuesday, 3 March 2015

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Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Netanyahu Threatens War In Speech to Congress
by Phyllis Bennis
Realizing he has insufficient clout to stop the negotiations, Netanyahu demanded a back-up position: If not “no” deal, then we can have a better deal. His vision of a “better” deal, however, is grounded in Iranian surrender.


Bank of England Issues Warning Over Looming ‘Carbon Bubble’ Threat
by Deirdre Fulton
‘As the world increasingly limits carbon emissions, and moves to alternative energy sources, investments in fossil fuels…may take a huge hit,’ predicts one of Europe’s oldest banks.
Nearly 60 Lawmakers Boycott Netanyahu Speech
by Lauren McCauley
Condemning Netanyahu’s efforts to “sabotage diplomacy,” grassroots groups also rallied around the boycott and called on lawmakers ahead of time to skip the speech.
As Bibi Marches on Congress, Obama Says If Iran Talks Fail ‘Military Actions’ Await
by Jon Queally
“I don’t think it’s permanently destructive,” Obama told Reuters in reference to Netanyahu’s visit, “but I think it’s a distraction from what should be our focus. And our focus should be: how do we stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?”
New Study Shows California Droughts Driven by Climate Change and Here to Stay
by Sarah Lazare
The researchers concluded that human-driven global warming is exacerbating and increasing the confluent warm and dry conditions that have produced the state’s most severe droughts.
Body-Cam Company Has Financial Ties to Police Chiefs
by Nadia Prupis
While the demand for body cameras among law enforcement has risen in the wake of the high-profile police killings of unarmed citizens, critics are noting the potential for biased dealings when police chiefs profit off of private companies.
Clinton Skirted Public Disclosure Laws While Heading State Department
by Lauren McCauley
“It is very difficult to conceive of a scenario — short of nuclear winter — where an agency would be justified in allowing its cabinet-level head officer to solely use a private email communications channel for the conduct of government business,” Baron said.
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For Peace, We Must Defeat Netanyahu on Iran Diplomacy
by Robert Naiman
If we want to have a serious conversation about how to beat Netanyahu on settlements, the fight over Iran diplomacy should be required reading, because we’re facing the same adversaries, with the key difference right now being that on the second front, we have far fewer friends.
Eight Lessons for Progressives Inspired by Syriza
by Ted Fertik & Dan Cantor
Syriza is standing up to the powers-that-be in European capitalism in a way that seems almost impossible to imagine in places like Canada and the United States.
Playing Chicken with Nuclear War
by Robert Parry
A swaggering goofiness has come to dominate how the United States reacts to Russia, with American politicians and journalists dashing off tweets and op-eds, rushing to judgment about the perfidy of Moscow’s leaders, blaming them for almost anything and everything.
David Petraeus Gets Hand-Slap for Leaking, Two Point Enhancement for Obstruction of Justice
by Marcy Wheeler
The Department of Justice basically completely wiped away the crime of covering up his crime of leaking some of the country’s most sensitive secrets to his mistress.
What Climate Crisis? Sales of SUVs Booming in Europe
by Andy Rowell
The so-called eco-consciousness of the industry – where fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles were pushed – has gone.
Arctic Nightmare: Obama, Shell, and the Fate of the Far North
by Subhankar Banerjee
Think of drilling in the Arctic as a future catastrophe in a single enticing package.
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