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The Building Pre Equinox Pressures | HighHeartLife

New post from Denise on HighHeartLife!

I immediately saw a connection between Denise’s crystal clear insight into this pattern we as individuals have been experiencing and the recent astrological alignments favoring sudden (Uranus) positive changes for the global collective.

If we as a global collective of humanity-or at least as the awakened and connected microcosm or fragment of that whole collective-can refocus collectively on the positive changes we want to see and experience instead of the mass focus on the current negative “realities” and our frustration with and resistance to them; we can reprogram the system.

Just as we are reprogramming our own mental-emotional-spiritual-energy and physical systems to new frequencies of reality and personal experience we can project our internal changes holographically onto the larger group experience.

Like when a small group in a stadium starts a catchy chant or movement pattern and it echoes out through the surrounding crowds until suddenly an entire stadium full of people is chanting in unison or doing the wave.

I know when we look around, read the news etc our current “reality” appears to be circling the drain. From exploding oil trains and fracking wastes setting household faucets afire to the apparently endless spreading conflagration of war from Ukraine through Afghanistan down to huge areas of Africa-it’s a lot like our whole world is burning!

But Pam Grout made a perfect metaphor for our current experience. She wrote in E Squared about being in Biloxi and wanting to go to New Orleans. She pointed out that very few of us would look around as we drove out of Biloxi through suburbs, farm fields etc and become discouraged that what we saw looked nothing like the French Quarter.

We have to see the world we want clearly in our minds and focus our attention and intention there in order to arrive there. If we keep thinking about all the things in Biloxi we want to escape we aren’t driving any more-we are stalled out-stuck in the middle of nowhere blaming Biloxi for our non-arrival in New Orleans.


The Building Pre Equinox Pressures


The late winter months and weeks (winter in Northern hemisphere, summer in Southern hemisphere) always feel like the big push and rush is on before we reach the incoming energies the March 20th spring Equinox will hand deliver. (Please click the link below to read this post on HighHeartLife- https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/the-building-pre-equinox-pressures/