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Government Enforced Vaccines for all Adults Proposed by US Dept of Health and Human Services **Important Update**

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Thank you for sharing this! This is very disturbing. While I believe vaccines can be useful, it is totalitarian insanity to force such a potentially dangerous medical decision on an entire country. It’s a huge leap even from complete faith in vaccination to a system wide compulsion of vaccination. I hope that my fellow Democrats will carefully consider the broader implications for human rights of supporting such a serious shift in our national health policy.

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Note: Important news from Ken Rohla, one who is not an alarmist or fear monger, aloha {~A~}

I received the email below from a friend and thought it important to share with you. While the mainstream media has portrayed those opposed to mandatory vaccination as misguided “anti-vaxers,” the truth is, even the US Dept of Health and Human Services lists a litany of known injuries from a wide variety of vaccines in their “vaccine injury table” (see links below) and despite many laws banning litigation against drug companies, there is still a brisk business for medical malpractice attorneys suing drug companies for huge sums over a large variety of vaccine injuries. Here is but one example of such class actions:


So please read the info below and take action, it may save you or your family from serious harm.

Many thanks,

Ken Rohla
Fresh And Alive


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