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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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The Oracle Report – Wednesday, March 11, 2015

“Load In” – Pisces Lunar Cycle (1) 2015 – February 18 – March 19, 2015



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius (7:30 pm ET/11:30 pm UT)

Wisdom Goddess: Dhumavati (Goddess of Smoke)

Skill: stay open-minded and open to opportunities

Positive Imprints: awakening, revelations, abundance, things coming to fruition, unseen assistance, self-representation, socializing, celebration, truth, participating, focusing time and energy in new ways

Catalysts for Change: control, telling people what to do, resistance to change, classifying, self-delusion, reliance on others when personal responsibility should be undertaken, elitism, judgmental, superficiality, anger, depression

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange; self-expression)

Engaging the skills of a wise old owl today will enable us to flip from disruptive energetics of dominance, aggression, and anger to constructive energetics of interconnection, fellowship, and wisdom.

Mars and Pluto are astrologically in a square today, imposing strong masculine energetics which can be pushed to conflict. Mars and Pluto are the rulers of Scorpio, and the Moon will be in Scorpio until the exact time of the square around 7:30 pm ET/11:30 pm UT. Scorpionic energy goes to the depths, and it sometimes it can sting.

This particular combination of Mars and Pluto can take us into a realm where things seem unreal, illusive, and hard to grasp. A general disorientation or feeling of spacey-ness accompanies the energy. This brings inspiration, which can be channeled into creativity. Take advantage of the opportunity, because this is what it is. It may not be the greatest energy for accomplishing tasks in the 9 to 5 world, but it is phenomenal energy for coming up with ideas that make ALL worlds better.

Remaining in an open stance with an open mind and heart facilitates this today.

Remaining open to possibilities and opportunities is also a good idea. These new possibilities and opportunities could come about from something that initially appears unfortunate or negative. When planets make squares (are 90 degrees apart), things turn. Changes take place as we move in new directions, so be aware of the potential or opportunity for this.

Resisting changes can produce rather intensive effects, especially on the body. Listen to your body’s wisdom. It is naturally attuned to follow these sorts or shifts, so it wants to “move” today.

Anything that attempts to be imposed upon us that is does not feel right (or does not feel good) will not work today. The old imprint tries to bring things down on us, to clamp down on us, and restrict us. Anything along this line will not work out well. Disallow any attempt to control your mind, beliefs, and feelings.

It’s Disseminating Moon phase, the time when we share our ideas, projects, and thoughts with others and receive feedback. What comes back enables us to see the bigger picture and modify things so that they can be better. The universe naturally delivers feedback during Disseminating Moon phase, too. Background conversations, symbols, and synchronicities bring confirmation. An increase in confidence is the goal.

Stay open to the possibilities…

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