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Lanky Libidinous Lizards~

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Thank you Cindy! Here we have the itsy bitsy anoles (of which our native green species is rarely seen in recent years, but the brown Cuban anoles are usually abundant when the criminal lizard-knappers of the pet trade aren’t around!) And the great big real alligator lizards (alligators). Crocodiles also make minimal appearance but so far to the south I’ve never seen one. I have heard of all sorts of interesting lizards and skinks in more rural areas in Florida but only the anoles and gators are common in my urban neighborhood. The little ones eat mosquitoes but despite much interest, no attempts to encourage the big ones to add annoying snowbirds to their diet have been successful (outside of Carl Hiassen’s hilarious novels);-)

Cindy Knoke

The Holler always has drop in visitors. This is a quite large Southern Alligator Lizard species, scientific name, Elgaria multicarinata, who popped by to say hi!
The Holler has room for all sorts of critters, including LOADS of lizards.
This guy is around 20 inches in length.
My husband thinks he is bigger, and he may be right, because The Holler, as I may have mentioned to you before, is a very strange place. Do you notice him giving me the stink eye?
These aptly named “alligator” lizards will stand their ground and bite and latch on if threatened. I know this because they did it to me when I was a little kid. They have a hook in their upper palate that enables them to hold fast once they have bitten, errrr……something.
I have made it a practice, since I grew up, not to threaten lizards named after alligators…

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One thought on “Lanky Libidinous Lizards~

  1. You have the real croca-gators in your state! I would love to get some snaps of them, from a reasonable of course. Thank you for your friendship & hugs to you my dear friend!

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