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Smash the colonial patriarchy. Restore the Indigenous Matriarchy.

The intended audience of this is obviously indigenous. But the fact is, the advice she gives holds true for everyone. Everyone has ancestors who were indigenous *somewhere *. Just because discovering the lifeways, and wisdom of your ancestors is more difficult doesn’t mean you should give up. Colonization and patriarchy are destructive to every living thing on Earth. It’s worth the effort to rediscover your ancestral cultures and traditional lifeways.

indigenous motherhood

Want to smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism?

Smash, destroy, and demolish colonial systems from our lives.

Because ultimately colonial systems are created with the task to uphold, preserve, and maintain the longevity of patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism.

And truthfully, Indigenous systems are the weapons to use to completely smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism from our livelihoods.

The challenge in dislocating ourselves completely from colonial systems and immersing ourselves fully in indigenous is people’s self-made limitations around what that means.

Colonial systems have become a lifeboat for some of our people. There is such a heavy reliance on them for everyday living that it has become almost habitual to live with them. Academia, legal aid, social services, human resource sectors, medical supports, and governmental systems exclusively cater to colonialism, and our people are consistently choosing these systems as their only options for daily life. There…

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