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Truthout Daily Digest Friday, 10 October 2014


Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India’s Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: Aid organizations are calling on Indian leaders to resist US pressure to change India’s patent laws in favor of the pharmaceutical industry, which the organizations believe would drive up prices of lifesaving drugs, making it more difficult to treat patients in the developing world.

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Mainstream News Coverage of Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Shows Western Propaganda Machine at Work

Dan Falcone, Truthout: Media analyst Edward S. Herman, co-author with Noam Chomsky of Manufacturing Consent, discusses the blatant propaganda in mainstream media coverage of the events in Ukraine.

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Raven Is a Shade of Black

Eisa Ulen, Truthout: Child star Raven Symone “set the Twitter on fire” when she insisted she is not African American. Her comments tow the post-racial line. But we are not post-racial. What we are, is post-Trayvon, post-Ferguson, post-“Bring Back Our Girls.”

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Amy Goodman | Ferguson October: Activists Call for Nationwide Convergence to Demand Justice for Michael Brown

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Demonstrations over the police killing of an unarmed teenager in St. Louis, Missouri, continued for a second night ahead of a national weekend of action in nearby Ferguson over the police killing of Michael Brown two months ago.

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Absolutely Must Go: The US Military vs. the Exiles of Diego Garcia

Clare Bayard, Truthout: The United States and United Kingdom must agree by December whether to affirm the 20-year optional extension of the US lease on the Indian Ocean island Diego Garcia – which was predicated on the illegal clearance of the indigenous Chagossian population.

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The Despotic Chimpanzee and the Ultra-Rich

Lorenzo Del Savio and Matteo Mameli, Truthout: Only a new form of reverse dominance can free us from oligarchic domination, make us genuinely free and create a human society that properly respects our equal dignity.

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Buyer Beware: Latest Documentary From the Tickells Promotes Natural Gas

Lauren Steiner, Truthout: While purporting to advocate for consumer choice and low prices at the pump, the new filmPump promotes alternative fuels like ethanol, methanol from natural gas and compressed natural gas that can only be obtained through the noxious process of fracking.

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Another African-American Teen Killed by Police in St. Louis

Robin Marty, Care2: We still don’t have a grand jury ruling regarding the case of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old African American shot by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. Now, another shooting in St. Louis is bringing up the same questions in a community that hasn’t healed from the original incident.

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How the Politics of Immigration Is Driving Mass Deportation

Ian Haney López, Moyers & Company: It’s not immigration itself driving mass deportation; rather, it’s the politics of immigration. But this isn’t a simple Democrat/GOP split, for there are many Republicans who support immigration reform. Rather, there’s a split on the right, with the Tea Party taking a hard line on immigration.

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How Many Black Histories We Still Don’t Know: An Interview With Simone Leigh

Joe Osmundson, The Feminist Wire: “Simone Leigh made an art installation that is centered around the work done by black women – as nurses – to care for bodies and communities. She has given us much to consider. I suppose the sustainability of this self-care and community can only be ours to carry forward.”

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Why Are We Using Prisons to Treat the Mentally Ill?

Brave New Films, Brave New Foundation: The new documentary OverCriminalized tackles how police handle mental health, substance abuse and homelessness.

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Olive Garden Executives Parachute Away

Sarah Anderson, OtherWords: The nation’s largest full-service restaurant chain is sending three top executives off with $68 million while paying workers $2.13 per hour. For the vast majority of servers working in its full-service chain restaurants, gold-plated perks are unimaginable.

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Economic Update: Why Economics Is Poorly Understood

Richard D. Wolff, Truthout: This episode covers updates on GM recalls, Cuba’s investment in medical training and Germany’s end-all tuition requirements. We also discuss why education on economics is so poor, and a report from the Santa Fe movement for public banking.

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Seattle Discovers the Truth, Dumps Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: It’s been a pivotal, unjust and enduring false narrative that Columbus “discovered” the Americas.

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Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin’s Restrictive Voter ID Law

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Why Are Media Playing Lapdog on War in Iraq and Syria?

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How John Oliver Won the Internet

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Congressional Report on Authorized Disclosures to Media Is Classified

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Pakistani Teen, Indian Activist Win Nobel Peace Prize

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Lego Ends Deal With Shell Oil After Environmental Protests

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Obama Weighs Options to Close Guantanamo

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