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The Oracle Report-Saturday, February 2 – Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Saturday, February 2 – Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday: Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Sunday: Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

On Saturday we are feeling the love. It’s a carefree, unencumbered feeling, but just under the surface are questions or concerns about committment and conviction. We can discern the truth about where we stand and where others stand if we look at what is truly meaningful, important, and valuable and take out anything that smacks of control. Give things the freedom to be what they are today. No pressure should be placed on anything. When we relieve conditions and expectations, love has room to come in and work magic.

Hopefully we are able to integrate the idea of loosening up control on Saturday, because Sunday’s energy is completely opposite. Sunday’s energy pushes control issues and the tendency to feel sorry for ourselves because we feel we lack something. It is easy to get down on ourselves or feel disappointed in some way. This will require us to be kind to ourselves – self-love as opposed to love for others, like Saturday’s energy. It is much harder. But if we consider that our life force is a gift from the Great Spirit and given to Sophia to create her vision, we see where we fit into the bigger picture. We see that we are loved.

I’d like to say something about the battle between life and death (light and dark, love and fear, etc.) that has been underway since December. December 21, 2012 was the begining of a battle. But fighting battles can be subtle. If you remember, I focused on connecting with Sophia and joining her on her playground – as a celebration. I tried to lighten the density of fear that was imprinted with that date. It was a calculated measure. I am perfectly aware that we are at war with forces that seek our destruction (Archons). But there are many ways to fight other than direct confrontation. Sometimes you change the parameters of a fight, and in so doing, you alter the course of events. We were not absent in the battle that began on 12-21-12. We were not bystanders then and we aren’t bystanders now. By seeking attainment with the love and joy of participating in Sophia’s vision, we countered the wave of death, fear, and destruction that was so prevalent at that time. We shoot our bows and arrows on a daily basis as we fight the good fight against the Archontic forces that seep into our lives and control the world around us. We are a flock of old owls that is spread across the world in service to Sophia on a daily basis and we hold the line.

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