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The Oracle Report Friday, November 1, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal, forgive

Moon: Libra

Like a parliament of owls flying over a moonless night, a wave of love and protection sweeps over the planet today. This is due to Venus’ conjunction with the Galactic Center, the home of love, light, and life in our galaxy. A particular type of energetic is activated.

We are drawn toward connections and bonds, but will react strongly if we feel like we are being overly bound, limited, restricted, or committed. The energy may produce a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is due to its “sweeping” nature. Let it sweep through you if you are struggling.

The nature of today’s energy is also to uplift. Reach out your hand and you’ll be embraced. Reach out your mind and you’ll be enlightened.

As mentioned yesterday, all are invited to connect at 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm UTC today in a group meditation to strongly imprint the energy. This means we “tune” ourselves to the energy (love and protection) and “ground” it the the grid of the planet. You can envision this and meditate on it in your own way. Drawing to mind the image pictured with this report can be the connecting force for the group meditation, but the intention to join together with others is all that is needed. You can envision your own picture. In keeping with the element of this energy that relates to freedom and not wanting to be bound or limited, no other instructions are needed. In other words, we play a personally creative part of a collective endeavor. We are tuning in to love and freedom and the LIMITLESSNESS of the Galactic Center, pulling it into the collective of humanity, and grounding it in the grid of consciousness. If you cannot join the party at the exact time, you can be involved anytime before the Sun rises where you are tomorrow. The net of intention will be out there ready and waiting for additional focused energy. It will only strengthen it, so come on over whenever you can. Think: LOVE, PROTECTION, and LIMITLESSNESS.


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The Oracle Report Thursday, October 24, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: share, distribute, teach, demonstrate

Moon: Cancer

The Sun released an M9-class flare at 00:32 UT on October 24. The sunspot releasing the flare is facing Earth, and a blackout of high frequency radio transmissions was experienced on the Pacific side of the planet (which was sunlit at the time of the flare). Watch the video captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory atwww.spaceweather.com.

The Sun continues to transit the Chiron Point through Monday, October 28. The powerful solar activity makes themes of wounding and healing stronger (more pronounced) and also allows stronger imprinting of the energy. So whatever is transpiring for you is making lasting impressions.

An important thing to be aware of is a pattern or imprint from the past resurfacing. Habits, behavior patterns and thought patterns repeat today, especially those that we thought we had changed. Don’t be misunderstand this to mean that you haven’t really worked out the issue. It’s an energetic imprint – a ghost, a shadow – that lingers. It’s energetic imprint was strong in the past, so some of it remains in the field and shows up when conditions are favorable. It’s best to be a silent witness to it. Acknowledge that this has been a pattern for you in the past and sit tight. The energy will shift. You don’t have to repeat behavior just because the energy brings it up. When you know that there is a tendency today to repeat past “mistakes” you can choose from wisdom and respond accordingly.

We are in the time of the year that is like a Full Moon. Full Moons are inherently related to the past because they are the fullest expression of what was seeded in the past. Full Moons take what has been imprinted in the past and makes them FULL blown.

Mercury retrograde issues (impaired communication, telecommunication, electronics, travel, thinking) are full blown today, as well. The best advice is to keep communications and plans as SIMPLE as possible today. Too much time can be wasted in a loop of trying to communicate too much at once. Slow it down.

The Moon joins the Black Moon in Cancer, pressing issues related to support, appreciation, and how much others support and appeciate us. We don’t want to press it anymore, so don’t press things with people. It’s best to remain as self-sufficient as possible when this type of Cancer energy is strong.

The Oracle Report is engaged in re-printing the daily energy to create a different world right now and for the future. Answer the call to this. It’s a worthy challenge. Be mindful of what your energy is imprinting. Make it as beautiful as possible – a gift to Sophia and future humanity.