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Benjamin Fulford – December 23, 2013: Multiple sources confirm 2014 will be the year of revolution in the West


Benjamin Fulford –

December 23, 2013

Benjamin Fulford – December 23, 2013: Multiple sources confirm 2014 will be
the year of revolution in the West

The year 2014 will mark the beginning of a fundamental change in how this
planet is managed according to sources including the Pentagon, the Japanese
imperial family and the P2 freemason lodge. NATO and other European groups
promise to start the New Year with a $15 billion project to help the
Philippines and show Europeans were fundamentally changing their
international modus operandi, according to the P2 lodge.

There is also an avalanche of disclosure appearing in corporate mass media
outlets about long taboo topics like 911, the Lockerbie bombing, the Kennedy
assassination etc. indicating some sort of attempt at starting a truth and
reconciliation process has begun.

We are also once again being told of mass arrests of cabalists that have
begun in the US. This time US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was named as one
of those arrested for refusing to sign on to the new financial system,
according to one Pentagon and one CIA source. A google image search shows
the last time he appeared in public was 3 days ago. However, both myself and
Christopher Story among others, have been told repeatedly that some top
cabalist had been arrested only to have them appear in public the day after
we wrote about the arrest. This could be that same old trick all over again.
The same sources say that President Barack Obama will not return from his
Hawaiian holiday this year. However, we were told the same thing last year
but he did return.

Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly obvious on multiple fronts that
cabal rule is collapsing at an accelerating pace in the West.

In the US, there is a growing move within the establishment to start
exposing the truth about 911. When Congress members start asking questions
in Congress about it, for example, they are showing that they know it is
safe to start talking about it in public now. The move to blame the Saudis
being given wide publicity is a precursor to taking down the
Bush/Nazi/Zionist faction.

The truth about the Kennedy assassination is also now coming out, again as a
part of that same trend. The sealed public documents relating to the
assassination are due to be released to the public soon, according to
sources close to Kennedy daughter US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy.
The sealed files are almost all held by the CIA, especially its Nazi/Bush
faction the Directorate of Operations.

There is also a move to start disclosing the CIAÂs secret Iranian
connection, according to MI5. One of the most damning things to come out
last week concerned the Lockerbie Bombing of 1988 in which a bomb blew up an
airliner over Scotland, killing 243 people.

The official story is that it was done by Libya but now it turns out the
operation was carried out to cover up the Iranian/Bush/Nazi drug connection,
according to MI5 sources.

First let us review what the connection was in a bigger context. The Iranian
revolution that replaced the Shah of Iran with Ayatollah Khomeini was a
cabal run operation aimed at grabbing Persian imperial gold supplies (the
gold was evacuated to Thailand), according to a cousin of the Shah. Later,
George Bush Sr. got Ronald Reagan elected as President and himself as Vice
President in large part because of the ÂOctober surprise;Â the sabotaged
rescue attempt by President Carter of the US Embassy officials being held
hostage in Tehran. That operation was run by Bush agent Osama Bin Laden (aka
Tim Osman) and his flunky Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The attempt by agency and government white hats to counter the Bush faction
with the Iran/Contra hearings during the Reagan Presidency failed to remove
the Bush faction. One reason was because the Lockerbie bombing killed US
military intelligence and CIA officers who were on that flight on their way
back to report that the Frankfurt (Bush/Nazi) branch of the CIA was running
drugs out of the Beqaa valley in Lebanon for the Iranians. The plane was
blown up to prevent them from reporting this to the Pentagon. Also, it
happens that the commander of the Qods or Iranian special forces in the
Bekaa valley became the Iranian Defense Minister a couple of years ago.

All this is coming out now because Bush and his faction have been defeated
at a high level and arrests of Nazis have been proceeding at a fast clip.
Incidents like Lockerbie are important to Pentagon types because they
represent high treason. That is why we are hearing from CIA and Pentagon
sources that nobody is in the mood for a touchy feely peace and
reconciliation process.

Remember, this Nazi faction has been responsible for killing tens of
millions of people since the end of World War 2. They were also planning to
kill 90% of humanity with disease, nuclear war and starvation in order to
start their 1000 year fourth Reich.

Now, they have lost control of most of the men with guns in the Pentagon and
the agencies. Pentagon sources are now saying, for example, that they found
a network of Nazi run laboratories in some of the former Soviet Republics
that were producing and spreading biological warfare agents as a part of
these plans. These laboratories are now being shut down.

The consensus is that these people will have to be taught a lesson that will
never be forgotten by future generations in order to make sure such a
monstrous entity never again arises within humanityÂs power structure.

However, as we enter the solar new year on December 25th we need to remember
the ancient tradition is to not only clean out the rot but to give birth to
the new. In that vein, we would like to suggest that it is time to review
and renew many of our ancient traditions.

Starting with Christmas could be one way. The Catholic Church and other
Christian groups now admit they do not know when Christ was born and that
Christmas is really a celebration of the Solar New Year that has been going
on for untold millennia. Sites like Stonehenge in England and the Ise Shrine
in Japan, for example, have been set up for celebration of the Solar New
Year many thousands of years before Jesus Christ and the start of

That is why it makes sense to change December 25th, the date the sun starts
to move South again in the Northern Hemisphere, into January 1st. The
celebrations of the birth of Christ could be moved to the spring, the most
likely time of his birth. This could be set in line with the Lunar New Year
and thus give countries in the West a celebration in harmony with Chinese
and Muslim celebrations of the Lunar New Year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

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Truthout Daily Digest December 24,2013

The Day Santa Really Went Black

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: Images are powerful, and that’s why it was such an issue at our house on Land Park Drive when Santa Went Black, recalls Dr. Wilmer Leon III.

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Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Human Rights of Sex Workers

Kate Zen, Truthout: A landmark decision,Bedford v. Canada, issued by the Canadian Supreme Court on Friday, struck down all three anti-prostitution laws in the Canadian federal criminal code and recognized sex workers’ rights to occupational safety.

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Campaign Cash Rules Drown in the Bathtub

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: What little power the government still has to regulate campaign finance donations is being steadily eroded by funding cutbacks, intimidation, bureaucracy and an inability or refusal to enforce the few rules we have left.

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Yes Virginia, Obama and the Democrats Are Mussolini-Style Corporatists, Just Like the Republicans

Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: Given that both political parties benefit from using the power and the resources of the state to enrich their patrons, it’s going to take a lot more pressure than we see now from ordinary citizens to shake up this cozy duopoly.

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Advice for Young Women: Get a Union Job

Michelle Chen, In These Times: All other things being equal, unions are good for working women, yielding higher wages and better job benefits, according to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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1913 Massacre Film Takes a Trip Back to Calumet a Century After a Christmas Eve Tragedy

Gabriel San Roman, Truthout: Louis Galdieri and Ken Ross, producers of the new documentary 1913 Massacre, talk about their movie and the tragic deaths of 74 at a union Christmas Eve party sponsored by the Western Federation of Miners.

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Mystery Oil Spill Turns Miles of Trinidad’s Beaches Black

Peter Richards, Inter Press Service: Whether it is a case of sabotage or simply poor management practices by the state-owned PETROTRIN, a mysterious oil spill in south Trinidad is wreaking havoc on homes and wildlife in the area.

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Walmart and Disney Refuse to Compensate Injured Bangladeshi Workers

Kristina Chew, Care2: US and global companies need to face up to the reality that some of their products are produced by men, women and children working in sweatshop conditions.

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“Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent”? Inside Guantanamo

John LaForge, Counterpunch: When asked if his administration would investigate allegations of detainee torture at Guantanamo Bay, Obama said it would be unproductive to “look backwards.”

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Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry

Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet: While many procedures on factory farms are cruel, breeding animals into mutants and violating mother/offspring bonds are truly crimes against nature.

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Megyn Kelly Lights the Powder Keg for a FOX Gun Guy to Shoot a Black Santa

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The relationship between racism and gun ownership has been as old as the Republic in America. FOX News keeps providing ammunition to those arming themselves against “the other.”

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After Months of NSA Revelations, Edward Snowden Says His Mission Is Accomplished

Read the Article at The Washington Post

IRS Helps “Churches” Steal Billions From Worker Pensions

Read the Article at Tax Analysts

A Solar Boom So Successful, It’s Been Halted

Read the Article at Scientific American

Edward Snowden to Broadcast Christmas Day Message

Read the Article at The Guardian

The Seven Most Important Things Congress Did in 2013 (and the Top 25 Things It Didn’t Do)

Read the Article at Roll Call

In Alberta, Canada, Environmental Regulators Now Funded by Fossil Fuel Industry

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

McDonald’s Advises Its Employees to Not Eat at McDonald’s

Read the Article at The Political Carnival

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, December 24, 2013 – Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Tuesday: Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, demonstration, distribution: Moon in Virgo

Wednesday: Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, take responsibility: Moon in Libra

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

On Tuesday, we complete the Disseminating phase of the Disseminating time of year – the optimum time for sharing, expressing, giving, and receiving. Messages, information, inspiration, solutions, feedback, and insights fall like snowflakes.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s energy works in tandem. Whatever is imprinted or built into Tuesday’s energy (through mindsets, emotional states, intentions, events) finds its way into Wednesday’s energy. A “splitting” or “divergence” results on Wednesday, creating divisions. We see how some are controlled and controlling (intimidating) and some are free and freeing (loving).

If you find yourself involved in the controlled/controlling/intimidating experience, don’t engage the aggression, but if it comes to defending yourself or your position in some way, do so from the stance of the spiritual warrior. Consider if this is something you really want to put energy and effort into. If so, remain in your heart center, firmly grounded in place. Be respectful and recognize that nothing need take you off that stance. The outcome is not measured by success in changing someone’s mind; it is measured by whether or not you were swayed off center and ground by relying on others’ reactions. Stay true to yourself. Remember that old values are dissolving and that the return of the sacred masculine is rebalancing and rectifying things. We are witnessing this right before our eyes. Massive transformation and change is happening in the world.

The intense astrological energies I’ve been highlighting over the last several days drive anger, fear of change, fear of the unknown, relationship issues, accidents, and aggression into situations. We want to opeate above all of that. To do this, we strive for peace of heart that comes from watching falling snowflakes. Watching snowflakes transports us to another mindscape where we are still and the heart and mind can unite. The inner masculine and feminine merge here.

So as we walk through our lives and are engaged in whatever activities the next couple of days holds, we will be like the deer in this photograph, standing amidst the falling flakes, accruing the wisdom on our antlers, immersed in the scene yet somehow offset from it and somewhat invisible. We stand in the middle of power. Via frequency resonation, we come together through this endeavor and through our numbers, imprint and infuse peace and harmony into the energy. It’s a worthy endeavor.

The full version of today’s picture is here.


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The Oracle Report Monday, December 23, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, demonstration, distribution

Moon: Virgo

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas


Is the storm of information in the air bringing you to the brink? Last week’s influx of energy from the Galactic Center would tend to keep our heads spinning. All of that, in combination with the strong aspects between the Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mars, and Uranus, supercharges the energy. Massive changes are occurring rapidly. It can be overwhelming.
The best way to handle this is to slow down the process. Anytime Mars and Uranus are involved, things happen fast. We can slow things down long enough for us to feel our emotions, engage our psyches, and take care of our bodies. To slow things down (or warp time, if you will) we can engage the stance of the wise owl in the tree. We can watch and consider.

But we also reserve the right to come out and share with others when prompted. We remain in “double Disseminating” Moon phase energy, so we share our thoughts, projects, ideas, etc, with others and then receive something back. The energy “feeds back.” Of course, we are also giving our thoughts to others about their projects, ideas, etc. The process strengthens the intention. This is the preferred way of nature (Gaia-Sophia). Giving and receiving are the keywords.

Because things are moving so fast under this energy, accidents easily happen. Our own thoughts can distract us. Pay attention when driving; don’t zone out.

Venus turned retrograde on Saturday and will remain so through February 1, 2014. During this timeframe we will see things become unbounded. You may sense this within yourself and it may feel quite unnatural. There is a compulsion to share or disclose, but also concern if the timing is right. If so, recall the symbol for this lunar month – a flag that turns into an eagle that crows – and ask yourself what you feel in your heart.

Stay centered and attentive today, and disseminate some love in the process.


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North Point Astrology Journal December 23 to 29, 2013 Pam Younghans


Today’s photo: Comet Lovejoy as seen from from Jauerling, Austria (photo by Gerald Rhemann, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

IT IS PERHAPS old news that comet ISON did not survive its close encounter with the Sun in late November, at least not in its full form.

As astrophysicist Karl Battams wrote on his blog, comet ISON “clearly fell apart in the hours surrounding its close brush with the Sun and now exists simply as a dusty cloud and some warm fuzzy memories.”

This means, of course, that we will not be watching a bright and lively comet ISON in the night sky this week. But its existence is still with us energetically — and even, perhaps, physically, since Earth will pass through its dust trail in mid-January.

WHEN I FOUND OUT that ISON had merged energies with the Sun, my first reaction was disappointment — but then I started wondering, what does it mean energetically, when a comet dives into the Sun? It actually has happened several times this year.

We know that energy never “disappears,” but only changes form. When I burn wood in my woodstove, the log eventually changes form, becoming both the heat that warms my home and the ash that remains in the tray.

So, as comet ISON and others follow the example of Icarus and fly too close to the Sun, we still have remnants of their physical form in the dust trails that remain — the comet’s version of ash. But the essence of these comets has merged with the Sun, which mean their energies are now radiated out into the solar system along with the Sun’s rays.

(For you scientifically adept readers, I realize this may not be clinically accurate — but be please be kind in your judgment! I’m going more with the symbolism than technical reality, which is what we do here…)

MY POINT is simply that even though we do not have a nucleus of comet ISON to watch this week, its effects are not necessarily behind us.

I’m not sure exactly why I seem to be fixated on this particular comet, since there are others (such as comet Lovejoy) still gracing the skies in spectacular fashion.

Perhaps it is the synchronicities I found between comet ISON and comets that appeared at other times in history when Pluto and Uranus were in strong aspect.

Whatever the reason, I don’t seem to be able to let go of comet ISON just yet.
So, when the Earth passes through ISON’s dust trail in mid-January and we have a few more falling stars in the sky, I’m going to be out there watching, and listening internally for more insights.

GETTING BACK to our “regular programming” of watching the interactions of the planets in our solar system for the week: It looks like an interesting mix of potentials, primarily involving the Sun and Mercury, who are traveling together in early Capricorn.
On the one hand, we have lovely sextile aspects between Neptune and Sun-Mercury. These interactions represent opportunities to find a positive relationship between our “real world” goals and the guidance we receive from spirit. So, we might feel more intuitively guided when considering our next steps in life — or we could also use these aspects to bring concrete form to our spiritual or creative goals (such as starting a meditation practice or beginning a writing or artistic project).

On the other hand, we have Saturn in slightly challenging aspect to Sun-Mercury.

These interactions indicate that we’ll have a few bumps in the road that will require us to refocus our attention. In other words, as much as we would like to float on the Neptunian cloud, we will realize that we need to pay attention to “reality” — perhaps because we stepped in a puddle while looking at the sky.

ON THE THIRD HAND (again, not literally!), Uranus is stepping into powerful relationships with Mars and Sun-Mercury this week. These are the biggest energies of the week, which means they will most likely get our attention.

The Uranus-Mars opposition, exact on Wednesday, provides a restless energy that emphasizes our need for change. We may be less tolerant of people with different agendas with this aspect, and will benefit from being flexible in our expectations.

Breakthroughs are possible, as are breakdowns, as we juggle our desire for harmony (Mars in Libra) with our need for autonomy and independence (Uranus in Aries).

Then, next weekend, the Sun and Mercury are exactly aligned and also exactly square Uranus. This combination highlights our attachment to old goals, especially as they contrast with our very new, very different needs that are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

The positive potential with this one is allowed when we relinquish our need to be consistent or in control, and allow our perspectives to be altered, perhaps in surprising and unexpected ways.

THE EFFECTS of this week’s Uranus aspects will carry forward into the New Year, and will continue to be a part of our experience during the first six months of 2014.
Which makes this a perfect time to remind you about our “Surf’s Up” teleclass on January 9 — I hope you can join us!


Surf’s Up!

Riding the waves of the first half of 2014

Teleclass with Astrologer Pam Younghans
and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns

Thursday, January 9, 2014

4 to 5:30pm PST 5 to 6:30pm MST
6 to 7:30pm CST 7 to 8:30pm EST

Attend either by phone or online!
Your $25 registration fee includes an audio replay of the teleclass and a copy of the slideshow, so even if you cannot attend “live,” you will have access to the class content afterward.
To register, please visit http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.
About the Class

We have a powerful SuperMoon on January 1 to start off our new calendar year. This New Moon is potent not only because of its proximity to Earth, but also because it sets off the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross that we’ll be working with for much of 2014. This configuration involves Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra.
Since the new year begins in such dramatic fashion, it perhaps is not surprising to hear that the planetary influences during the first six months of 2014 will keep us on our toes! The image of a surfboarder is especially appropriate, given that we’ll continually need to adjust our center of gravity to stay in balance as we navigate the ongoing waves of energy and change. Knowing when the big waves are coming, and knowing when we will have calm seas, can help us prepare and ride the waves more effectively.
Imagine how the surfer feels when successfully harnessing the energy of that ocean wave – the sense of empowerment (Pluto), liberation (Uranus), joy (Jupiter) and self-confidence (Mars). This is the reward for taking the risk and utilizing the necessary combination of courage, perfect timing, and trust. This is what we are aiming for!
Join us for an enlightening and informative look at the first half of 2014! Registration and more information at http://astrology2014.eventbrite.com.



NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read my recent post, entitled “A perspective on ‘the weirdness,'” please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. I look forward to your comments.

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Truthout Daily Digest December 22, 2013


Detroit’s Dan Gilbert: Henry Ford or Henry Potter?

Douglas Jamiel, Truthout: Detroit billionaire Dan Gilbert seems genuinely to want to be part of the solution for the troubled city, but his business model helped create and now perpetuates the city’s problems.

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Why Are the Franklin Center’s “Wisconsin Reporter” and “Watchdog.org” Attacking the John Doe?

Brendan Fischer, PR Watch: The Franklin Center has close ties to individuals and groups that may be caught up in the ”John Doe” probe into possible campaign finance violations during Wisconsin’s 2011 and 2012 recall elections.

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Why the Right to a Fair Trial Doesn’t Really Exist for Drug Defendants

Crystal Shepeard, Care2: Earlier this month, Human Rights Watch released a report about how federal prosecutors force drug defendants to plead guilty. The report highlights the devastating effects of mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent drug offenses.

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How Can We Reclaim the Holiday Season From Corporations?

Frida Berrigan, Waging Nonviolence: Americans spend more than $20 billion a year on toys for kids – with most of that green leaving their pockets between now and the end of December. How can we resist all the messages – subliminal and screaming “buy, buy, buy, buy” – that come at us during the month of December?

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Michelle Alexander on Bill Moyers: Locked Out of the American Dream

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: “There are enormous victories that are being achieved precisely because the people whom we have written off and viewed as disposable are reclaiming their voice, standing up, speaking out, organizing even as they struggle to survive,” Michelle Alexander tells Bill Moyers.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Obama Signals Changes Likely to NSA Spying

Anita Kumar, McClathy Newspapers: President Obama suggested Friday that he could make significant changes to the government’s vast surveillance programs, including the contentious mass collection of phone records, but insisted that the US needs to continue aggressive surveillance.

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Iran Sanctions Bill Big Test of Israel Lobby Power

Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service: This week’s introduction by a bipartisan group of 26 senators of a new sanctions bill against Iran could result in the biggest test of the political clout of the Israel lobby here in decades.

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The Growth of Catholic Hospitals, by the Numbers

Nina Martin, ProPublica: The past few years have been a period of unprecedented turmoil for the hospital industry. Now, a new report confirms that Catholic hospitals are emerging as one of the few clear winners – and adds to a growing chorus of warnings about how church doctrine could affect women’s reproductive health care.

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Letter From Cairo: Arab Winter and Revolutionary Regrets

Andrew Lam, New American Media: It’s a phrase you hear often in Egypt. “Before the revolution,” locals say, things were bad but manageable. Before the revolution, everyone hated the same regime. After the revolution, hope has turned to fragmentation and fear. And tourism – once a mainstay of the economy – has slowed to a trickle.

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Taking Direct Action Against Israel’s Racist Marriage Law

Patrick O. Strickland, The Electronic Intifada: Activists have launched a new campaign to challenge Israeli laws which prevent many Palestinians from marrying each other. Launched in March this year, the campaign is called “Love in a Time of Apartheid.”

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Trade Advantage Replaced by Rent Extraction

Michael Hudson, Michael Hudson’s Blog: Michael Hudson was interviewed on the Renegade Economists radio/podcast entitledCrony Competition on the Road to Unearned Income. He gives a wrap on the economics of 2013 and discusses Detroit, Iceland, Madoff, Marx and Blackstone Capital.

Listen to the Interview and Read the Transcript

This week on SpeakOut:

Joseph Natoli pokes fun at our overwhelming sense of entitlement; Bruno Giuliani shares Tunisian rapper Weld El’s last words before going to jail; Lambert Strether reports a conversation with Bernie Sanders about hearings on his single payer bill; James Zogby compares and contrasts Nelson Mandela and Yasir Arafat; Jimmy Franco Sr. sheds a light on bilingual education in America; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Budget Again Favors the Right Wing, as Pentagon Benefits While People Suffer

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

When the Right to Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill

Read the Article at the New York Times

2014 Looks More Optimistic for Gitmo Than 2013

Read the Article at RT

Judge Grants Injunction in Oklahoma Birth Control Lawsuit

Read the Article at Talking Points Memo

How to Beat GOP on Inequality: Key Reforms That Don’t Involve Congress

Read the Article at Salon

Feinstein to Obama: Move Without Congress on GMOs

Read the Article at The Hill

Chauffeurs to the Political Establishment Say They’ve Been Taken for a Ride

Read the Article at The Huffington Post

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The Oracle Report Saturday, December 21 – Sunday, December 22, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, demonstration, distribution

Moon: Leo/Virgo

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

With symphonic timing, we enter the Disseminating Moon phase Saturday, the same day Mercury, the Messenger, makes a conjunction with the Galactic Center. We are also in the time of year that is like a long Disseminating phase, so we have double-Disseminating energy. Messages, insight, information, and wisdomare in the air.
There are several things happening this weekend to intensify the energy. Picture these harmonics:

The Sun moves into Capricorn Saturday while Venus in Capricorn stations retrograde. Both planets are “activated” and compelled toward each other, creating a new dynamic. In the middle of those two, absorbing the wave that is drawing the Sun and Venus together, is Pluto. So the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are energetically engaged with each other. They are correcting value systems and relationships to be more in line with natural order of life (not the illusive order of life, which is dissolving).

Pluto, for his own part, is also heavily engaged with Mars and Uranus. This dynamic is producing deep, swift, unexpected, even radical changes. Many are responding to this with fear and anger.

Pluto is linking all of these planets together. The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are performing a symphony and Pluto is the Conductor – the maestro. Pluto is the Planet of Transformation.

Transformation is what is happening. Deep, profound, dramatic, erratic change is afoot.

If you knew you were undergoing an energetic shift at all levels of experience, down to the molecular and up to the galactic, what would you do? Would you try to interrupt or stop the process or would you let it unfold?

If we didn’t know what was actually happening, our emotions could drive a shutdown. But knowing that an alchemical process is taking place, we can step back. We can watch and listen. And we could do this with joy because we would know a divine process was underway.

Since we do know what is happening, we judge and feel the dynamics of these energies in a different way. We aren’t fearful of change because we know the changes are divinely supported and returning to balance. We know this is happening due to the unification of sacred masculine and feminine forces. Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the return of the kings.

It’s alchemy, it’s magic, it’s astrology, it’s mathematics, it’s electromagnetics, and it’s harmonics. It’s all of these things and more.


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Truthout Daily Digest December 20, 2013


So many of these articles are unhappy so I’m adding this joyful green forest image as a counterbalance (in case anyone wonders how the picture relates to the news!:-)

Obama Pursues “Occupation-Lite” in Afghanistan

Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthout: While the US and Afghan governments fail to reach a deal on the future of foreign troops in Afghanistan, no one expects anything but continuing US occupation of the impoverished country, along with its toll of civilian deaths and vanishing rights for women.

Read the Article

Setback for Scalia in Attempt to Curtail Labor Rights

Amy B. Dean, Truthout: The US Supreme Court’s decision to pass on a review of UNITE HERE Local 355 v. Mulhall leaves the neutrality agreement – one of the few effective tactics unions have for organizing traditional workplaces – intact for now in 47 states.

Read the Article

The War on Women: The Newly Invisible and Undeserving Poor in America

Ruth Rosen, openDemocracy: The US Congress is fighting over how much to cut food assistance to needy families. Everyone knows that women and their children are the poorest people in America, but strangely, the faces of women have disappeared from the debate and have been absorbed into abstract “needy families.”

Read the Article

Fifteen Things That We Relearned About the Prison Industrial Complex in 2013

Mariame Kaba, Prison Culture: The engine of the prison industrial complex unfortunately kept on chugging in 2013. The author highlights some of the key developments within the US prison industrial complex during this year.

Read the Article and Watch the Videos

Let the Sun Shine in

Isaiah J. Poole, OtherWords: “My solar panels are the envy of my block and I wish more of my neighbors will be able to make the same choice I did. But they won’t if fossil fuel dinosaurs like the Koch brothers and right-wing organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council keep casting their dark clouds on efforts to build a clean energy future.”

Read the Article

Missile Launching in the Dark

David Krieger, Truthout: The Air Force’s December 17 ICBM launch was supposed to provide “data to ensure a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent.” But no one can assure that nuclear deterrence will be safe, secure or effective.

Read the Article

Paul Krugman | Learning to Speak Economese

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Confusion can arise from the way economists use words. Fairly often, a term that is pretty deeply embedded in the professional discourse either sounds strange to outsiders or can be misinterpreted.

Read the Article

Jim Hightower | A Ploy to Dilute the Democratic Party’s Message

Jim Hightower, OtherWords: Why would a group wanting you to believe that it has genuine Democratic genes be an advocate for further enriching Wall Street’s Republican elite at the expense of America’s middle class and the poor?

Read the Article

Yet Another Reason Internet Voting Is a Terrible Idea: Targeted Attacks Hijacked “Vast Amounts of Data” to Foreign Countries Earlier This Year

Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog: A “huge security hole” was found to have been used earlier this year to reroute “vast amounts” of US internet data all the way out to Belarus and Iceland, where it was intercepted in a classic “man-in-the-middle” fashion, before being sent on to its intended receiver.

Read the Article

Ahmed R. TelebaIf Crowds Are Wise, Why Isn’t Congress?

Ahmed R. Teleb, Fila Sophia: Group wisdom flourishes under certain conditions, diversity of thought and independence of judgment, virtually impossible under our current plurality voting and single-seat, winner-takes-all (often gerrymandered) Congressional districts.

Read the Article

Vindication for Snowden? Obama Panel Backs Major Curbs on NSA Surveillance, Phone Record Data Mining

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!: A White House-appointed task force has proposed a series of curbs on key National Security Agency surveillance operations exposed by Edward Snowden. On Thursday, the panel recommended the NSA halt its bulk collection of billions of US phone call records.

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Pope Francis Has Antonin “Opus Dei” Scalia’s Undies in a Bunch

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Whether Pope Francis will bring fundamental change to the ossified male Catholic Church hierarchy remains to be seen. However, he has used his unique pulpit to verbally take on capitalism and economic injustice. This is not good news for Antonin Scalia.

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SaLuSa  20-December-2013 Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 20-December-2013.

The turmoil of the year is being set aside as many people prepare to celebrate in accordance with their beliefs. It has become a tradition that is also accepted by those who have no special affiliation with religious beliefs. The result is that all kinds of people find that they can come together, and set aside their different beliefs and understanding to celebrate the unity of all Mankind. The energies rise up and a feeling of love to all people brings out the best in them. Suddenly there is particular concern for all those who are poor or destitute, often in a society that is otherwise fully able to support all of them.

These situations repeatedly come up and slowly but surely people realise that they are their brothers keeper. Those who have travelled far ahead with their understanding can also see that all life is One, and that it is inextricably linked and the actions of each individual effects the whole. This is when people take responsibility for their actions and help raise the vibrations upon Earth. If only you keep the goodwill going that arises from times like you are experiencing now, the sooner you would move away from the lower vibrations that could not exist in your higher state. As the changes continue so they help raise up those souls who are just emerging from the darkness. They need a helping hand to get on the road to success, and find it easier once others have created the pathway.

Through many lives you have experienced a myriad of situations that have helped your progress. They have been arranged as all lives are, to help you surmount the problems you are likely to face. There is absolutely nothing that happens without good cause, although to the human mind it is difficult to see beyond what happens in your physical realm. Each of you have numerous helpers whose sole interest is to ensure you progress through your experiences. It is why the key events in your life are orchestrated to gradually advance you along the path of evolution. Yet in many instances you are propelled into chaotic conditions that do not seem to have any real purpose. Believe us Dear Ones, nothing happens by chance and whatever you become involved in has some measure of gain, not just for you but every soul involved.

Do not worry if you get caught up in what is clearly coming from a negative source, as your presence may be needed to hold the vibrations in check. Often you can provide sufficient Light to soften or remove some of the negative energies. Be assured you will be used for your experience and dedication to spreading the Light, and will never be called upon to handle more than you can manage. Obviously you will also find yourselves on the receiving end, but this is often a test to ensure you know how to handle yourself. We repeat, that “nothing happens by chance” so always look for the lesson that may accompany your experience.

Be assured that you do get breaks throughout your lifetime, and

you are not expected to serve the Light without them. It is certain

that you will know where you stand when you are going with the

flow, and fulfilling your life plan. However, remember that at times

you will so to say, catch up on outstanding karma and it will

present itself when you are known to be able to cope with it. So

do not be alarmed in such circumstances and accept your

experience with good heart, and most importantly ensure you

learn from it.

At this time in your evolution you are progressing at a faster rate

than ever, and each soul is on the last lap of its life plan for this

incarnation. This may seem improbable as all of you are at different

points in your evolution, and remember that not every soul is

ready to ascend, or desires to do so. The end of an Solar Cycle

draws nigh and it is special inasmuch that the end times have

already been decided, and regardless of any attempts by the dark

Ones to foil the plan, they will not be successful. Ascension is

assured and is to be expected at the end of a Solar Cycle.

In the meantime help your fellow traveller where needed, but at

the same time do not pressurise them by forcing advice upon

them. Sometimes lessons can only be learnt through direct

experience, although group experience is not uncommon. Try not

to be too rigid in your thinking and be flexible, although many of

you are now sufficiently intuitive to know when to move in a

different direction. Take things in your stride and try not to force a

situation, unless you can be sure of the outcome. You should

know that when matters flow in harmony, there is little for you to


You have been preparing for this period for millennia of time, as

you have always known that it would arrive to lift you out of the

lower vibrations. Many of you have awoken to the fact, and now

joyfully make your way forward with great expectations. Even if

you do not fully understand what a great time is opening up for all

of you, there is a sense of excitement knowing that a new era is

about to open. It allows you to contemplate what life

would be like once the dark Ones were removed. Such freedom

from interference is something new, and very hard to conceive

when you are lifting out from the lower vibrations.

For millennia of time you have experienced duality of such high

levels, that it is hard to conceive of the dramatic and far reaching

changes that are almost upon you. However, they are near to

manifestation, and will bring the most wonderful surprises and far

reaching changes much to your amazement and delight.

I leave you now in what is hopefully a feeling of joy, knowing that

your travels in the lower dimensions are about to end. Keep your

calm and continue to spread love and peace wherever you are.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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The Oracle Report Friday, December 20, 2013


Full Moon Phase: illumination, fulfillment, realization, shadow, experiences

Moon: Leo

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences/-17-65-67-17-65-67116-17-65-67281390-17-65-6736-17-65-67-52-1022272250.mp3&e=1640926800000&cn=94-43-28-63
Phantasmic projections of shadow sides are launched into the consciousness of humanity today. On the micro-level of our lives, the tendency is for people to project what they do not like about themselves onto others. We are not interested in these types of assaults.
Yesterday’s report gave a comprehensive overview of the astrological effects at work right now. The nature and intensity of these effects is building, especially the Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspect, which adds volativity. Wise owls work to push “vitality” instead of volativity into the energy. This means we handle our own feelings and use them constructively. To do so we must remain in the mindset of respect. Respect is key today; it keeps us on the right path. We stay on course with love for life, not the path that finds only chores, dread, duties, and drudgery in life today. That’s a drag, so we aren’t going there.

Our auditory senses are heightened to the extreme. We are sensitive to loud, shrill, congested, or droning voices, finding them intolerable. Things can really get on our nerves. So we will walk away from these. But we use the window of time where we are attuned to hearing messages from sources “on high.” We take the cacophony and morph it into symphony. This means we block or reject the projections of fear and the mindless chatter and instead tune into a harmonic that is pleasing. This requires that we silence the outer chaos by turning inward and warming ourselves beside our inner fires. The noise melts as we begin to resonate with and vibrate out a more harmonic frequency of energy. This procedure enables us to get in range of messages and intentions that are meant to free our minds and elevate consciousness.

Today we are tuning out of the fear and tuning in to the love. We are holding ourselves to a higher standard, a higher level. Keep this in mind as the day progresses.