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North Point Astrology Journal July 21 to 27, 2014 | Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
July 21 to 27, 2014

By Pam Younghans
Today‘s photo: Iridescent clouds over Thamserku, Nepal in 2009 (credit: Oleg Bartunov, Astronomy Picture of the Day forJuly 8, 2014)

THE PUSH-PULL of Saturn and Uranus is at its height right now, and trying to stay in balance is requiring good self-awareness, strong intention, and a great deal of energy.

The specific effect for each of us, as always, depends on our individual astrological charts. Everyone has transiting Saturn and Uranus moving through two different houses of their charts, so each of us feels the energies being stirred in two different areas of our lives. And, those who have natal planets or points at 16 degrees of any sign are receiving the most direct energy work now.

FOR INSTANCE, if we have natal Mercury at 16 degrees, the work is being done with our mental bodies, and we may be feeling pulled in two directions with any decisions that need to be made. We may feel easily exhausted or overwhelmed by anything that takes a lot of rational thought.

Or, if our natal planet at 16 degrees is Venus, we may be bouncing back and forth between feeling the need to conserve our money and being spontaneously drawn to purchase something that brings new, much-needed energy into our lives.

SATURN is the conservative voice, the responsible and rational one. While in Scorpio, Saturn wants to make sure we uncover all of our hidden agendas, motivations and fears before committing to anything.

Uranus is the rebellious one, the one who calls out for freedom, independence and equality. Uranus in Aries is especially restless with the old routines, and anything that dampens the spirit on any level.

With Saturn preaching in one of our ears, and Uranus hollering in the other ear, is it any wonder we feel conflicted and more than a bit exhausted right now?

AND YET, both planets are here to teach and help. They’re not intentionally pulling us stem from stern. But the effect is like having two dogs on leashes (or two kids holding your hands) who are pulling in two different directions.

The challenge is to find a reasonable way to proceed that also provides the new energy that is needed. Change is in the air, and we need to heed the call of the soul if it yearns for new experience — and yet, we want to also acknowledge the practicalities of life and the value of making sure the bridge completely crosses the ravine before we run across it.

WE’RE WORKING WITH the Pluto-Uranus influence again this week. Mercury steps into the fray with an opposition to Pluto on Monday and a square to Uranus on Thursday. Since Mercury represents our thinking and communicating capacities, we are likely to have some new and interesting ideas with these aspects — and yet, these are probably not the best days to try to come to agreement with anyone on topics of controversy. We are likely to feel passionately about something, it is true — but so will the other person.

That being said, Mercury will form a grand water trine with Saturn and Chiron on Thursday and Friday. These aspects will help us speak rationally and with compassion, and may go a long way toward easing tensions that arise earlier in the week.

THURSDAY is a high-energy day, with the Sun and Jupiter aligned in Leo. This can be an excellent time for taking advantage of all of the positive qualities associated with Leo: self-confidence, generosity, enthusiasm and creativity. We will also want to be aware of tendencies to over-dramatize, to need the spotlight at all times, and to take things too personally — qualities also associated with Leo, but at the lower end of the vibrational scale.

This Sun-Jupiter alignment actually sets the theme for the new lunar cycle, which begins with the New Moon on Saturday (3:41pmPDT). At the time of the lunation, the Sun and Moon are (of course) aligned, and Jupiter is not far away (separated by less than 2 degrees).

JUPITER’S INVOLVEMENT in the New Moon can be a very positive influence. Jupiter brings hope, optimism, faith in self and in the future. And yet, when taken too far, those same positive qualities can turn into foolishness. We will want to use the creative wisdom that is available with this lunar cycle, but we will need to be cognizant of how today‘s actions will affect tomorrow.

Mars is strongly square the Sun, Moon and Jupiter at the time of the New Moon. With Mars now in Scorpio, the intensity of our desires is heightened, as well as our drive to take charge of situations.

We will need to use strong self-awareness throughout the coming lunar cycle to take advantage of both the faith and optimism of Jupiter in Leo and the passion and forthrightness of Mars in Scorpio, without being so self-absorbed that we blindly steamroll over everything that happens to get in our way.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the New Moon tells us that we have support for manifesting the positive potentials of the lunation:

“A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition: The masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this symbol takes us beyond seeing it as merely a demonstration of ego and personal pride:

“If one refers to the higher spiritual-mental implications of the sign Leo, one can see in this picture a reference to our capacity to overcome the animalistic tendencies of our bio-psychic nature. Being ‘formally dressed’ is an important, if not the most important, goal. The symbol can refer to the eagerness to show oneself to the best of one’s advantage.”

It sounds like it’s time to shine! We’ll just need to remember to be generous in sharing the spotlight with the others on our life’s stage.



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MON: Uranus stations retrograde, 7:53p PDT, Pluto opposite Mercury; TUE: Sun enters Leo; THU: Neptune trine Venus, Sun conjunct Jupiter, Uranus square Mercury, Saturn trine Mercury, Chiron sesquisquare Sun; FRI: Chiron trine Mercury, Mars enters Scorpio; SAT: New Moon 3:41p PDT; SUN: Neptune sesquisquare Mercury, Mercury square Nodes, Pluto opposite Venus
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Exopolitics » Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and exopolitics

Stillshot from video of UFO crash Russia leaked by former KGB officials. Source: The Secret KGB UFO Files

Stillshot from video of a 1969 UFO crash in Russia leaked by former KGB officials. Source: The Secret KGB UFO Files

In a Press Conference televised today, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that it was unlikely that Russia would take over Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. He declared: “We have reinforced protection of our military facilities, because we were receiving threats and saw that gunmen from terrorist organizations were coming,” Russia’s military actions in the Crimea has sparked international condemnation with Western leaders calling for a coordinated response, and taking symbolic diplomatic actions to punish Russia. In contrast, President Putin declared in his Press Conference that the recent events in Ukraine was an“illegitimate state coup”orchestrated by the intelligence communities of the U.S. and Europe that arranged for the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. According to Putin, Russia’s military intervention was merely a proactive measure to defend Russian nationals in a territory that has been historically part of the Russia. U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry attacked Russia for brazenly violating the sovereignty of a U.N. member state on trumped up charges. Kerry today stated, “not a single piece of credible evidence” supported Russia’s intervention, ironically forgetting that the same could be said for the U.S. led invasion of Iraq based on non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Ukraine is but the latest in a series of former territories of the Soviet Union that have been courted with membership offers to the European Union (EU) and promised eventual membership of NATO. As former Soviet era territories continue to join the EU and eventually NATO, the effect is to gradually squeeze the Russian sphere of influence, and make Russia subservient to the agenda of the Western power elite. In the chess board of international politics, Ukraine is but a pawn in a grand strategy to checkmate Russia. Why? What makes Russia so politically dangerous to the Western power elite? Is it Russia’s nuclear arsenal? Is it Russia’s political tradition of standing up to forces of international banking and the Western power elite? Or is it another deeper form of international politics being played out with Russia – exopolitics? Is Russia’s main threat to the Western power elite a carefully orchestrated policy of slowly leaking information concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life to its citizenry and the world?

To find the truth of whether Putin’s Russia is quietly pursuing an “exopolitics” agenda by leaking information extraterrestrial life, we need to begin with events in the early 1990’s. As the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991, and 15 independent states emerged, the Soviet KGB dissolved and in the process lost control over a vast collection of files. Many of these leaked KGB files concerned the formerly Soviet era taboo subjects of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The motivation for many KGB officers in leaking these files was largely monetary. A number of western media outlets were willing to pay large sums for information from Soviet era archives concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Several thousand dollars for leaked documents, photos or videos would mean former KGB agents could feed themselves and their families for a few months in the uncertain times ahead as the Russian Federation found its footing in a capitalist international system. Roger Moore, the former James Bond star, took a film crew to Russia, then led by Boris Yeltsin, and found some of these files.

Moore’s documentary, The Secret KGB UFO Files, was released in 1998 and revealed some of the best UFO footage ever captured on film. It showed a crashed UFO in a remote rural location being filmed and retrieved by Soviet army units led by KGB officers. One also saw video of an autopsy being conducted of a dead alien, and other evidence of Soviet knowledge about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

would reveal even more formerly classified KGB information such as the US Navy battling UFOs in Antarctica during the Operation Highjump expedition in 1946/47, and even secret meetings between U.S. government authorities and extraterrestrial ambassadors.

In 1997, the famous Italian stigmatist and self-declared “contactee,” Giorgio Bongiovanni was given permission to interview high ranking military officials and former KGB agents about extraterrestrial life. He met with Russian officials at the Anti-Aircraft Academy of Defense in Tver, Russia and discussed evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life possessed by the Russian government. Photos and videos of alien life were shown to him revealing that both the Soviet Union and USA were aware of and covering up evidence of alien life. Permission was also given to film the interview and it was released with the title: “

Under President Boris Yeltsin, whether by historical accident or deliberate state policy, an exopolitics agenda was being quietly implemented. With permission by Russian authorities, Soviet era UFO files were being leaked to independent researchers and film crews revealing the truth about alien life visiting our world.

Please read the full article at the link below-


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Solidarity March in Victoria BC for Elsipogtog

I am sharing this to let everyone know what is going on. The solidarity march has already occurred and more info and photos are posted on Facebook ( if this link doesn’t work a direct search for the title should turn it up-
Melanie Orr Photography
© Melanie Orr Photography
Solidarity March in Victoria BC for Elsipogtog· )

Please share this widely! The fascist governments doing the corporations dirty work should not be able to do it in secrecy.

Centennial Square

Public Square

Victoria, British Columbia

PublicFriday, October 18 at 11:00am in PDT

Urgent action is needed. Spread widely!!!
This is a peaceful gathering at Centennial Square at 11am, and we will begin marching at 11:30am and finish at the Legislature on the lawns.
We will have limited vehicle transportation for Elders and people with mobility issues. Please direct message Blaise Kaili to be signed up for vehicle transportation services.
Bring your friends, family, drums, regalia, and signs!

This event is taking place on Lekwungen and WSANEC Territories.

(FYI: Phonetic pronounciation of Elsipogtog is “Elsibooktook”)

“On the morning of October 17, 2013, approximately 200 RCMP – some dressed in military fatigues and armed with snipers – stormed a Mi’kmaq anti-fracking blockade and camp near Rexton, New Brunswick. Journalist Miles Howe, on site, described the situation as “RCMP having their guns drawn.” RCMP have confirmed at least 40 arrests, with reports of Elsipogtog Chief Arren Sock as well as Mi’kmaq Warriors being targeted. Media reports have also been pouring in of people being tasered, having police dogs set on them, and rubber bullets being fired – including at young children.

According to eye witness Susan Levi-Peters, “There are people who have been tasered…It’s Oka all over again and it’s sad because we said all we need is public consultation…These Warrriors, they are not militant. They are youth and they have had enough…The blockade was being mounted with drums and feathers.”

Since the summer Mi’kmaq residents, as well as anglophone and Acadians, have confiscated fracking equipment and blockaded the road leading to an equipment compound leased to South Western Energy or SWN. SWN is a Texas based energy company that has been attempting to conduct natural gas exploration in the area’s shale formations. If significant deposits of gas are found through seismic testing, SWN would then employ the highly-polluting and water-intensive extraction method of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, to extract natural gas deposits from shale gas formations.

While industry sells fracking as a “green transition fuel,” Robert Howarth from Cornell University, says it clearly: “Shale gas is worse than conventional gas, and is, in fact, worse than coal and worse than oil.” A number of doctors, including the the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians, have called for a moratorium on fracking. Various jurisdictions, including France, Quebec, and New York, currently have moratoriums on fracking.

Last week, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services hand-delivered a request to SWN Energy’s head office in Houston, Texas. The request, on behalf of the Mi’kmaq, was for “all projects, leases, and permits issued to SWN Resources by the Government of New Brunswick come to a halt until all Mi’kmaq-L’nu, and Wabanaki communities, as sovereign individuals are Meaningfully Consulted, and that we are able to come to an informed decision as individuals.”

For extensive reporting on the Mi’kmaq anti-fracking blockade:

(The above information compiled by Harsha Walia)


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D L Zeta-Waking and Nightly Dreams offer Glimpses into Timelines alon g our ‘Hologram Highways’


Waking and Nightly Dreams offer Glimpses into Timelines along our ‘Hologram Highways’

Each person has many timelines within their life hologram. At any given time, our life hologram or energetic template for our life, contains timelines we have already experienced and those we have yet to encounter. Every day we glimpse these new potentials in various ways though we may not always recognize them as such. Tuning in these “glimpses” allows us to further explore alternate potentials before choosing which life track we will shift our energy and focus to. We will describe here some ways to perceive alternate life tracks.

Glimpsing Alternate Timelines in Nightly Dreams

Sometimes we glimpse alternate timelines in our nightly dream travels. While some dreams are designed to unravel the events of our day, other dream states allow us to step beyond more mundane dreams into parallel life tracks. These dreams allow us to explore alternate potentials within our life hologram. Often, though not always, we explore timelines more closely related to our present life track.

Those timelines nearest our present life thread will often appear similar to our present reality but with some noticeable differences. Our dream might feature people and themes familiar to our present life thread but it may be set in unfamiliar locations and circumstances. Parallel realities in dreams may at times feature some variation of roads not taken along our present timeline.

Perceiving Distant Future Life Tracks

At times we may wander further afield in our dreams, along timelines further from our present reality thread, and find ourselves in uncharted territories. These life tracks may be so unfamiliar to us they seem fantastical in nature. That is because some of these life tracks are from a future we have yet to conceive of. Imagine how your present moment would have appeared to you 20-30 years ago. This is how the timeline of a distant future might appear to you now.

Many inventions and revolutionary ideas have been shared with the world by those who brought back glimpses of future life tracks from their nightly dreams.

Waking Dreams bring Glimpses of Parallel Realities

Our waking dreams have the power to carry us into alternate life tracks. Waking dreams happen when we break free of mind chatter and enter the still, deep waters of our subconscious mind. From this expansive space, we are able to merge our consciousness with all-that-is and experience true oneness. Our imagination is the portal that carries us into this space.

Writers, artists and other creative souls become adept at traveling through the doorway of their imagination into parallel realities within their life hologram. Artists sometimes find images along these ‘hologram highways’ that they bring back and express in various artistic mediums.

Because the language of the soul comes is in symbols and images, artists are best able to incorporate visions of future timelines into their creations. Images encoded with the frequencies of future times speak to us at a level beyond our conscious mind, awakening us to latent potentials. These frequencies help us tune into future selves that are able to guide us on the path to our highest future.

Some of the greatest literature was created by writers traveling hologram highways where they encountered other versions of themselves in alternate timelines. Many gifted writers populate their novels with characters based on their alternate selves. Writers who frequent their parallel life tracks may find aspects of other timelines merging with their present life thread. This is one form of timeline bleedthrough.

Timeline Bleedthroughs bring Lessons and Revelations

Bleedthroughs between timelines are not uncommon. We are not always aware how strongly we’re influenced by alternate selves existing along nearby timelines. An example might be an alternate self experiencing a traumatic or powerful event. Your present-moment self may not be experiencing the same thing, yet those who are particularly sensitive or psychic may pick up the feelings and experiences of the alternate self. One way we experience a bleedthrough is a sudden and unexplainable pain or sensation, or an unexplainable bout of melancholy, burst of creative inspiration or sudden breakthrough into spiritual “seeing.” Even though these bleedthroughs arise from events along other timelines, we can choose to tune them in and shift the course of our present timeline – or in the case of a perceived undesirable timeline, we can choose to take the understanding and insight gleaned from the bleedthrough to chart a course in a totally different direction.

Signs of Alternate Realities in our Present Moment

Another way we become aware of parallel timelines is by paying close attention to the details of our daily life. Tucked inside every moment, we find symbols, images and signs of other timelines existing parallel to our present moment. When we become adept at decoding the symbols and images of our present moment, we become fluent in the language of our soul. Perceiving and interpreting the images of our life enables us to see through surface reality and enter the vast ocean of our subconscious.

Every moment is holographic to all-that-is and as such contains access points to past, parallel and future timelines. As we still our mind, deepen and fine tune our awareness, we are able to perceive, explore and travel along the timelines of our choosing.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation
For more on accessing the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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