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YES! Magazine Weekly Digest | Friday 6 March 2015

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Can the Left and Right Unite to End Corporate Rule? An Interview with Ralph Nader and Daniel McCarthy

Partisan gridlock keeps the focus on the fight—but we might have some radical ideas in common.

“The Internet Is My Lifeline”: Hip-Hop Artist Jasiri X on the FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote

Women Over 65 Own Nearly a Third of Iowa’s Farmland—Can They Prevent the Next Dust Bowl?

Photo by Flickr / Jan Glas .
Craigslist Saved 5M Tons of Stuff From Landfills—And 4 Other New Stats on Local Economies
In the shared cellars at Jasper Hill Farm, cheese from their own creamery and others around the area ripen. Photo courtesy of Jasper Hill Farm.
What’s the True Impact of the Alternative Economy? Researchers Decide It’s Time to Find Out
When the Grandmothers Awoke

These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers

Though the model is new and small, it holds outsize potential for the many neighborhoods whose downtowns are controlled by faraway landlords or retail chains.

Forget Dystopian Fiction: This New Novel Explores Being a Modern Teenager Waiting for the End Times
We’re Young, Passionate, and Bent on Justice: Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Irresistible
Julie Matthaei and Keith Harrington in front of the Sheraton Boston during the Annual Economic Association conference. (Photo courtesy of Kyle Depew.)
Students for Economic Pluralism, Unite! How College Kids Are Taking on the “High Priests” of Money

These Cities Built Cheap, Fast, Community-Owned Broadband. Here’s What Net Neutrality Means For Them

Publicly owned broadband lets local communities from Iowa to Louisiana control a vital economic resource—rather than leaving it in the hands of a few monopolistic corporations. The outcome of this week’s FCC vote could either help or hinder the path forward.

From Warrior Cops to Community Police: A Former Chief on How We Can Turn Back the Tide of Militarization
The Largest Chinese Bike Share Program Is 12 Times the Size of NYC’s
“We’ve Known What Police Brutality Feels Like”: Pussy Riot’s Tribute Song to Eric Garner


Replace the Gospel of Money: An Interview With David Korten

What if we measured wealth in terms of life, and how well we serve it.

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Truthout Daily Digest | Saturday, 6 December 2014


William Rivers Pitt | Trying to Breathe in These “Post-Racial” United States

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: We all like to believe in the concept of progress, but the fact that hyper-weaponized police forces are laying unarmed Black men low left and right without consequence makes claims there has been progress against racism in this country doubtful.

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Granger Danger

Aaron Cantú, Truthout: The Grange – whose members are called “grangers” – is one of the oldest civic institutions for farmers in the United States, but resistance to Big Ag’s agenda is creating a rift between old and new grangers.

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Big Changes in Fine Print of Some 2015 Obamacare Plans

Charles Ornstein, Lena Groeger and Ryann Grochowski Jones, ProPublica: An analysis found that many health insurance plans offered in the federal Affordable Care Act marketplace are changing their benefits heading into 2015. Consumers have until December 15 to switch plans before they are automatically re-enrolled.

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More Corporations Flee as ALEC Rolls Out Its Legislative Agenda

Lisa Graves, PR Watch: While ALEC crows about the midterm elections, nearly 100 private sector funders have left the group since 2011. Mega-corporations like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Overstock.com, SAP America, AOL and Emerson Electric are all announcing that they have left ALEC or will soon leave.

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Fueling Corporate Welfare

Ryan Alexander, OtherWords: Giving oil and gas companies royalty-free fuel is a huge waste of taxpayer money. Gas companies drilling on federal lands have avoided paying over $380 million in royalties on the fuel they’ve extracted over the past eight years.

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Deadly Divide: Migrant Death on the Border

Making Contact, National Radio Project: Over 6,000 migrant deaths were recorded on the US side of the border with Mexico between 1998 and 2013. The true number of deaths is likely higher, and thousands of families never hear from their loved ones again.

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Bailed-Out GM Needs to Rev Up Emissions Effort

Daniel F. Becker and James Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times: General Motors’ safety record is still being justly vilified, most recently for an ignition defect blamed for at least 33 deaths.

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Antiwar Leader Moved by Discussions on Vietnam

Bruce Dancis, The Sacramento Bee: An antiwar activist looks back on his actions opposing a war he considered “immoral, illegal and unjust,” and reflects on his disappointment that the movement opposing the Vietnam War failed to stop it sooner.

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Forgetting the Lesson of Cypherpunk History: Cryptography Is Underhanded

Bill Blunden, Truthout: Several high profile figures have openly extolled the virtues of commercial technology as a means of remediation for surveillance by the NSA. That a journalist like Glenn Greenwald would accept guarantees of genuine protection from corporations like Google or Apple is an ominous sign.

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Sit Still, Listen and Accept Being a Target: What White Men Can Do in Times Like These

Kevin Fong, YES! Magazine: From law enforcement officers to sports team owners, we’re hearing plenty of stories of white men behaving badly. Even the most decent and principled ones have to exercise muscles of consciousness they haven’t needed to use before.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Police Shoot, Kill Assault Suspect in Hollywood Tourist Area

Read the Article at the Los Angeles Times

Police Killings Reveal Chasms Between Races

Read the Article at The New York Times

American, South African Hostages Killed in Yemen Rescue Attempt

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

The Civil Rights Movement Came Out of a Moment Like This One

Read the Article at The Nation

Eating Less Meat and Dairy Essential to Curb Climate Change

Read the Article at EcoWatch

The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate

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The New Republic and the Beltway Media’s Race Problem

Read the Article at Vox

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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday, 6 November 2014

Henry A. Giroux | Capitalism Is a Tumor on the Body Politic: What’s the Alternative? Beyond Mid-Election Babble

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: The biggest challenge facing those who believe in social justice is to provide an alternative discourse, educational apparatuses and vision that can convince US citizens that a real democracy is worth fighting for.

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Oil on the Tracks: Pacific Northwest Rises for Rail Safety

Martha Baskin, Truthout: The rapid rise in moving crude oil by rail and sea vessels has Washington State issuing draft studies on how to do it safely, and has the public up in arms over whether to move it at all.

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Richard Falk Talks About the Impact of Civil Society in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: Former UN special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights and author of Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope, Richard Falk contextualizes the Palestinian struggle and sheds light on the latest diplomatic and political developments in what has erroneously been referred to as the world’s “most intractable conflict.”

Read the Interview

The Case of the Dallas 6: Torture and Retaliation Against Prisoner Whistleblowers

Shandre Delaney, Truthout: The Dallas 6 are part of a national movement of prisoners using peaceful resistance – crossing racial divides and ending hostilities among themselves – to counter rampant abuses in solitary confinement. On trial November 10 for felony riot, they should be cleared.

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Democrats Duped by the Caucus Room Conspiracy

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: In 2009, at the Caucus Room restaurant here in Washington, DC, Republican leaders drew up a plan to sabotage President Obama at every point possible. The Caucus Room conspiracy may have worked this time, but let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Democratic Strategies Lost Big. Here’s an Alternative

George Lakoff, Truthout: It’s time to shine a light on the strategies used by Democrats, and on the Democratic infrastructure that uses those strategies. Pandering to demographic groups and moving rightward has been an avoidable disaster.

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Amy Goodman | Sen. Bernie Sanders: The United States Is on the Verge of Becoming an Oligarchy

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Sen. Bernie Sanders reacts to the Republicans’ big midterm victory. “What frightens me is what Citizens United has done to the politics of this country and the ability of billionaires like the Koch brothers and others to put unprecedented sums of money into elections,” he says.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Confidence Men and “Prison Reform”

Kay Whitlock, Critical Mass Progress: “I was a little kid when I first learned about ‘confidence men’ and the art of the inspired swindle from my dad. I’m reminded of this as I look at a flurry of articles making much ado about the purported conservative push for ‘prison reform.'”

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Corporate Triumphs, Progressive Victories and the Roadmap for a Democratic Revival

Peter Dreier, Moyers & Company: While Democratic candidates were going down to defeat, liberals and progressive won some impressive but little-publicized victories on important issues, especially in red and purple states, suggesting that voters are not as conservative as the pundits are pontificating.

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Uncle Sam’s Databases of Suspicion: A Shadow Form of National ID

Hina Shamsi and Mathew Harwood, TomDispatch: Suspicious activity reports and the consolidated terrorism watchlist are just two domestic government databases of suspicion. Many more exist. Taken together, they should be seen as a new form of national ID for a growing group of people accused of no crime.

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The Mass Shooting in Mexico

Laura Carlsen, Foreign Policy in Focus / The Nation: Protests rage after local police forcibly disappeared 43 students of Ayotzinapa, a rural teaching college in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero. As the investigations continue, the crisis has laid bare the violence and corruption that controls large parts of the nation.

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Slim Fast Billionaire Fattens Wallet of Scandal-Plagued Former Israeli Prime Minister

Uri Blau, ProPublica: A private foundation funded by the founder of Slim Fast paid tax-deductible dollars to a consulting company owned by Ehud Olmert, an Israeli political figure accused of corruption.

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When Freedom Becomes Just Another Word for Selling Products, It Isn’t Freedom

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Our freedom has been turned into a carnival barker’s call to increase our consumption of things that we don’t need​.​

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Election 2014: Obama’s Failure to Communicate

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Gerrymandering Rigged the 2014 Elections for Republican Advantage

Read the Article at Republic Report

Dark Money Fuels Election Wins for Climate Deniers

Read the Article at EcoWatch

Welcome to the Great Liberal Hangover of 2014

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GOP’s Brash Impeachment Talk Not Based on Constitution

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Chicago Archdiocese to Release Files on 36 Abusive Priests

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Mendocino County, California, Bans Fracking

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