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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare

Moon: Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Today’s energy goes extreme and out of bounds. This requires us to be extra-grounded. Methodical, logical, slow analysis is the key. Impulses are rampant and are designed to show us something in neon lights. But impulsive reactions are not a good idea. Give thought and consideration to things or ask a trusted friend’s advice before taking big action.

The energy leaves us feeling more vulnerable than usual, which is an uncomfortable place for many. This is where Matangi comes in. Matangi is masterful at bringing calm to situations. She comes to the aid of those who need her. She provides concrete solutions and when you are feeling at loose ends and ungrounded, a slow pour of Matangi Quik-Crete is heavenly. Ask for her assistance if needed.

We continue our mission this month of taking care of details, situations, and issues that we do not want to carry with us into the new year (the astrological new year begins March 30, 2014). In other words, we want to clean the slate.

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and remember to find beauty. (The beauty in today’s picture is courtesy of wise owl Marina.)


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The Oracle Report | Saturday, February 1 – Sunday, February 2, 2014


New Moon Phase – Moon: Pisces – Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Saturday’s energy involves gauging, judging, or measuring situations. There is an undercurrent of anticipation that can manifest as anxiety and fear, particularly fears about the future. The Moon will conjunct Chiron Saturday, bringing tendencies to self-sabotage (harshly gauge and judge ourselves) and become lost in wounding or victimization. So it is better to stay on the high step, seeing far ahead, knowing that we are in place and supported. It may not look like it, but spring is on its way in the northern hemisphere, bringing much to celebrate. Start looking for signs. (There is joy simply in the additional sunlight each day; we perk up as Sabaoth, the Sun, calls us.)

There are a few days each year that provides opportunities for short-cuts through just about anything. Short cuts result from knowledge; we know a different way there. Sunday’s energy brings such opportunities. Startling clarity and insight reveals easier ways to do things, say things, accomplish things, express things. Keep in mind that the opportunity may come in the form of what appears to be an obstacle. Plough through and allow space for changes, no matter how dense things become.

We are coming in situ this month. In situ is defined as “situated in the original, natural, or existing place or position.” We gain equilibrium, sure footing, and clear vision. Allow the energy to put you in situ.