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AMAZON WATCH » Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

You can follow the link below to send a letter to President Dilma of Brazil in support of the indigenous people fighting for their lives and their lands.

Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

On May 27th, 170 representatives of five indigenous groups from the Xingu and Tapajós River Basins reoccupied the construction site of the Belo Monte Dam, demanding that the government of Brazil respect their legal rights and immediately suspend construction. One day later, the Federal Court of Altamira issued a judicial order to remove the occupiers, “by force, if neccessary.” Indigenous leaders have vowed to remain at the construction site until they meet with President Dilma or her Chief of Staff. They will not leave as they did after being threatened with force after a week-long occupation in early May. Tensions are high!

Please continue to urge President Dilma to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and respect indigenous rights!


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Eye on the Amazon: A Message from the Achuar to Canada

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A Message from the Achuar to Canada

A Message from the Achuar to Canada “I am very concerned I can’t stand alone in defense of my people.
We must stand together in solidarity.”
– Peas Peas Auyi

Last night we gave a keynote about the Achuar/Talisman campaign to a packed house as part of Public Interest Alberta’s advocacy conference Fighting for our Future: People Power vs Corporate Control. The evening featured a special multimedia message from Achuar leader Peas Peas Auyi, who called up from the Amazon to be sure we recorded and delivered his words of gratitude to allies in Canada:

“Every day, across the globe, society suffers the environmental and social impacts of extractive industries. The history of the extractive industries is filled with negative stories…

“I would like to thank our allies in Canada and Public Interest Alberta for their solidarity in this struggle. Thanks to the many actions taken in defense of our territory we have achieved a great victory: a large and powerful corporation, Talisman, has been forced to leave our ancestral territory and Oil Block 64.”

Read the rest on Eye on the Amazon »

We need your support!

For over fifteen years, Amazon Watch has been an effective force in supporting indigenous environmental movements on the front lines of halting destructive development.




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The Amazon is NOT for sale!

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Jaime Vargas, President of the Achuar Nationality of Ecuador and Narcisa Mashienta, community leader from the Shuar Nationality of Ecuador

“We have come here to tell the government and companies
that these lands are not for sale.” Jaime Vargas, President of the Achuar Nationality of Ecuador

Jaime and Narcisa traveled from the Ecuadorian Amazon to Houston this week on a mission to challenge the Ecuadorian government face-to-face during its 11th Round oil concessions promotional roadshow at the North America Prospect Expo (NAPE), currently unfolding in Houston. Please take action today to support their mission!

The Ecuadorian government is hell-bent on plowing forward with plans to auction off the southern Amazon for oil development of an area that includes nearly ten million acres of primary forest and the ancestral lands of seven indigenous tribes.

But Jaime and Narcisa won’t have it. They’re in Houston on behalf of thousands of indigenous peoples in the Amazon calling on the Ecuadorian government to stop chopping up their rainforest home into oil blocks that will destroy the rainforest and threatens their cultural survival. And the government is doing everything they can here in Houston to keep their voices from reaching investors and potentially bidding companies. But their message is getting out loud and clear. Indigenous leaders and human rights groups from around the world are joining them in solidarity. Won’t you?

We’ve made it super easy to join us today. Learn more, take action and donate today to support Jaime and Narcisa’s message the Ecuadorian government: The Amazon is NOT for sale!

This is a critical struggle and it’s going to take us all to defend the Amazon from irreversible destruction. Please join us in convincing the Ecuadorian government that the devastating long-term effects of plans to exploit the oil buried deep beneath these ancient rainforest homelands are not worth the short-term economic benefit to Ecuador.

For indigenous rights and the rights of nature,

Leila Salazar Lopez
Leila Salazar Lopez
Program Director