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Common Dreams Capitalism’s New Gilded Age April 16, 2014

News & Views | 04.16.14


CEO Pay Soars, Workers Toil in Capitalism’s New Gilded Age


Jimmy Carter, Other Nobel Peace Laureates to Obama: Reject Keystone XL

Nation’s Boldest GMO Label Law Nears Passage in Vermont

‘Environmental Injustice’: Minorities Face Nearly 40% More Exposure to Toxic Air Pollution

$1,259: What Corporate Tax Dodgers Cost the Average Taxpayer

US Fracking Boom Creating Crisis of Illegal Toxic Dumping

Civilians Dead in US Bombing: Afghan Officials

and more…



University of Maine Faculty Reinstated After Students Protest Against Cuts

IPCC Report Flawed By Narrow Focus on Carbon Emissions



Michelle Chen: What the French E-mail Meme Reveals About America’s Runaway Culture of Work

Mark Weisbrot: Piketty in Washington: How to Reverse the Increasing Concentration of Wealth

Zoë Carpenter: The Tax Breaks That Are Killing the Planet

Robert Parry: Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass

Jim Hightower: NSA Spying Is Here to Stay

Jeff Biggers: Which Side Are You on? Why This Student Sit-in Against Peabody Coal Matters



Amazon Watch: Major Victory in Effort to Limit Oil Drilling in Ecuadorian Amazon

Center for Food Safety: Vermont Makes Huge Advance for your “Right to Know”

Nuclear Information and Resource Service: Why Are Top Entergy Executives Selling Their Own Stock?

and more…

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Truthout Daily Digest April 16, 2014

Four Years After BP: Hunting for Oil Spills in Louisiana

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: As we approach the four-year anniversary of the disastrous BP oil rig explosion that caused massive pollution to the Gulf region, large numbers of smaller oil spills continue to be a problem.

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The US Government: Paying to Undermine Internet Security, Not to Fix It

Julia Angwin, ProPublica: The United States spends more than $50 billion a year on spying and intelligence. But the Heartbleed bug reveals our neglect of internet security.

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Arundhati Roy: Is India on a Totalitarian Path?

Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!: One of India’s most famous authors and fiercest critics, Arundhati Roy, is out with a new book, Capitalism: A Ghost Story, which dives into India’s transforming political landscape and makes the case that globalized capitalism has intensified the wealth divide, racism and environmental degradation.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Markets Are the Problem (Not the Solution)

Michael D. Yates, Truthout: Underlying Abu Dhabi’s luxury island resort, Saadiyat Island, is an army of laborers who arrive heavily indebted, only to be brutally exploited by sponsoring employers, who confiscate their passports. Workers are not free to leave, even if they have not been paid.

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Putting Heroin Users in Jail Won’t Help Louisiana’s Crime Rate

Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Brennan Center for Justice: It is not draconian prison sentences for drug offenders that “win” the war on drugs, but addiction treatment. Unfortunately, some in Louisiana – the state with the nation’s highest incarceration rate – are still moving backward.

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The Middle Class Is Not “Normal”

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: We have a choice in this country to either continue going down the road to oligarchy, the road we’ve been on since the Reagan years, or we can choose to go on the road to a more pluralistic society with working class people able to make it into the middle class. We can’t have both.

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Post-Katrina: Will New Orleans Still Be New Orleans?

Maureen O’Hagan, Equal Voice: After Katrina, New Orleans authorities threw out the entire public education system. They knocked down public housing projects. They shuttered the longtime charity hospital. In many ways, it was a top-to-bottom re-imagining of the cityscape.

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Taxes, the Rich, and Our Known Universe

Sam Pizzigati, Too Much: Pick a political phenomenon in the United States today. Somewhere in the shadows, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find a billionaire feverishly pulling levers to avoid paying higher taxes. Or some politician, just as fevered, working to remain in that billionaire’s good graces.

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How to Criticize “Big Philanthropy” Effectively

Joanne Barkan, Dissent Magazine: When philanthropists enter the public policy fray, they – like everyone else – legitimately become fair game for criticism and opposition. Tax-exempt status shouldn’t create sacred cows.

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Was Kansas Shooting Avoidable? White Supremacist Was Ex-Informant With Criminal Past and Hateful Views

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: Notorious white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller has been charged with killing three people at two Jewish community sites in Kansas. Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, has openly railed against Jews and African Americans for decades.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript


Oklahoma Prohibits Cities From Raising the Minimum Wage While Voting in Tax Credits for Investors

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The minimum wage is not even enough to comfortably survive on, but Oklahoma is vowing to ensure that workers sacrifice increased pay to subsidize the wealthy.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government the United States Really Has, and It’s Not a Democracy

Read the Article at PolicyMic

Prisons Are the New Gulags for the Mentally Ill

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Here’s What Fracking Can Do to Your Health

Read the Article at Mother Jones

Maxim of the Oligarchy: The Affluence of the Few Supposes the Indigence of the Many

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Tax Havens Leave US Filers $1,259 Tab Each, Report Says

Read the Article at Bloomberg News

Jim Hightower | NSA Spying Is Here to Stay

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

The Silencing of Occupy Wall Street Activist Cecily McMillan

Read the Article at The Toast

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Full Moon Phase: realization

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: loosen up to allow changes

Negative Imprint: cracking

Positive Imprint: crackling

Today’s energy cracks things. Mars moves another degree backward, coming into tighter range with Uranus. Pluto is now retrograde and also pulling back toward Uranus. This energetic tension produces cracks today.

Everyone will experience a degree of cracking – loosening up. Some will feel this more than others. Some will crack wide open. Cracks in our shells reveal a glimpse of our energy. Inside, we shine like a thousand bolts of white lightning and crackle like the sparks of a tall bonfire. This is the place that is undergoing alchemical change.

While this energy pounds down on us, we recognize that we are being changed from within. So we flow and allow changes that are taking place. We don’t resist the change, even if we feel like we are in the midst of a blow-out. What you were is becoming something else. Who you were is becoming someone else. This isn’t a “multiple personality” thing – it’s “multiplicity of person” thing, meaning the multiple facets of our being are shining forth. Talents, interests, hobbies, and missions are being recovered. Most likely these are things that interested you as a child and were left behind somewhere along the way.

Part of what develops with this may involve adjusting expectations, seeing through illusions, feeling like you have let yourself or others down, pity parties, and saying “here I go again.” We can also become too easily mired in details (and this alone could cause us to crack).

The tectonics of the Earth are highly active right now (by natural and artificial means). This type of “cracking” energy would tend to amplify potential for earthquakes.

The “cracking” breaks us away from that which is familiar and takes us into new arenas, not least of which is higher realms of consciousness. All of this is designed to refresh and revitalize us. All we need to do is loosen up and allow the internal changes. Follow the process today. This is what it feels like to transform.


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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The explosions at the Boston Marathon are the manifestation of dark deeds proliferated under the energy of the Eris Point New Moon. For over a week now, I’ve been talking about the strong potential for attacks and aggression all this month because the Illuminati and their Archontic controllers always use the Eris and Black Moon astrological aspects to progress their plans for fear, chaos and destruction. It’s a ritual and they’ve demonstrated it time and again when they take advantage of this energy and alchemize it to empower strikes.

The ritual continues. Note that the night before the New Moon, the Newtown families were honored in DC. Newtown families were at the marathon. All that is missing at this point is some reference in a Batman movie.

The jig is up. Through empirical data we know that the new world order strikes when the Eris Point (22 Aries) is activated astrologically. The same is true for strong aspects of the Black Moon. This month provides the perfect storm of the two with the New Moon at the Eris Point (empowered even more so by the additional conjunction of Venus and Mars) and the Black Moon beginning the month-long opposition to the Galactic Center.

Remember that since the Black Moon is making the opposition to the Galactic Center, fears are naturally being triggered. Eris rules the battlefield and the battle is for the sovereignty of all people.

What is not understood is that this energy rails against power, control, and tyranny. Their motto is “bind Eris in chains,” but it simply isn’t possible. I discuss this thoroughly in my book on Eris (available here for free). More and more people will see the truth behind their actions and so their tricks will lose power.

If you are unaware that a drill was running simultaneous to the marathon, follow the story at infowars.

For us, we do what we do. We see clearly. We are not fooled. We hold to the ideal of freedom. We are not afraid. And we aren’t pulled from our center because a bomb could go off around us any minute and maim us. We don’t pontificate over the violence of humanity. This is a straight-up Archontic attack – nothing more. Don’t feed it. We are sad for those who are victims of this act. But we know exactly who and what is behind it.