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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Moon Phase: set intentions and wishes; beginnings

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: frazzled

Positive Imprint: focused

Skill: command the energy into a coil and wrap it around you; use it to power yourself

Today’s energy carries tension and pressure that is designed to push us forward. This will create situations and circumstances where people get kind of crazy. (This is also reflected in the earthquake in Chile. As mentioned in my latest article, Mother Nature is going to make herself known over the next year.)

The Sun and Uranus are in still in tight conjunction, so take extra caution while driving and double-check that appliances are turned off.

Things that are happening now are putting us where we need to be. This means it is best to suspend judgment, even judgment of “tragedies.” Follow inner impulses because you are being divinely directed.

Over time, the notion of guilt has been deeply pressed into today’s energy. This is especially true in situations where there was allure or where instincts were activated. If feelings of guilt come up for you today, let them pass. Leave them behind. There is no need for self-punishment. We are entering a new year – a new time. Connect with the revitalizing force of nature, because she is surely bringing new things to life.

Don’t be frazzled by the fray today. This energy is like “spiritual attention deficit disorder” in that it is haywire and tends to send us in many directions. Instead, we want to practice a skill of a wise owl: Take hold of the energy and wrap it around you like a coil, integrating its power. You are in control of your coil. The idea is to “tame” the energy for focused direction and intention and not be pulled apart.

Keep in mind that this energy will pull some things apart, but it also will bring other things together.

Carpe Diem!