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Planet Alert April 2014 | Mahala Gayle


April is here! What do you suppose will happen with this major cardinal
cross that is in our heavens right now? It has already been triggered. We
had a huge mud slide in OSO, WA on March 22 shortly after the Sun went into
the sign of Aries. OSO is north of Seattle. The news said it was one of the
largest natural disaster we have had in our state because of all the people
who died in the slide. The official total is 24 but there are 30 people
still missing.

The West Coast is still under stress and will be until Saturn moves out of
Scorpio in December of 2014. When planets are in either Taurus or Scorpio
events happen on the coast. The 6.9 quake that happened last month off the
coast of California was another example of the Scorpio energy. Scorpio is a
water sign and the quake was in the water. The mud slide was caused by lots
of rain in the slide area. From April 20 to May 20 the sun will be in Taurus
and this means there could be more Earth changes along the coast.

There have been other major events that have happened recently like the huge
oil spill off the coast of Texas. That was another water event that also
included oil. Texas is also ruled by Scorpio although it is by latitude
instead of longitude. The West Coast is by longitude. Scorpio also rules the
Middle East along with Russia, and Mars is over the Ukraine right now.

Vladimir PutinÂs sun is on 13 degrees Libra and during the exact cross on
April 22, the planet Mars will be on top of his sun. The planet Mars is very
powerful, and it can cause a person to become very angry. Pluto, which will
be square his sun on 13 degrees Capricorn will give him the desire for more
power. In fact, as the sun goes through Aries it will be opposing his Libra
planets. Right now (March 29th) Mars is on top of his Mercury, and this
gives him the desire to communicate his ideas and he just called president
Obama to discuss ongoing events. We will see what manifests from that call.

Obama also visited the Pope a few days ago. What did they discuss in their
visit? Could it have been something to do with the Vatican Bank? That Bank
is run by the Jesuits and they have controlled the world for a long time.

As the sun moves through Aries it will continue triggering the planets in
the cardinal cross. On April 8th Mars will be at its closest point to Earth.
If you have clear skies at that time you might want to look for that planet.
Mars is a very beautiful planet. When a planet is close to Earth it is
always very powerful.

Did you know that it says in the Bible that when you see the sign of the son
of man in the heavens you will know the time for redemption has arrived?
What is the sign of the son of man? IsnÂt it a cross? Well look what will be
in the heavens on Easter this year, the cross. And Easter is the
celebration of the risen Christ, representing ascension.

Then we will have a total lunar eclipse on April 15th, which is the
beginning of the celebration of Passover. This full moon is called a blood
moon because the moon will turn red. We start the Holy week of Easter on
April 13th which is Palm Sunday. Then we have the last supper on Thursday
April 17th Good Friday on April 18th and Easter on April 20. Passover is
very important to the Jewish people and Easter is very important to the
Christian people. Some people celebrate Passover for 7 days and some for 8.
This means that Passover lasts from April 15 to April 22/23 and there will
be a perfect cross in the heavens on April 22. Uranus will be on 13 degrees
Aries, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra, and Pluto 13
degrees Capricorn. The moon will trigger this cross on Easter.

Now, letÂs talk about the number 13. This is of course the number of the
Christ or the Goddess. It is the number of birth, death, and transformation.
The April 15th full moon is called the moon of the Christ. Thirteen is the
number that rules the United States which was born on July 4, 1776 when the
sun was on 13 degrees Cancer. The star Sirius (Isis) is on 13/14 degrees
Cancer. The dollar bill of the United States has the number 13 all over it,
and the USA started with 13 states. Jupiter will be on 13 degrees Cancer
over Washington D.C.in the cardinal cross. I remember when Greg Braden said
that when we reached 13 hertz and 0 magnetics we would be at the time of the
change. We are there.

Mona, a friend of mine, channeled for me the other night and this is what
was said ÂThe time-lines have been very chaotic for a long time and just
recently they started coming together. They started folding in on themselves
the first part of March and this put us in a time warp. It can become
peaceful as the time-lines come together if humanity becomes a collective in
their thoughts. If that happens, the time-line can counter-act a possible
war although war can also be the stimulus to move us into a higher frequency
because then people will finally say ÂNo more war.Â

ÂFour time-lines are coming together to create a wave that will pull these
time-lines into one. This is what has caused the Earth to shift. The solar
system will also experience this time-line shift. It will all come together
as one. The energy moves in different directions, and then it goes into one.
When the time-lines all come together as one this will be called zero
magnetics. This will destroy the possibility of war because we will be on a
higher frequency and wonÂt be part of any war. This will be like Divine
intervention. A cosmic wave will take place during Passover. Think in a
higher-format. NO FEAR! This time is most crucial and is favorable for a
shift in consciousness. No one can stop this change. Let the change occur so
peace can reign. This will be a new start for the whole human race.Â

It looks like we are about to move into the higher frequency Earth very
soon. I donÂt know just how this will all work out. I guess time will tell.
I do know that this cardinal cross is a real turning point for humanity. It
will be the time we move into Unity consciousness and become like one,
individual but all part of the whole. I am really excited about this
possibility. This is what I have been expecting to happen for many years. I
will be very happy to be living on the higher frequency Earth with all the
possibilities that will become available to us.

The cardinal cross is the turning point, although the energy from that cross
will last for a long time. A lunar eclipse alone is usually in effect for at
least six months. We also have a solar eclipse on April 28th. This month
will be very powerful so keep your seat belts on as we move through this
energy. Chances are there will be one event after another so keep calm as
these events happen. Because Washington D.C. is on 13 degrees Cancer I think
that something major will happen there at this time. Hopefully it is not a
war with Russia. At that time Jupiter will be over Washington D.C. and
Pluto will be over Moscow. This could cause a clash of wills and who knows
what might happen. (I just heard that North and South Korea are at their war
games again.)

Or it could work out in an entirely different way. Look at what happened to
MH 370. Does anyone really know what happened to that plane? There are many
theories. Some say the plane was hijacked, others say the pilot or co-polite
caused the plane to go down. Others say the plane went into a time warp or
had magnetic interference, and still others say they have found the remains
of the plane in the Indian Ocean. As far as I know, no one has recovered any
parts from the plane yet. Maybe the plane is hiding out on some remote
island for various reasons. Something seems very fishy about that whole

Check out this link about the Axis shift-I found it very interesting.

Anyway, control your anger as we move through this energy, live in love and
be kind to each other. We need to become as one so the time-line can
counter-act any war that might occur. Become peaceful within and express
your love because love is all there is. And that is how it is. HAPPY

I send my love and blessings to everyone!

*****Mahala Gayle*****

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Lynn Hayes Planetary Illuminations for April 2014

Planetary Illuminations for
April 2014
Dear friends,I apologize for the lack of a March report – I had some kind of laryngitis of the soul. You canread more about that here if you’re interested. Not only did I lose my writing voice, but it was difficult for me to do readings so I took a bit of a hiatus in March.

The good news is, my voice has come back in time to report on the big planetary news for April and I am doing readings again. There is a lot of energy for continued change right now, and I’ve tried to give you as much detail as possible to help you utilize these powerful energies without becoming completely overwhelmed with details and data.

Now on to the Planetary Illuminations report:

The complete article can be found on my website here. This email contains an abridged simplification that is easier to understand and read, but you will find the complete details, along with the list of planetary events for the month, in the online version.

Usual housekeeping stuff:

If you are new to astrology, you might want to start here for basic explanations of the concepts we’ll be discussing here. Please feel free to forward this article to anyone who might be interested. If this article has been forwarded to you, please visit my website to sign up for your own subscription! You can unsubscribe any time by following the instructions at the bottom of this email. You can “like” my Facebook page and stay up to date with all of the latest planetary happenings and new blog posts.

And, of course, if you would like to schedule a personal consultation please email me directly or visit my website for more information about readings.

Summary for April 2014


Unlike recent months which have been full of minor planetary aspects that move quickly and don’t create lasting impressions, April’s big news is the Cardinal Grand Cross which will be building throughout the month but will peak in the middle of the month beginning with the lunar eclipse on April 15th and continuing through the following week.

A Grand Cross occurs when four or more planets are locked in a square formation. The Cross includes two pairs of oppositions (planets that are 180 degrees apart). Squares and crosses are powerful patterns that can create conflict or generate a crisis that requires resolution and eventually, transformation. These are intense planetary systems that generate change in our lives throughout the month of April, but expecially between mid-April and the end of the month.

This energizes a push to awaken from the struggle of the past few years. The pressure for change is powerful and many of us have resisted the call to surrender the shackles that hold us to the earth and let go to a new energy that is breaking down the old ways so that something totally and radically new can replace it.
Planetary cycles are opportunities for transformation. It is the resistance to transformation that creates difficulties in our lives. During this month of intense planetary energy, find time and space in your lives to be aware and awake. Look at the problems you are facing with new eyes. Open your mind to the possibility of new solutions that can change your world forever. And most importantly: surrender your idea of What Should Be. Generally, we are the co-creators of our lives. In April 2014, we are being shaped and molded by Universal Wisdom.

for more details, see this article at Astrological Musings about the Aries New Moon that triggered these events.


April begins on the heels of a New Moon in Aries that initiated the stirrings of the powerful forces that will be erupting in April. Between the 1st and the 3rd the Sun illuminates the growing tension and shines its light on areas of our lives that require adjustment so that growth and change can take place. A harmonious Mercury aspect will aid us in understanding the underlying energies and helping us to create structures that support and aid us in the transformative process.

Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, and for a few weeks we will be drawn towards the mystical – creativity blossoms now and the desire for spiritual connection is strengthened. Under this influence our relationships can become magical – or deluded. This mystical force can help us to move more easily through the planetary energies if we keep our eyes open and don’t succumb to the power of illusion.

Mercury enters Aries on the 7th and begins to align with the other planets in the Grand Cross. The self-preservation of Aries conflicts somewhat with the transcendent urge of the Pisces Venus, but we can merge these two dynamics consciously by holding the sense of self (Aries) as we allow ourselves to surrender to flow (Pisces).

On the 8th we feel more energized, but this could also bring up conflict that requires resolution for a day or so. On the 11th a Neptune aspect calms the nerves and enhances creativity and feelings of romantic and universal love but may also blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

By the 14th and 15th the Grand Cross is in full swing. Pluto is stationary as it turns retrograde on the 14th, and it is more powerful than ever at this time so our thoughts and communication with others will be intensified. Pluto tends to expose secrets and unearth emotions that have been submerged and there can be an explosion of compulsive and obsessive traits under this influence.

These qualities are a part of the Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on April 15th Eclipses have long been tied to events that are important and which can change our very destiny. This eclipse offers an opportunity to find balance between our desire for harmony and peace with our need to assert ourselves and find our own way. It’s time now to forge a new direction and open up to new ways to integrate the forces that may appear to be pulling us apart.

This Full Moon eclipse is not all conflict – positive and harmonious aspects expand our ability to find healing in the midst of stress, open our hearts and facilitate optimism), and enhances our connection to our spiritual source.

The intense light and awakening energies of the Full Moon continue for several days, culminating on the 20th and 21st of April. Where the eclipse on the 15th will expose the cracks in the veneer of our consciousness and our day to day lives, the Grand Cross will bring about a peak experience of transformation and change. Doors of consciousness will open and soul memories will make themselves known. This can be somewhat frightening as we feel the ground beneath us open up, but if we can find a way to let go into conscious awareness and mindfulness we will find the pathway that will lead us to our highest aspirations.

**The addition of Mars to the planetary mix which peaks on April 22-23 will simply continue to energize the energies, making them nearly impossible to manage. Surrender and moving THROUGH rather than fighting against or attempting to move around will be the key to using this time wisely. These challenging planetary interactions can signify a time of danger and increased conflict, so please be careful to avoid inflammable personal situations if at all possible, and use care when traveling, especially from the middle of April through the end of the month. **

After the 25th our thinking and communication will be more grounded and we will begin to feel more stabilized. The 26th and 27th are marvelous days for creativity and clarity of expression. The Taurus New Moon on the 29th will continue to stabilize us and help us to find a grounded sense of peace after the storm of the previous planetary energies.

The Grand Cross is still in effect then so transformation continues, but because we will be feeling more grounded at that time the integration may come more easily. However, Taurus is a fixed sign and if we become too fixed in our views and unable to embrace the necessary adjustments, we may find ourselves facing more challenges.

The intensity of April’s planetary alignments contains real gifts if we look for them amidst the chaos. In any case, resistance is futile so we may as well adapt and go willingly into the crucible of transformation!
As always, if you have questions about this information or would like to schedule a consultation to discover how your own chart is affected, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peace and best wishes,

Lynn Hayes