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‘Why Do You Indians Always Live in the Past?’ – ICTMN.com

So, I recently took down my Facebook page. About a third of my many friends were Indians from various reservations around me; most of these had never gotten past their GED. The rest were white Mormons and white non-Mormons from Utah. This was an educated group and also a rather vocal one, constantly expressing their opinions on my Facebook wall and debating/arguing with other posters like themselves. The Indians, on the other hand, sent me frequent private messages, jokes and invites to join them for various parties, dinners and events on the rez but rarely posted publicly on my wall, although most of them keenly followed what one of them called the “white discussions.”

One day, one of my Facebook friends ran into me on campus. He asked me, “Why do you always live in the past?” I didn’t pay much attention to his question back then but remembered not arguing with him or his very strong Mormon beliefs about why Indian languages need to die out and the Mormon placement program. The same evening, another friend ran into me when I was riding a horse. She asked me the very same question and she wasn’t Mormon. The same evening, I put up an informal poll on Facebook and, without exception, all whites who responded agreed that I “always lived in the past.” They also seemed rather angry, upset and resentful about it. They said things like, “Get over your past!” I tried to get to the bottom of their resentment by asking questions such as, “But don’t you remember 9/11 every year?” or “Should Jews also forget about their near extermination in concentration camps?”

Their responses, the contradictory feelings they expressed, and the very ambiguity in their responses made me sit up and analyze my posts over the two-year duration of my Facebook. Less than 10 percent of my posts dealt with tribal issues; these were mainly news items neglected by the mainstream media that I didn’t want my Indian friends to miss. Another 5 percent of my posts were announcements of upcoming events like the Circle Dance, a powwow in a town an hour away, an Indian health fair, announcements of language and culture classes, the free medical clinic, personal updates like my adventures in Australia, etc. But the bulk of my posts, over 85%, talked about issues that were of interest to the educated white audience. I talked about game theory, happiness research, genomics, the new MCAT, exchange-traded funds, cancer detection by canines, research by a physicist that showed how racial profiling to limit terror attacks is mathematically flawed, compassion fatigue in physicians, artificial intelligence in medicine, new open courseware by MIT, research on the neurogenics of niceness, and other very contemporary topics. So what really bothered my white friends on Facebook? In my case, in-depth, in-person discussions with my buddies revealed that the 10 percent content that related to news articles from Indian media was what bothered them and led to their distorted perception. Even though over 85 percent of my Facebook content dealt with very contemporary issues, I was perceived as “living in the past.”

Which brings me to the question: Why do we Indians always hear that we live in the past when we don’t? Why are we always told to “get over the past?” The real reason is that Indian discussions serve as an unpleasant reminder to whites that this country is not theirs. Indeed, our very existence serves to reiterate to them that Turtle Island is not their land. Indian news articles from ICTMN and other sources are unpleasant to them because on a subconscious level they realize that they are as much aliens on this land as newly-arrived Arabs or the illegal Mexicans they despise so much. Our stories send home a message to them that their ancestors committed a holocaust against Indians and nearly exterminated us. When we speak about our dying languages, our high rates of diabetes and cancers, alcoholism or the poverty on our reservations, it reiterates to them that this country was built on deceit and lies and their ancestors did something horribly wrong. Our values tell them that their way of life—with the environmental destruction, the divorces, the crime, the wars, deteriorating family values, etc.—is going horribly South. The very fact that you and I are alive and that there are still “full bloods” around undermines the white sense of legitimacy and ownership of America. So my friends, don’t let it bother you when people tell you to “stop living in the past” and to “get over the past.” It is just another of those issues mainstream America needs to get over and resolve in their own minds.

Mike Taylor
April 23, 2012
‘Why Do You Indians Always Live in the Past?’


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Truthout Daily Digest Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Conversation With James Risen: Can Journalists Protect Their National Security Sources?

Dina Rasor, Truthout: The New York Times reporter James Risen is in a waiting game with the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court, and the fate of a journalist’s right to protect sources lies in the balance.

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El Salvador’s Election: Not Like the Old Days

John Lamperti, Truthout: The election of the FMLN’s Salvador Sánchez Cerén to El Salvador’s presidency in a clean election with a minimum of outside interference represents a victory. Prior to the civil war, the electoral system in El Salvador was blatantly corrupt; for many years the military candidate always won.

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Wolves of Wall Street: Financialization and American Inequality

Colin Gordon, Dissent: The recent spike in American inequality, and the gains rapidly accruing to those at the upper end of the income distribution ladder, are driven in large part by “financialization” – the growing scale and profitability of the financial sector relative to the rest of the economy, and the shrinking regulation of its rules and returns.

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The DOJ Wants to Hack Your Webcam

Dan Massoglia, Truthout: Rules for when the government can hack your computer are headed for a dramatic and troubling expansion as federal hacking is of rising interest in domestic policing.

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Gender Equity for Rural Haitian Women

Beverly Bell, Other Worlds: Haitian activist Kettly Alexandre of the Peasant Movement of Papay Women’s Committee speaks to advances made over 40 years for women’s rights, equity and an end to violence.

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Big Data’s Big Image Problem

Joseph Jerome, Truthout: There is little question that big data has developed an image problem. This image has only worsened as one headline after another has detailed how NSA and other intelligence agencies use it for massive surveillance on American citizens.

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Protecting the Right’s Stranglehold Over Union Elections

John Logan, Truthout: Last week, the National Labor Relations Board held hearings to allow public comment on its new election rules. Antiunion organizations and consultants dominated the proceedings, and their testimony revealed the right-wing wants to make it as difficult as possible for workers to choose a union.

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The Flat-Earth Society Has Arisen Again

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Geocentrism was disproven 500 years ago, and the only people who still believe in it are fringe nuts and religious fundamentalists. However, denying climate change is about as mainstream as it gets – and for Republicans it’s the default position.

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Republicans Say No to CDC Gun Violence Research

Lois Beckett, ProPublica: Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, who is up for re-election, has said he will oppose any efforts to fund gun violence research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Jury Verdict: Nearly $3 Million in Texas Fracking Nuisance Case

Brendan DeMelle, DeSmogBlog: A Texas jury awarded $2.925 million to plaintiffs Bob and Lisa Parr, who sued a fracking company for intentionally causing a nuisance on the their property, which impacted their health and ruined their drinking water.

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Advertising Revenue, Not Enlightenment, Is the Goal of Sunday Morning DC Pundit Shows

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The Sunday morning news programs play a key role in creating a DC conventional wisdom consensus. In reality, however, the gabfest of effete pundits is nothing more than filler between advertising.

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United States Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Walmart

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The Supreme Court Gives Police New Power to Rely on Anonymous Tips

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The United States’ Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

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Massive New Fraud Cover-Up: How Banks Are Pillaging Homes – While the Government Watches

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FBI “Intentionally and Unlawfully” Used No Fly List to Recruit Muslims as Informers

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Ten Ways the War on Drugs Violates the United States’ Constitution

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Naomi Klein | The Change Within: The Obstacles We Face Are Not Just External

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

Today’s energy produces the longing for people, places, and things. Desires run high and our eye for beauty is keen.

This is because we have several faces of goddess energy at work right now. Think of it like this: Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, etc., meets up with Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Battle in an arena where Eris, Goddess of Awakening and Freedom, and the Mahavidya Chinnamasta are already on scene. Colloquially, a bunch of cool chicks are hanging out.

So the true nature of today’s energy is entirely feminine and collegiate. It’s also quite magical, as in the power of magic is high. This is why it’s the prime time to make a wish for something you want. But we can’t forget that this type of energy is the favorite for manipulation, so we may encounter or experience a perversion of the energy as jealousy, insecurity, aggression, deception, materialism, and other such things.

If you find yourself doing this or encounter this from another person, recognize that it is an archontic control program that is being amplified and then disengage from it. Break off and walk away. Remember that we have all that we need inside ourselves.

Be aware also that the potential for Illuminati hijinks heightens over the next two days while we have this type of goddess energy in play and also because the Moon is in Libra (thus making another “hit” or “strike” to the Eris Point energy of the New Moon – see post in Archives for April 10, 2013).

But let’s focus on the effervescent energy that these goddess archetypes are expressing today. Explosions of beauty are everywhere. All that we need is contained inside ourselves and all that is valuable comes from the heart – being on a beautiful planet of eye candy is the bonus.

(Note: I will be on The Global Awakening Radio Network tonight at 7:00 pm central time. Listen to the live stream on http://radio.globalvoiceradio.net, call in to the show by dialing 530-881-1400 using access code 159867. Q&A mode will be enabled during the latter part of the show, press *6 to enter the live caller queue. Telephone archives available after the program by calling 530-881-1499 with access code 159867 and HD streaming archives available at http://www.globalvoiceradio.net. Please join us!)