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Traveling Time and Dimensions to Transform your Life


We are free at any moment to accelerate our growth by traveling time and dimensions. When we still our mind and align ourselves with higher dimensions, we are able to perceive portals in consciousness that allow us to visit any location in the universe. Through intention, spiritual connection and vibrational resonance all is possible.

A Still Mind is the Access Point to Other Dimensions

The first step to accessing other dimensions is stilling your mind. A busy mind churns out endless streams of thoughts that serve as anchors to third-dimensional reality. It is one of the great ironies of human existence that we rush here and there looking for something, trying to achieve something. When we are anchored into third-dimensional reality our spirit is enslaved by our busy mind, making it impossible for us to recognize the very thing we’re looking for. When we slow down and listen to the whispers of our spirit, we find what we’re looking for in the spaces between our busy, linear thoughts. The more we focus on these spaces, the more they expand. Soon they become large enough to provide passage into universal mind.

Inside universal mind we are able to travel to any time or place to find the answers to our questions and so much more. Here we are able to download the templates for new ideas, new books, new works of art, and new inventions. Everything is accessible to us within the moment when we remember to slow down, still our minds and travel meridians of silence into universal mind.

When we still our minds we open a space to expand into silence. Our higher self flows into this space and our vibration enters resonance with higher dimensions. Inside these higher frequencies, we are able to step free of linear time and travel into other dimensions. As we travel meridians in higher consciousness, we pull more of this energy into our daily life. This transforms our experience, allowing us to see every moment through the lens of love, peace and abundance.

You are the Most Enlightened Self in your Present Lifetime

You are the most aware, intuitive and enlightened self thus far in your present lifetime. As such, it is your job and your privilege to serve as the higher self for all your selves throughout the course of this lifetime. You are a beacon of healing light capable of assisting and entraining other aspects toward their journey into the new time where peace, joy, love and opportunities to higher service abound. The opportunities before you now are remarkable and profound. The challenges you are approaching may seem overwhelming but these quickly dissolve as you reach into your storehouse of higher knowledge and wisdom.

Traveling Time and Dimensions Heals us and Sets us Free

There are many reasons one might why choose to travel time and dimensions. Just thinking about traveling to other dimensions within our own consciousness helps unroot us from linear reality. When we become hypnotized by the third-dimensional world, we develop beliefs that tell us physical reality is all there is. This limited perspective tells us we must cultivate a linear movement through space and time in order to live our dreams. These beliefs are enslaving and unnecessary.

When we allow ourselves to step off the endless wheel of suffering that linear thinking binds us to, we find ourselves in the void state of no-thingness. Few people remain here for very long. When we exist in the void, we come face to face with ourselves. We see every facet of ourselves and experience the texture of our own mind. Our fears gather around us like lost children. The void is not always a comfortable place but healing and renewal take hold if we remain here long enough.

When we’re willing to sit with the silence of the void, we soon find silence is not empty at all. It contains the lifeblood of what we are; that is, the essence of spirit. The void is a portal into universal mind. As such, it allows us access to other timeframes and other dimensions.

The Quantum Synergy of Encountering an Alternate Self

We might choose to time travel to the past to release a moment where our self of that time experienced a difficult or traumatic event that still reverberates through our present moment. If your past self is awake and aware, it may sense the loving presence of a future self. This recognition can trigger spiritual awakenings. When the self encounters a version of itself from another timeframe, a synergy is created that unleashes a wave of quantum expansion throughout the entire history of our soul. Every cell of our being vibrates throughout what we think of as time. This is the moment when we connect the dots – the moment when all our “selves” in this lifetime and others hold hands in quantum inner unification. This experience is a precursor to ascension and a moment of celebration within the higher realms.

It is not necessary for your past self to be aware of your presence for healing to take place. Your present-moment decision to travel to a past timeframe sets up a gridwork of healing light your past self is able to step into.

In order to travel time to assist a past self, first set the intention to travel back to a moment in time that needs healing and release. This is a moment you are still holding energy around. Trapped emotional energy is energy that is not available for use in your present creations. More importantly, trapped emotions tether you to past traumas and keep pulling you back into them periodically in order to provide further opportunities for healing and release. You don’t have to wait for these traumatic reruns to cycle back around, however. Instead, you can proactively choose to visit these moments and bring about the healing and release that is needed.

Once you set an intention, connect with the thoughts/feelings/images of the past moment you wish to visit in consciousness. Allow the moment to play on the movie screen of your mind. If it helps you connect with the energy of the past situation, try some simple techniques such as journaling about the past situation to; play music that connects you with that time, hold objects from that time or look at photographs. Whatever helps you establish a strong emotional connection with that timeframe works. It is important to connect with the feeling state without allowing yourself to be pulled into it. Once you connect with the feeling state of a past moment, hold it in consciousness and enter a meditative space. Whatever method you normally use to download spiritual energy and information is fine. If you are new to this, enter a meditative space by stilling your thoughts and focusing on the in-breath and the out-breath. You may also chant om (sounds like aum) until you feel yourself enter an altered state. The act of bringing a traumatized past self into a vibrationally high space helps you love your past into its natural state of divine perfection. Remain in a meditative state for as long as you can. Open to the waves of love coming back to you and reverberating throughout your consciousness.

Traveling Time to anchor Future ‘Outposts’

Just as you are able to reach back and bring healing and release to a past self, you are able to travel to a future moment to set up an “outpost” or footprint to anchor your intentions. This is a technique that can be used for numerous purposes. For example, it can be used to send energy and love to yourself inside a near-future moment where you are undertaking a challenging task such as speaking before a group or believing in yourself as you undertake a new venture into the unknown. This technique can also be used to set down a footprint inside a future moment, programming it to entrain and communicate with your past and present. A future footprint serves as a homing signal in a sense. The homing signal broadcasts the steps that extend backward from the future timeline you wish to experience to your present moment. Such a homing signal can be instrumental in anchoring a future moment where your book is published and on the shelves of bookstores; where you are uniting with a soulmate in physical reality; or where you are experiencing health and wholeness after an illness. The uses for future outposts are only limited by your imagination. They can prove helpful in relocating, launching a business, carrying out your spiritual mission, assisting others to align with their higher vision and well-being and much more. Future outposts can even help with more mundane tasks such as locating lost items or choosing divine timing for a future event.

Your Inner Temple as Doorway to Interdimensional Travel

You may choose to transform your daily life through regular infusions of higher energy. Each time you immerse your consciousness in the energy of higher realms, you infuse more of these energies into your daily life. One way to do this is to establish an etheric home in the form of an inner temple. See your inner temple in whatever way is most uplifting to you. It can be a cottage in the mountains, a beach house looking out over the ocean or a palace in the desert. Whatever works best for you is perfect. Allow your imagination to fill in the details over time.

Set up your inner temple in the highest realm you’re able to access within your present moment. Each time you visit your inner temple your energies becomes supercharged. The energies here allow you quick and easy access to a nurturing space any time you need it. You can zip back to your inner temple during your lunch hour, while standing in a grocery check-out line or when stuck in traffic. This is a space where you can receive guidance, visions, lucid dreams, and templates for new creations. It is from this space that you’re able to launch journeys to other dimensions. Beings from other dimensions (including our future selves and other beings from Earth’s future time planes) have long traversed interdimensional grids. The true space ship is our higher consciousness. Cultivating this connection allows us many new forms of inner travel that will carry us individually and collectively into a new time of greatly expanded potentials.

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Truthout Daily Digest April 4, 2014

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Economy Adds 192,000 Jobs in March, Unemployment Rate Unchanged

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The Oracle Report | Friday, April 4, 2014


Friday, April 4, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, defy struggle

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: delusion

Positive Imprint: delight

Skill: “Will this delude or delight me?” “Like a butterfly, I gracefully accept changes.”

Today’s energy is ripe for pretexts, shams, and deceptions. We are easily swayed, so we need to use the skills of the wise owl to take in a bigger picture of what is really happening. Don’t be lead astray. Just because someone is strong and confident in what they are asserting does not mean it is valid. To delude is to mislead the mind or judgment of someone. We do not need to delude ourselves or be deluded. Our minds are our own. Our own personal discernment is all that is required. If something comes up today to take you in a new direction, ask yourself if it feels delusional or delightful. Be honest.

We may have to use these skills often today because opportunities tend to emerge under this energy. Things awaken. We see how we can make situations better fit who we really are.

This month brings many changes in the world and in our lives. The energy definitely favors changes today. Most do not like change, even though it is the way of nature. We are a traumatized species, and when things change (especially if the change is unexpected) we tend to respond by freezing in place and shutting down. This response is not going to work well today. Rigidity will only make things worse. Flexibility will make things better. Things that change are meant to change today.

At the core, this energy is designed for celebration of life, delight with life, and freedom of expression. The dominant Sabian symbol is “brownies dancing in the setting sun.” I love this symbol, but we need to be careful that we aren’t caught off guard and taken into a fairyland of delusion, as the over-pronounced negative polarity of this energy would have us do.

The potential to be tricked is high today. This, coupled with the fact that Mars is located at the exact degree of the Eris Point, means wise owls should be on alert and watching carefully. I am not saying this to promote fear; I am pointing it out so that we aren’t surprised and fooled if someone tries to pull the wool over our eyes. Be aware. False flag potential is high today.

On the micro-level, Mars at the Eris Point brings impulsive and often angry outbursts. We tend to say things before we think. Usually it needs to be said; usually the delivery isn’t the best. The highest octave of Mars-Eris energy is action based on wisdom, but we have to be mature enough to slow down for this. Take your time. Navigate around other people’s minefields.

When sunset falls where you are today, celebrate like a brownie. Delight in the beauty of our planet and our Sun. Aren’t they are magnificent jewels?


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The Oracle Report Thursday, April 4, 2013


Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

Simply stated, today is a day for deep change and growth. It is Chinnamasta’s (see this week’s previous posts on Chinnamasta on the Archives page ) nature to remove the obstacles in our minds and there is a tremendous amount of power available for this kind of endeavor. If you have a block, barrier, or obstruction of any kind, tell Chinnamasta and ask her to handle it. Note I say “handle.” That doesn’t necessarily mean remove it, although that may be the outcome because she shows us what we didn’t previously know. Knowledge is gained. The Wisdom Goddesses have much to teach.

When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, surely it’s mind is blown. The upcoming lunar month is going to blow our minds. A blown mind is a good thing. Embrace the process today by following along, not becoming fearful, and not worried about what anyone else thinks or if they approve.