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The Oracle Report | Friday, August 15 – Saturday, August 16, 2014



Friday, August 15 – Saturday, August 16, 2014

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Heals the Heart)

Skill: seek wisdom

Negative Imprint: giving up, hopelessness, dissatisfaction, neglecting self (especially the physical body and physical needs), standing still when you need to move, fear of change, fear for personal security

Positive Imprint: care, sharing, perspective, patterns, taking chances, self-care, care for the physical body and physical needs, learning, foreshadowing of the future

Friday and Saturday’s energies are complex. The Moon will move into Taurus around noon ET/4:00 pm UT Friday, beginning to strongly aspect all of the planets in Leo and Scorpio. One by one, the Moon will make hits with Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and finally the Black Moon. Since this process occurs through the remainder of the Disseminating Moon phase, I’ve detailed both days’ energies in this report. Here’s the chronology (keep in mind that energy flows in waves, so these themes will flow through time, not happen just at the exact time indicated):

August 15 8:00pm ET/midnight UT Moon square Venus

Venus reaches the degree that kicked off this lunar cycle, so the theme of “taking a leap or staying in place” focuses around relationships. The position of the Moon brings up losses, grief, and all kinds of things from the past. The purpose of this is to let go of things that are not working now or things that are haunting you from the past. It is easy to get lost in losses under this energy. Grief isn’t always about what we’ve lost; it is sometimes about what we never had. This month has been about healing heartaches, and the Venus energy that is activated by the Moon is helping us purge that pain. New space needs to be made because new opportunities are on the way with the next lunar cycle (which begins August 25).

August 15/16 midnight ET/4:00 am UT Moon square Jupiter

Light is brought to things that are in shadow. This may involve seeing something about ourselves that we tend to keep in shadow. Sometimes we compartmentalize our lives when stressors or events become overwhelming. It is our attempt to maintain control of our psyches. But we pay a price when we cut off our emotions or cut things out of the picture. Whatever we remain in denial about eventually surfaces for clearing. This moves us to integrate our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When we do this, we operate in a more holistic, mentally-balanced way. Take in the bigger picture.

August 16 9:30 am ET/1:30 pm UT Moon oppose Mars

Consider undertaking an experiment. What happens when you remove a burden you’ve been shouldering? To find out, you will need to put that burden down for a little while. When you do, note how you feel. Would you like this feeling to continue? If so, what would you need to do to assure that? Can you commit to it? If you are angry about something, it will show up to be addressed with this astrological aspect. There is wisdom here if we are willing to see.

August 16 7:00 pm ET/11:00 pm UT Moon oppose Saturn

Changes are indicated. These may come as a reaction against being constrained or restricted in some way. Things from the past are triggered, but this is happening to bring a rebirth – a change in form.

August 16 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT Moon square Black Moon

As the Disseminating Moon phase ends, enormous potential is beginning to stir. The highest octave of this energy wants to show us bright parts of the future, but the lowest octave reinforces feelings of being lost, ungrounded, or hopeless. The goal of the Friday and Saturday transit of the Moon is to bring healing. Attach to the rebirth side of the Black Moon instead of the death side of it. Reach for the light.

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