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The Oracle Report | Monday, August 18, 2014



Monday, August 18, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (Goddess of the Heart)

Skill: open your heart

Negative Imprint: selfishness and selfish motives, blind to light, distrust, gloom and doom outlook, insensitivity to other’s feelings, over-involved in other’s lives and neglecting one’s own life, unrealistic and unnatural standards

Positive Imprint: beauty, simplicity, repair, self-care, release from stress or distress, heart-healing, re-calibration, refreshment, improved communication, reward for hard work or commitment, signs of the future

The bombastic energetics of this lunar month have produced the need to stand tall and strong like rock formations towering over a deep canyon. The universe has asked us to not only be standing stones, but also singing stones. Our “inner tune” – our personal energetic frequency – has been linking with other’s tunes, sending reverberations aligned with the value and beauty of life. It’s a circuit of booming love and it continues to resonate through Wednesday.

At the same time, this lunar month’s energies have enabled pain and trauma in the heart to pour out. Healing is taking place, creating room for new opportunities and paths to open. The lunar month beginning Monday, August 25, 2014, will lead us toward these golden potentials. Great change is afoot like a lotus flower opening in the heart.

But preparations are needed, and today’s preparations involve gauging situations, feelings, thoughts, circumstances, conditions, and events, and then repairing them or performing maintenance. Objectivity and powers of critical analyses are very keen today. The primary benefit comes in seeing how to repair or improve interpersonal communication. We want to take care not too let all of this analysis and evaluation become out of balance. Be aware of the potential for harsh criticism and judgment (from self or others).

Harsh criticism and judgment is unnecessary and is not embraced at all when the Moon is in Gemini. Gemini energy is hyper-sensitive to anything that hints at rejection. This is especially true for those with the Black Moon in Gemini. (Remember that since the Black Moon was conjunct the New Moon in Leo, each time the Moon enters a sign this month, those with the Black Moon in that sign feel it the most. The Moon is in Gemini today, so those with the Black Moon in the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity are the focus for the “death and rebirth” energy of the Black Moon. To find the sign of your natal Black Moon, look up your birthday in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free on the Books tab atwww.oraclereport.com.)

In a most welcome way, today’s energy also strives to release us from something that has stressed our psyches and bodies. Light codes swirl to infuse and strengthen us. You may find yourself saying, “Finally!” about something. This may be something that has been a long time coming. If you have felt stuck in some way, the boost you need is on tap today. The only thing required of us is receptivity.

We endeavor to always keep it real, but today the purest and simplest of things to refresh and realign us. The ancient ways call us.

Temper the harshness that can come with heightened powers of analysis today with gentle approaches. Gently receive. Let a space in your heart open. Facilitate the transition into new energies.

(If you missed yesterday’s report, check it out in the Archives. A CME was released Friday and I discuss the energetics that are in play with it.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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The Oracle Report Saturday, August 17 – Sunday, August 18, 2013



Gibbous Moon Phase: analyze, prepare, trust
Moon: Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi

Along with Balsamic Moon phases, Gibbous Moon phase is a magical time of the month, and by that I mean a spiritual time. After popping through the surface at First Quarter phase, the seedling (wish, intention) now pauses to adjust to its new environment. It takes time to process what is happening, trusts that it is safe where it is and that the cycle of its life is unfolding.

Translation: after stepping out, taking action, or moving our wish/intention forward at First Quarter Moon phase, we now analyze where things stand and TRUST that all is proceeding on track. Trust is the keyword for Gibbous phases. At Gibbous, we step back and let higher forces work with what we have done. Very little effort and action is needed during Gibbous. As long as we show up and participate, the cycle continues. (People born under the Gibbous phase of the Moon manifest things effortlessly.) But if we get stuck in fear and lose our trust, the wish or intention begins to die. The seedling is afraid to be in the world so it withers away.

Of course in nature, this trust in the cycle of life is innate. As part of nature, we also have innate trust but it has been tricked out of us by the Archons. Our division from nature and constant interdimensional bombardment with messages like “you are all alone and nobody wants you” is the source of our fear and distrust, and ultimately the source of our unhappiness with life.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Each of us is cradled in the arms of our celestial vehicle and benefactrix – Gaia Sophia – and guided at all times by her emissaries, the Wisdom Goddesses we call The Mahavidyas.

I love Gibbous phases and Balsamic phases because 1) interaction with spirit is easier because the “veils between the worlds” are thinner and 2) we get to kick back a bit and let the Mahavidyas do their thing. I relish any opportunity to kick back. As it has been said so often, when we get “on time” with the phases of the Moon, and follow the natural course, life is smoother. We know when to act and when to step back. You can see how knowledge of Moon phases is one more tool in a wise owl’s toolbag because it directs our action:

New Moon phase – set a wish (active)

Crescent Moon phase – allow expansion of the wish without struggle (passive)

First Quarter Moon phase – step out and take action with wish (active)

Gibbous Moon phase – trust, analyze, digest current status of wish (passive)

Now let’s look at the energetic equation for this weekend:

1) Gibbous Moon phase asking us to TRUST

2) Moon in Capricorn giving those with the Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn one of their twice a month opportunities to move the process of personal rebirth forward. TRUST issues related to how well others support, appreciate, and recognize us come up. The Black Moon in Cancer is now opposing Pluto in Capricorn, re-envisioning romantic relationships. The highest and best for relationships occurs under this transit, even if that means the end of a relationship. It could be a metaphorical ending or a real split, but things go to another level one way or another.

3) The positions of the Sun and Venus this weekend highlight the need to relax so that our bodies and minds can process, digest, and analyze situations. It is fortuitous to have the combination of these energy signatures with a Gibbous Moon phase that occurs on a weekend (when many people are off from work). This lunar month brings us deep, transformative revelations, and the energy of the weekend definitely enhances this theme.

1+2+3= a really nice time to practice the skill of trust and a perfect chance to fall back in love with the beauty of life. Remember, in order to stay on course with the natural cycle of life, we are asked to TRUST during this phase of the Moon.