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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Calls to Action)

Skill: wise owl in the tree peering out and observing

Negative Imprint: resistance, duality, insincerity, exaggeration, masks, slacking off and expecting others to do the work or take the responsibility, rigidity, anger, lashing out, control issues

Positive Imprint: participation, cohesion, integration, sincerity, clarity, confidence, healing

As Mars closes in on Saturn, anger and control issues continue to build. But we will take the other approach – the higher path.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn occurs at 18 degrees of Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a path in the woods rich in autumn coloring.” This symbol speaks to preparations for change, “fruits” or rewards of labor, and a time of harvest.

If angry or controlling emotions come upon us, we can remember the symbol and switch our mindsets (paths) to one that recognizes that the emotions are coming as a result of impending change toward the better. Knowing this, we can accept and flow with the changes, maintaining emotional equilibrium.

Today’s energy asks us to come into fuller participation with life. The energy presents conditions and circumstances where we can build confidence and feelings of security. Creativity is also heightened under the astrological effects in play.

The energy also reveals another side or second perspective of things. Situations or feelings that were unclear seek cohesion and integration. This may turn into the need for a decision or choice. Examine things sincerely. Be honest with yourself. Are you trying to push yourself into doing something you don’t want to do? Why? Is it truly your responsibility? Your feelings are as valid as another’s.

There is a tendency toward things being exaggerated or hidden under false appearances. The theme of “masks” has been strong all month long but it is enhanced today.

Another main theme has been the expanding and energizing of deep and meaningful changes and corrections that heal, transform, and liberate. Today is the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, which means the last day of the complete energy of this lunar cycle. (The next phase, the Balsamic phase, is an “in-between” phase that prepares us for the next cycle.) Completion of tasks, revision, and realignment are the missions during Third Quarter Moon phase. As we close out the month, what has healed, transformed, or liberated for you during this time?

No doubt about it, the energy is intense. People are angry and many things appear to be spinning out of control. Remember the potential for exaggeration and masks. Although it looks rough on the surface, deeper things are happening. Don’t lose sight of this in the midst of the swirling emotions. Invoke the skill of the wise owl in a tree, safe and secure, peering out and observing what’s happening. Take yourself out of the chaos. Commune with Mother Nature. She will fix you right up!

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Full Moon Phase: experience, illumination, revelation

Moon: Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi

It’s interesting how past trauma is triggered when the planets, particularly the Sun, return to the same position. This time last year we were in the aftermath of a “turning point” – a major shift in the status of situations, much of which was painful. Our emotions at the time “imprinted” the daily energy, “locking” in to its signature.
For example, the Sun is located at the 28th degree of Leo today. A year ago or so it was at the same degree. Those emotions are still tied into the energy of the Sun at 28 Leo. Even though life is very different today than it was a year ago, our bodies read the energy and respond as if those events were still taking place. This happens at the subtlest and finest levels of the body – our cells. Our cells do a lot of things, much of which happens beyond the boundary of space-time.

We live in an electric universe that operates in a feedback loop. The Sun’s energy returns to itself after completing a circuit through the solar system. Profound emotional trauma becomes coded into the solar energy of any given day. So when an “anniversary” of something rolls around, our bodies “remember” or “re-experience” it to some degree.

The Full Moon last August heralded the end of what I termed “turning point” – a four week long period of intense life changes. We shifted trajectories. If that time was difficult for you, most likely you are feeling a little overwhelmed now, simply by virtue of the energy imprint from that time. This happens so subtlely that we often can’t attribute it to anything tangible, which leaves us feeling at loose ends. We try to figure out what’s causing us to feel a certain way when we are actually reacting to something from the past.

However, the energy is continually re-printed, so whatever we do in the present also configures the energy. Our daily experiences “load” the energy. This time last year was a traumatic shift and right now is a healing transformation. We can focus on the past and the pain there, or we can participate in celestial mechanics and let our hearts be healed now. It’s a matter of shifting from the belief in the need to suffer from the past to the belief in the love for life right now.

With Bhairavi’s work this month to heal heart-traumas, a lot is happening at our cellular levels. We are mentally, physically, and emotionally processing at deep levels. We are having panoramic revelations and realizations. The light of the Full Moon enables us to see fully.

Be gentle with yourself and others today. The harshness of today’s energy is a minor subcurrent from the past – one that we don’t need to add to. The major subcurrent of today’s energy is a wave of beauty and fulfillment that is building toward Shodashi’s cycle. This is what we want to “tack onto” today.

(Today’s picture is of Nova Delphini, taken by Astro Cookie in the UK and posted on spaceweather.com. Welcome to the Universe, Delphini!)