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There Are No Angels — What The New York Times Won’t Tell You – Nation – Boston.com

I really appreciate this article and I hope it will be widely shared and read. Too many people take the status quo for granted as if things are even and fair when they obviously are not.

But that is the crux of white privilege-if you’ve got it; it’s completely invisible. If you don’t it’s completely obvious.

I assume every teenager in America experiments, makes mistakes, listens to at least some rude music and at least once shoplifts something.

Kids are much the same no matter their race or class but they aren’t treated the same.

Some of the most repulsive criminals I ever knew growing up have all become wealthy and powerful professionals in law, medicine, computers and technology, and academia. They are all white.

Other white kids I knew growing up have risen through the ranks to political power, particularly in the Republican party by engaging in crimes in adulthood.

We live in a sick society where bankers who destroy our economy go unpunished and children unconvicted of any crime are murdered in cold blood simply for being born with brown skin.

There Are No Angels — What The New York Times Won’t Tell You

By Jordan Lebeau
Special to Boston.com
August 25, 2014 2:42 PM

Michael Brown is dead, shot multiple times by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. On the day he is to be buried, The New York Times profiled the 18-year-old. Included in the 1300-word piece are references to Brown’s taste in music and his poor grades.

“He occasionally smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, according to friends.”

I attended Malden Catholic High School in Malden, MA. I graduated in 2006 and went on to attend Northeastern University on a generous scholarship. During my second year, I got into a bad car accident and dropped out, eventually finishing my degree at Rutgers in New Jersey. If I got shot by a cop, the aforementioned facts might matter to The New York Times, but not nearly as much as some others.


“He began producing rap songs with friends … He collaborated on songs that included lyrics such as, “My favorite part is when the bodies hit the ground.”

I’m black, but my closest friends in high school were all white. All but two of them drank. All but one listened to rap music, everything from the vulgar to the high-minded. Most of my friends smoked weed. A few of them sold it. At senior prom, two of my friends offered me ecstasy. Our freshman year, we had a day of mourning to reflect on the death of our hockey team’s goalie, who’d overdosed on prescription meds. But if any of my white high school friends got shot, none of this would matter to The New York Times.

“Brown was not the best student.”

During college, I dated a beautiful, intelligent, funny girl. She was a pastor’s daughter from northern New Hampshire. She was blond with light eyes, a winning smile, great grades and a good head on her shoulders. She played sports, volunteered in church, and brightened the lives of the people around her. We broke up because her parents and grandmother completely objected to her dating a black man. But then she moved down south and had a baby with a black man. She was no angel. She drank, listened to vulgar rap — I taught her most of the words to Too $hort’s “Freaky Tales”. She is the proud mother of one of the absolute most beautiful little girls I have ever laid eyes upon. If she were shot dead in her tracks today, The New York Times wouldn’t write about her taste in music, or her drinking. None of that would matter.

“Brown showed a rebellious streak. One time, his mother gave him her ATM card so he could buy shoes, said Brown’s friend, Brandon Lewis. Brown bought himself a PlayStation console.”

Before I got to Northeastern, I’d never actually seen cocaine, much less seen anyone ingest it. My first night at college, my girlfriend and I roamed the streets looking for a decent party. We found one, thanks to a friend I’d made at orientation. “Matt” was a seemingly laid back kid I’d hung out with between mandatory orientation meetings. Here he was, at this party, sniffing line after line of coke off a kitchen counter, in plain view of anyone who entered.

“An aspiring rap artist, he included vulgar lyrics of misogyny and aggression in some of his songs.”

‘Matt’ had jet black hair and broad shoulders. He was a little over six feet tall. He was also the only white kid I met at Northeastern who knew, much less liked, J Dilla. We both know the words to Dilla’s “Fuck The Police.” I’m still Facebook friends with Matt. To hear him tell his story, he got caught with three or four ounces of cocaine in Framingham, cooperated, gave a few names, got two years probation, and never saw the inside of a cell. Matt is absolutely hilarious, sure to keep you in stitches if you have the pleasure of spending more than five minutes with him. Matt still uses and sells illegal drugs. Nothing I’ve just said about him would be likely to make it into a New York Times profile of Matt if he were to die young.

You would likely be told, instead, about his sense of humor, his good looks, his beautiful spouse and his degree from a top flight university. The rest of it? His cocaine use. His taste in vulgar music. It may as well have never even happened.

“He got into at least one scuffle.”

My best friend is a blonde haired Irish kid from Melrose. My female friends tell me he looks a bit like a retired Backstreet Boy—and they mean it as a compliment. He’s the son of a pastor, makes good money, loves his family, gives back to the community in any way that he can, and will give you the shirt off his back if need be. My mother calls him son, and I love him like a brother. He gave me my first Guinness recently, at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus, and changed my life. Guinness had always looked like a gross, murky waste of my money, but Sean showed me the light. His love of a strong drink almost matches mine. He’s never been in trouble with the law, but my love of Chief Keef is rivaled only by his love of Houston rap vet Chalie Boy. Driving through Texas together on his way back from seminary, we played it incessantly, and we both loved it. If my best friend was gunned down in his suburban neighborhood tomorrow, no one who worked within a half a mile of a news publication would bat an eye at any of this. A story about a white kid who enjoyed Chalie Boy and drinking just wouldn’t make as good a read in The New York Times as a story about a white kid who attended seminary and gave back to his community.

“He lived in a community that had rough patches, and he dabbled in drugs and alcohol.”

A tall salt-and-pepper haired man I know used to live a hard life. He used to drink until he passed out, snort coke until he couldn’t feel his face, brawl at bars and concerts, fend off the hangover, and get right back to his destructive ways. A few years back, he decided that he’d seen all he needed to see of the world he’d spent decades living in, cleaned up his act, and set out on a path of service. He’s one of the most dynamic, down to earth, caring pastors I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s also white. If you read about his life in The New York Times, you’d find yourself reading about his acts of service, not his brawling.

“As a boy, Michael was a handful. When his parents put up a security gate, he would try to climb it. When they left out pens and pencils, he would use them to write on the wall.”

I am no angel. I was a handful as a child. I had more mandated writing assignments, suspensions, detentions, notes home and parent-teacher meetings than anyone – especially my mother and myself—cares to remember. As a teenager I stayed out after football games and worried my mother sick, took the train to Boston and wandered when I was supposed to be at friend’s houses, listened to vulgar rap music, knew and freely associated with kids in gangs, and drank and smoked weed every now and then. I ran through money, crashed cars, brought home girlfriends my mother hated, and had terrible grades.

“In the ninth grade at McCluer High School in Florissant, Brown was accused of stealing an iPod. His mother said she went to the school, eventually showing a receipt to prove the iPod was his.”

My freshman year at Northeastern, I was living with three white guys on a floor full of white guys and girls. My roommate was told by his hippie girlfriend (who slept in a dog bed in our living room) that I’d stolen some money. Soon everyone on my floor had heard the accusation. I was confronted. The RA was told. It wasn’t enough that I’d worked three days a week and had a mother who pitched me a few dollars when she could. I was accused of stealing. It took pay stubs, letters from my bosses, and letters vouching for my character to beat the accusations. My white roommate, the one whose girlfriend’s accusation put me on the defensive, was later expelled for selling weed.

“Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried Monday, was no angel.”

I am no angel. But really, no one is. It’s just that some of us also are black.


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Follow Jordan Lebeau on Twitter @CapricornXKing.


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The Oracle Report | Monday, August 25, 2014

HOLDING THE LINE - BURROWING OWLS. "Not all owls live in trees, as the burrowing owl can attest. This species takes up residence in old ground squirrel or prairie dog burrows. Hunting at night, it can fly as well as use its long legs to sprint and capture prey." - MotherNatureNetwork.com


NEW AUDIO REPORT August 22, 2014 –

“Holding the Line: Virgo 2014 Cycle”

Click to play…

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon Phase (10:12 am EDT/2:12 pm UTC): begin

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidyas: Shodashi (The Goddess Who Is Beautiful) and Matangi (The Administrator)

Skill: be receptive to new directions

Negative Imprint: lost, alone, stiff, tardiness, immaturity, self-denial, distortion of truth, domination, control, anger

Positive Imprint: security, dignity, determination, self-defense, creativity, inspiration, openness to higher forces, training, achievement, endurance, form, care

Advantage: Sophia, Sabaoth, and humanity. Yesterday at 8:17 am EDT/12:17 pm UTC the Sun (Sabaoth) released an M5.6 – 5.9 (reports vary) class flare with a coronal mass ejection (CME). We look to the position of the Moon at that time to determine the nature of the solar energy being discharged to us. The Moon was located at 20 Leo with the corresponding Sabian symbol “American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun.”

Sabaoth the Sun winked at us with this CME. In the audio recording posted on the homepage atwww.oraclereport.com I discussed the lunar month in store for us, highlighting two astrological aspects with energy that favors humanity – Venus’ conjunction with the Black Moon and the South Node’s conjunction with Eris. The coronal mass was ejected yesterday when the Moon was conjunct the Black Moon while both were making a trine to the South Node and a square to Mars and Saturn. That’s astro-speak for good stuff for the Return of the Mysteries – the Second Renaissance.

The Sabian symbol of “American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun” portrays joining with others of like mind and returning to nature. In essence, the Sun empowered the energetics in place with the New Moon today that favor natural world order.

For eons of time, American Indians have performed daily rituals to the Sun. Many wise owls now do the same thing with the ritual of theMedicine Wheel of Protection, which honors the Sun, Earth, heavens, and humanity. It is a link that has been imprinted and reinforced over and over again through time. The acknowledgement and appreciation of the Sun is one of humanity’s greatest advantages in the effort to free our minds of archontic controls. American Indians, along with other indigenous people across the planet, have held the line – the connection – with our spiritual allies Gaia Sophia and Saboth the Sun while most of the people of the planet fell under the archontic spell.

The Sun returned that wave to us yesterday. The old ways are returning.

This comes in the nick of time. Just as we are beginning a two-month period when those that stand against humanity will make big moves to attempt global control, our allies Sophia and Sabaoth stand up. As I mentioned in the audio recording, the Sabian symbol for the Virgo cycle of “two guardian angels bringing protection” implies that a need for protection exists.

The confluence comes as the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi comes on duty with the assistance of Matangi. (If Shodashi was Batman, Matangi would be Alfred, not Robin.) Shodashi and Matangi are the only two Mahavidyas who consistently work in tandem. Matangi does not always join in on Shodashi’s month – only when needed. The scope of Shodashi’s efforts often requires the administrative and technical assistance of Matangi.

Shodashi paints broad strokes to not only open opportunities to fulfill the highest desire of our souls, but she has a primary mission to destroy the Demiurge, the “chief Archon” Yaldabaoth. She is a tectonic force of sonic power and yesterday’s earthquakes are demonstrative. Shodashi is coming…

The New Moon in Virgo enters at 10:12 am EDT/2:12 pm UTC. Mars and Saturn will make exact conjunction a few hours later at 3:09 pm EDT/7:09 pm UTC. Theelectric universe theory talks about the potential for geologic effects when planets are conjunct around New and Full Moons. Mars and Saturn have been pushing anger and control issues into the collective of humanity for a week now, but today they reach apex, and then that energy will begin to dissipate.

The totality of the energy for the month is a dramatic preparation for change – change to the order of humanity. This month’s energy opens paths, brings opportunities, and sets us on the proper course of our soul’s development. All of it leads to the next cycle, the Libra cycle, where we have the energy for “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.”

For now, we hold the line – the line of light – that indigenous people have maintained for so long. We align with the Goddess of Form and Symmetry herself as she re-enchants the world. All month long, we find beauty as chaos swirls around us.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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The Oracle Report   Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, learning, introspection

Moon: Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today we begin the Disseminating Moon phase. Disseminating Moon phase is the time of the lunar month when we share with others and receive feedback that helps the wish/intention we set back at the New Moon phase to become stronger. We do not need to share or disclose the wish or intention per se. We shareourselves and, in the process, we not only receive messages and information that is helpful to us, but we provide messages and information that is helpful to others. Disseminating Phase is about communication.

We have ample power for communication and sharing from the Disseminating Moon phase combined with this weekend’s conjunction of Mercury (the Planet of Communication!) and the Sun. You will want to follow inner prompts to share information, go certain places, see certain people, pick up a specific book, talk to someone in particular, etc. Synchronicities abound, so pay close attention.

In the pattern of the Moon phases shifting between active and passive states, Full Moon phase is “active” and Disseminating Moon phase is “passive.” Even though we are taking action when we share with others, the mission is more about introspecting on the information we are receiving. Receiving is passive. Wise owls go inside themselves and observe in order to learn. Disseminating Phase always feels to me like playing the game “Clue” when I was younger (it has since lost its appeal; I tried it again recently). We are on the trail to learn more about our mystery (our wish or intention).

But this works best when we are willing to follow our intutition and share what we are prompted to share. In this way, we collaborate with others to bring about everyone’s wish or intention. We are part of their dream.

This does not mean what we hear from others is the way it is or the way it will be. It’s to be taken on board for consideration. The process of consideration (introspection) is what strengthens the wish or intention. Take the best and ignore the rest.

We have some particularly strong astrological energies coming up this week, primarily the approach of the Black Moon to oppose Pluto (with the exact conjunction on Thursday). As I’ve discussed, this astrological energy is taking romantic relationships to different levels (ending altogether or going in a new direction). Black Moon/Pluto energy only affects romantic relationships that are serious. This energy is interested only in true love, not superficiality. Commitment issues and the desire for commitment are the main focus. Also, the strong feminine energy (wild power) that began yesterday will remain in effect for a few more weeks. The power to fall in love or fall back in love is exceptionally high.

While this is transpiring this week, Mercury and the Sun will oppose Neptune and begin opposition with Chiron. Mars will move out of soft and sensitive Cancer and into fiery and dramatic Leo.

This is a lot.

Translation: Power down this weekend and charge up your inner batteries. Sudden, deep, transformative realizations come from sharing with others and taking in what others are feeding back to us. Pay attention to nature. The Mahavidyas often communicate their teachings through the natural world. Remember that fortification of the heart is taking place this month, calling forth the spiritual warrior in each of us. Follow the mission of Disseminating Moon phase and share your time, your thoughts, your ideas, and your feelings with others and see what feeds back to you.