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The Oracle Report Saturday, August 3 – Sunday, August 4, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer
Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati, Bhairavi, Shodashi

There is a tapestry being woven this weekend – an energetic pattern for what is to come.

If you prefer, think of it as a mandala – like the perfect mandala of the flowering shrub in this photograph. Symmetry of form is a principle of physics. It’s also called sacred geometry. The sacred geometry is strong this weekend, preparing the field of possibility with imprints. This happens at the energetic levels in which the Mahavidyas work (levels of consciousness).

Our part in this is to give things a rest and let the goddesses do their thing. The weekend’s energy would have us concerned over the appearance, social standing, order, or perceived importance of things. That type of mental pursuit is a waste of time because the Mahavidyas are re-working the future and things will not stay along their current trajectory.

So, with all things this weekend, give it a rest. Enjoy life as much as possible.

(If you haven’t discovered the bliss of coloring a mandala, all you need to do is google “mandala” under the images option and many black and white line drawings will be found. Pick one that calls to you, print it out, and color it. I prefer to color them with Crayola Pip Squeak markers because the colors are awesome and the small size is nice, but that’s just my thing.)

Special note for Cancers, Capricorns, or those with the Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn and anyone who is interested in how the Black Moon energy operates (bold text used to help differentiate between the Black Moon and the regular Moon):

The Black Moonwill transit through the sign of Cancer for approximately seven more months. It’s like the nine months of pregnancy and you are in your second month.

Every month when the Moon transits the two signs of Cancer or Capricorn (the opposite of Cancer), yourBlack Moonissues will be triggered. This is how the the Black Moon energy works. Essentially, you have 14 more opportunities to work at the rebirthed version of yourself.

The Moon is transiting Cancer this weekend, so one of your opportunities is at hand. You are aware of yourBlack Moonissues. Black Moon in Cancer worries about how well others support and care. Black Moon in Capricorn wants to be recognized, considered, andappreciated. But while the Moonruns through these two signs each month, you are asked to resolve your issues by understanding that it is not about what other people do or think; it’s about what you do or think. We always think ourBlack Moonissues are related to others but in actuality others are just mirrors for us.

Make friends with the Black Moon. It can help to anthropomorphize and envision the energy as a teacher or guide or dakini. Artisitcally represent (arts, music, dance) her If you are inclined. This is extremely helpful for many. You can think of her as your companion during your descent into the underworld (because this is what Black Moontransits are like) instead of thinking of her as your sadist. Don’t hate. She isn’t there to hurt you; she is there to help you. The end of the transit sees you energetically-refined or stripped of your core fear in a new way. She releases you!

As the Moontransits Cancer this weekend, give away your burdens, fears, insecurities, and worries to theBlack Moon and the Mahavidya who closely mimics the energy of the Black Moon- Dhumavati. Do what you need to do for yourself.