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The Oracle Report | Friday, August 8, 2014

I would like to add to Laura’s suggestion about animal signs today.

I know that many people who are very frustrated and angry about co-optation of Native cultures will be disappointed in me for posting a recommendation for one of the Andrews books and I apologize.

I also apologize for my recommendation of Bobby Lake-Thom’s book to a friend in comments on another post. I thought from reading his book that he was a traditional person from around her area in California but have since been pointed to a discussion on plastic shamans ( http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=1372.0 ) that discusses him in light of him being part of the problem. 😦

My own “solution” so far has been to recognize the problem, do my best to be responsible and respectful and to share knowledge and exposure of fraud and co-optation whenever I can.

I also recognize that for non-traditional people seeking spiritual growth and understanding in the current money obsessed colonized global culture, it is very very difficult to follow your own spiritual path without being taken in by some things. It is difficult to find any information in books or online that has the same level of depth, real factual truth and authenticity as real lived experience or direct teaching by a real spiritual master in any tradition.

To some extent those of us who believe in a vast Shift in consciousness and awareness on Earth in the current era are literally creating a new tradition right now. This tradition, like most earlier traditions from most of the world, is by dint of being created by human beings, syncretic.

Syncretic means combined-as in multiple threads from older traditions are woven together to form a new tapestry of ideas, beliefs and worldview.

This can easily be demonstrated historically in such diverse traditions as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Capitalism, Communism etc. It’s just how humans think.

But that said, creating a new, syncretic tradition does not mean we have no responsibility to respect and care about older traditions-especially those in danger of extermination by hostile forces like colonization.

For me, I always read books such as Animal Speak and Spirits of the Earth with the expectation that they contain information that is unique to that author. Meaning that I can do my own cross research to verify or falsify the content rather than accept (often dubious) claims about the information being “traditional Indian knowledge” or even traditional Scottish knowledge or whatever.

Basically I want to suggest that as “wise owls” working to rewrite the negative programs and create better imprints of energy day to day we can consciously choose NOT to reimprint the negative aspects such as colonization, co-optation and disrespect for indigenous peoples.

We can recognize that information, on animal signs, “medicine wheels” or anything else is just that-information. It is emphatically NOT a real representation of any Native American spirituality or culture. It is just information we may or may not find useful in our personal journey.

And I personally believe that to truly overwrite the negativity of the Archons we can each personally work to decolonize our own minds and take personal concrete actions to undo the damage they promote.

Instead of just thinking positive thoughts or sending love and light we could take physical action to create more love and light in the places it is most needed.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on weekend seminars by plastic shamans co-opting and harming Native Nations, why not visit a reservation or join organizations that do useful things to help real Native people?

Fight to stop the tar sands mining, the pipelines and dams destroying both natural ecosystems (and all the life in them!)and Native Nations.

Fight the corporations pushing alcohol and all its horrible results in Whiteclay-a “town” consisting only of liquor stores just outside one of the poorest reservations in America.

This is what “spirit in action” means to me. I do believe we are at a turning point for humanity; that a great Shift is indeed underway. But I know that Shift depends on each of us changing both inside as far as our “programming” and thought patterns and externally in our actions.




“Galactic Connection” Radio Interview with Laura – August 5, 2014

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Fierce One)

Skill: lift yourself up

Negative Imprint: negative thoughts about self, pressure, ageism, concern with age/capability, fear of taking action, possessiveness, moody, control

Positive Imprint: self-sufficiency, sovereignty, lifting self up, uplifting others, cooperation, instruction from higher sources

Today we may find that we need to lift ourselves up in some way because the negative imprint is deeply ingrained. The astrological aspects reinforce feelings that we aren’t good enough, don’t measure up, and aren’t capable. It’s really easy to fall into this pattern today. As spiritual warriors, we will push through this energy and re-imprint it with a higher octave.

In fewer years than we think, the higher octave of our efforts to re-imprint the energy toward the positive (sane) will overwrite the negative imprint. Your work with this is important and goes far beyond your personal sphere of life.

This month we are like a ring of standing stones reverberating a frequency of love around the planet. The stones sing in unison. This manifests as our heart’s desire to connect with others and share. It’s a potent force.

But because the force is so potent, negativity quickly enters to sabotage it. And this is where we will need to use the skills of a wise owl. If you find yourself engaging in self-sabotaging, self-denigrating, or self-destructive thoughts (or behavior), you will need to use the wisdom of the old owls. This wisdom tells us that the thoughts are an intrusive mind program from an alien source. Literally. The thoughts are NOT TRUE. The loop of horrible thoughts about ourselves threatens to shatter our ring of standing stones. This we will not allow.

So, if this starts to develop for you today, stop, drop, and roll outside. Change up what you are doing and revert to nature. If you can’t get to some nature, change your activity. Focusing on someone else or extending ourselves to someone else helps. But mainly you have to believe that the thoughts aren’t true and that they are being inserted. Wise owls don’t fall for the trick.

You aren’t weak; you are powerful. You aren’t incapable; you are invincible. You aren’t a terrible human; you are a creation of the heavens. Don’t believe otherwise.

In response to all of this, Gaia Sophia is very close today. Pay special attention to synchronicities and animal sightings. Keep your copy of Ted Andrews’Animal Speaknearby to interpret those messages.

There is a lot of pressure building toward the Full Moon on Sunday. The energy accompanying the Full Moon unmoors us in some way. This is great for taking leaps of faith (as we are compelled to do all month), but is not so good if our minds are not firmly grounded (moored) with the planet (Gaia Sophia). We can expect a good deal of drama from this. Saturn is the main player, and that means Archons are active. Given the fragility of the world stage at the moment, things could get very blown out of proportion and even more destabilized. This goes for individuals, too.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is really speeding things up, so it might be necessary to take yourself out of that speed and slow down to maintain your sanity.

We are massive, solid, and aligned, and we will let the ugly stuff bounce right off of us. We remember and we believe!

(For those interested in the astrology, Saturn is squaring the conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, and the Black Moon. Thoughts run dark as Saturn, planet of the Archons, takes us to task.)

Blessings to all who support the Oracle Report.

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The Oracle Report. Thursday, August 8, 2013



New Moon Phase: set a wish or intention

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi


There comes a point when we realize that we must make the best of what’s around. We are at this point. But it serves a greater purpose. In order to receive the full benefit of Shodashi’s work next month to bring our highest desire, we must find gratitude for what we already have – even if what we have feels bleak or bare.
It’s not about the value of what you have or do not have; it’s about being able to shift from a mindset of dissatisfaction to a mindset of satisfaction. It’s a skill that we need to hone in order to maintain strong mental and physical health. It is very, very difficult to do at this time in history. It is achieved, however, in conjunction with nature. We easily flip into the mindset of satisfaction when we connect with the wonders of nature. Can you imagine the minds that created the templates for all living things on our planet? When we think like this we are humbled.

Today’s specific energy pushes a feeling of exposure, vulnerability, and trepidation. It’s hard to see who to trust today, so avoid significant disclosures to people who are not among your inner circle. We have a stronger need to find and connect with others of like mind and heart, but it is too difficult to judge this today. Take good care of yourself by being a good steward for yourself even if you have to envision yourself as someone else standing up for you. (That was a confusing sentence. I hope you get my drift.)

Tonight, before going to bed, it is a good idea to give yourself some type of command to remember your dreams. Information in dreams foreshadows events that begin with the New Moon in Virgo on September 5 and reach apex at the Harvest Full Moon of September 18/19, 2013.