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Benjamin Fulford – December 23, 2013: Multiple sources confirm 2014 will be the year of revolution in the West


Benjamin Fulford –

December 23, 2013

Benjamin Fulford – December 23, 2013: Multiple sources confirm 2014 will be
the year of revolution in the West

The year 2014 will mark the beginning of a fundamental change in how this
planet is managed according to sources including the Pentagon, the Japanese
imperial family and the P2 freemason lodge. NATO and other European groups
promise to start the New Year with a $15 billion project to help the
Philippines and show Europeans were fundamentally changing their
international modus operandi, according to the P2 lodge.

There is also an avalanche of disclosure appearing in corporate mass media
outlets about long taboo topics like 911, the Lockerbie bombing, the Kennedy
assassination etc. indicating some sort of attempt at starting a truth and
reconciliation process has begun.

We are also once again being told of mass arrests of cabalists that have
begun in the US. This time US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was named as one
of those arrested for refusing to sign on to the new financial system,
according to one Pentagon and one CIA source. A google image search shows
the last time he appeared in public was 3 days ago. However, both myself and
Christopher Story among others, have been told repeatedly that some top
cabalist had been arrested only to have them appear in public the day after
we wrote about the arrest. This could be that same old trick all over again.
The same sources say that President Barack Obama will not return from his
Hawaiian holiday this year. However, we were told the same thing last year
but he did return.

Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly obvious on multiple fronts that
cabal rule is collapsing at an accelerating pace in the West.

In the US, there is a growing move within the establishment to start
exposing the truth about 911. When Congress members start asking questions
in Congress about it, for example, they are showing that they know it is
safe to start talking about it in public now. The move to blame the Saudis
being given wide publicity is a precursor to taking down the
Bush/Nazi/Zionist faction.

The truth about the Kennedy assassination is also now coming out, again as a
part of that same trend. The sealed public documents relating to the
assassination are due to be released to the public soon, according to
sources close to Kennedy daughter US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy.
The sealed files are almost all held by the CIA, especially its Nazi/Bush
faction the Directorate of Operations.

There is also a move to start disclosing the CIAÂs secret Iranian
connection, according to MI5. One of the most damning things to come out
last week concerned the Lockerbie Bombing of 1988 in which a bomb blew up an
airliner over Scotland, killing 243 people.

The official story is that it was done by Libya but now it turns out the
operation was carried out to cover up the Iranian/Bush/Nazi drug connection,
according to MI5 sources.

First let us review what the connection was in a bigger context. The Iranian
revolution that replaced the Shah of Iran with Ayatollah Khomeini was a
cabal run operation aimed at grabbing Persian imperial gold supplies (the
gold was evacuated to Thailand), according to a cousin of the Shah. Later,
George Bush Sr. got Ronald Reagan elected as President and himself as Vice
President in large part because of the ÂOctober surprise;Â the sabotaged
rescue attempt by President Carter of the US Embassy officials being held
hostage in Tehran. That operation was run by Bush agent Osama Bin Laden (aka
Tim Osman) and his flunky Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The attempt by agency and government white hats to counter the Bush faction
with the Iran/Contra hearings during the Reagan Presidency failed to remove
the Bush faction. One reason was because the Lockerbie bombing killed US
military intelligence and CIA officers who were on that flight on their way
back to report that the Frankfurt (Bush/Nazi) branch of the CIA was running
drugs out of the Beqaa valley in Lebanon for the Iranians. The plane was
blown up to prevent them from reporting this to the Pentagon. Also, it
happens that the commander of the Qods or Iranian special forces in the
Bekaa valley became the Iranian Defense Minister a couple of years ago.

All this is coming out now because Bush and his faction have been defeated
at a high level and arrests of Nazis have been proceeding at a fast clip.
Incidents like Lockerbie are important to Pentagon types because they
represent high treason. That is why we are hearing from CIA and Pentagon
sources that nobody is in the mood for a touchy feely peace and
reconciliation process.

Remember, this Nazi faction has been responsible for killing tens of
millions of people since the end of World War 2. They were also planning to
kill 90% of humanity with disease, nuclear war and starvation in order to
start their 1000 year fourth Reich.

Now, they have lost control of most of the men with guns in the Pentagon and
the agencies. Pentagon sources are now saying, for example, that they found
a network of Nazi run laboratories in some of the former Soviet Republics
that were producing and spreading biological warfare agents as a part of
these plans. These laboratories are now being shut down.

The consensus is that these people will have to be taught a lesson that will
never be forgotten by future generations in order to make sure such a
monstrous entity never again arises within humanityÂs power structure.

However, as we enter the solar new year on December 25th we need to remember
the ancient tradition is to not only clean out the rot but to give birth to
the new. In that vein, we would like to suggest that it is time to review
and renew many of our ancient traditions.

Starting with Christmas could be one way. The Catholic Church and other
Christian groups now admit they do not know when Christ was born and that
Christmas is really a celebration of the Solar New Year that has been going
on for untold millennia. Sites like Stonehenge in England and the Ise Shrine
in Japan, for example, have been set up for celebration of the Solar New
Year many thousands of years before Jesus Christ and the start of

That is why it makes sense to change December 25th, the date the sun starts
to move South again in the Northern Hemisphere, into January 1st. The
celebrations of the birth of Christ could be moved to the spring, the most
likely time of his birth. This could be set in line with the Lunar New Year
and thus give countries in the West a celebration in harmony with Chinese
and Muslim celebrations of the Lunar New Year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.