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Changing the Pattern-Lightworkers, Bilderbergers and Chaos

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I saw a comment earlier about lightworkers dropping all the big ego escapades and getting down to the business of actually working together to manifest the new world we want-rather than waiting for NESARA, alien contact or whatever anyone may be waiting for. I agree that waiting is futile-that play Waiting for Godot pretty much covered that 50 some years ago;-)

But that comment inspired me to write about some things I have been thinking, feeling and mulling in a disconnected way lately. After replying to the friend who made the comment I realized these thoughts and feelings might be significant, helpful or uplifting to others who have also spent a lot of time and thought on trying to change the world and stop the cabal/bilderberg/bad guys and take our planet back.

So here’s my thoughts-please comment and share what you think of them, if you see the same thing or something different, or just anything that inspires you-the more we focus on the inspiring, the positive, beautiful, loving and joyful the more effective whatever we do will be!

I’ve been feeling lately like we actually *are* working together, just not the way we have been taught in colonized society things are supposed to be done. We are not all together following the same plan or the same leader. We aren’t set up in a hierarchy of any kind, with any of the kind of order and organization we have grown up seeing within the colonized/slave planet society we have been living in-but I think/feel that this may be a really good thing and a huge advantage that the cabal/bilderberg lot are totally not expecting or addressing.

(because they can’t;-)

Imho, the idea of horizontalism is not just a way to get people involved and feel heard psychologically-it literally is a manifestation of the new world, the 5d way of thinking and acting as sovereign, free and equal beings.

It only LOOKs like complete useless chaos from the vantage point we have as individuals in a media controlled society.

As each of us follows our own internal compass, our own passions and talents to doing what we are most drawn to, best at, have local access to do etc we are each acting like a fragment of a wonderful holographic fractal pattern that is Gaia, and the Universe overall.

Even tho what we do seems not connected, seems in disarray and not effective-those things are only seemings.

‘They cannot conquer the empty forest’-that is a very old saying that illustrates the way tribal people fight colonizer armies effectively when they are few in number and with lower tech weapons-and they amazingly often have won, at least for a time.

This time the entire Universe is shifting to be more workable for the way we do things, so we have an advantage we did not used to have.

The bilderberg lot cannot fight several billion sovereign, evolving, ascending, becoming more conscious, connected and synergistically effective beings. They have no tools, and more significantly they do not have the minds for it. 3d minds are too limited to think in that level of complexity/chaos.

So even tho they seem unconnected, the survivalist family living off the land in Colorado with a mass amount of guns and stored food and the acupuncture and herb clinic owner in downtown St Pete FL, and the immigrant activist collective in southern California are all actively changing the pattern.

Each fragment of the hologram creates the whole so as each of those and the millions and billions like them all over the planet each ERASE a bit more of their piece of the Bilderberg/Cabal/Slave Planet PATTERN and recreate it as the new, diverse, complex chaotic *uncontrollable* 5d pattern the more the control the Bilderberg/cabal nutters had over us all dissipates, evaporates and mysteriously (to THEM) disappears.

We don’t have to AGREE or even meet one another to do our part to help cocreate the new world, the freedom and the magic we all want for all of us.

I think that was the trick I fell hardest for and suffered most for falling for-feeling like I had to herd cats and get all the humans to agree and work together to create the changes. It seemed impossible because it is!

Humans are just not all going to agree and think alike or even necessarily work consciously together for exactly the same ends-and by convincing us we had to play by THEIR rules in THEIR game they always won.

We make the rules. There are no rules. Just like when they told us you have to pick ONE choice (what is your favourite colour? what is your favourite animal? etc)

(I always refused such choices by answering with things like Rainbow and “all of them”-why accept stupid *pointless* limits people impose on you for their own ends?)

You can’t defeat what you can’t define. 😉

Viva Chaos! Hail Eris, fnord;-)