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A Global Meditation for World Peace, December 12, 2014 | Christine Segal, M.Ed.

I like this idea. I’m not totally convinced yet that we can *just* sit at home radiating peace and bring it about worldwide. I think that finding peace within ourselves is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creating world peace.

Many religious traditions teach that we must first create peace within ourselves and then we must, through our actions, bring peace to our world.

I believe that this is possible in spite of the various powers determined to maintain a state of constant war. Our compassion for one another and all living beings is more powerful than it might seem.

A Global Meditation for World Peace, December 12, 2014

For generations, people from all walks of life have been asking for “World Peace;” a time when all can live in love and harmony. Many heroic people have dedicated their lives toward its attainment. They have paved the way for this particular point in time; December 2014. Here’s a big “Thank you,” to those who have allowed us to step on their shoulders.

The term “World Peace” is confusing to me. It’s the word “World” that does not seem to apply. The definition of “World” can be defined, on the internet, as “the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features.” When we ask for peace, why are we asking the Earth? If you look out your window, you will see other kingdoms; mineral, plant, and animal. Take a look at the rock, the tree, the squirrel. Are they not already peaceful? Why are we asking the Earth to be peaceful when it already is? Let me reiterate…”It just is.” It’s time to take the “Earth” out of the equation. Let’s be clear that the peace we are asking for involves just humanity.

So, the next question becomes…how does humanity find peace? We already know this answer. We’ve been told the answer for centuries by some of the greatest philosophers and metaphysicians. PEACE CAN ONLY BE FOUND WITHIN. What this means is that it’s up to each individual to find their own peace by nurturing the qualities they already possess within them. Peace has nothing to do with externals and everything to do with what’s inside. It is the cultivating of kindness, charity, compassion and love for yourself and others. It is about acting peaceful in each and every situation we are confronted with.

Currently, humanity is experiencing a mass “awakening” and it’s happening all over the globe to the peoples of all nations, cultures, and beliefs. The concept of “awakening” is not new. It’s just occurring on a mass scale to create a “tipping point” in favor of the peace we seek. What this means is that people all over the globe are doing the work to seek that peace from within themselves. This not only raises their own personal vibration but the vibration of all of humanity; as we are all connected. Evolution was brilliantly designed by the Creator to include absolutely everyone. All people get to play a part in creating that loving, harmonious world we seek.

Each and every one of us has a “master shift” to undergo; that is, stepping away from the lower energies such as hate, greed, anger, competition, and jealously. It is stepping up to love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance. Once you feel that peace at the core of your essence, your whole life lifts up in ways you never knew possible. Additionally, you are in a position to help others by transmuting their negative state with your peace.

With this new energy, we no longer have to picket or protest to seek change. We can create peace right from our homes by staying in that vibration as all the tools we need are within. This is how we take action with the realization that peace is already here. It always has been. We just needed to recognize it.

None of what I speak about is new. If you “seek” you will find this information everywhere. What is new is the ability of all of us to come together as never before in our history. On December 12, 2014, we have an opportunity to come together in unison for the peace of humanity. The Master Shift has written and produced a free online guided meditation narrated by Singer, Songwriter, Photographer, Philanthropist Julian Lennon. Based on the idea that quantum meditation can effect change, the purpose of the meditation is to bring the world together as one meditating force for universal uplifting. The meditation is not religious, but does recognize a “higher power.” Details about the upcoming event can be found at http://www.themastershift.com or by visiting The Master Shift on Facebook. The Master Shift is a 501©3 Non-Profit Organization.

We are living in an exciting time. Because technology has connected people from all over the globe, we are witnessing the acceleration in the evolution of humanity. Our consciousness is rapidly expanding which is allowing us to “see” how to create peace in our minds and hearts. Peace is an individual movement. We invite you to “master” your shift.


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Truthout Daily Digest December 12, 2013

William Rivers Pitt | Here Lies America: Shot to Death

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: If a pill or a car or anything else was killing as many children a year as guns, there would be a national panic and a recall and bipartisan legislation in Congress to make sure it never happens again.

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TransCanada Begins Injecting Oil Into Southern Leg of Keystone XL Despite Reported Anomalies

Candice Bernd, Truthout: TransCanada has begun its initial start-up process on the southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline despite hundreds of reported anomalies in the pipe. Grassroots activists are calling on regulators to halt the start of commercial operations.

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As It Turns Out, There Still Is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Many Friends of ALEC

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: Even if ALEC were to disappear tomorrow, its agenda still would be propelled by a variety of institutional allies, including the Reason Foundation, the State Policy Network and a variety of think tanks.

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Actually Existing Capitalism: Wrecking Societies for the Benefit of Big Capital and the Super-Rich

CJ Polychroniou, Truthout: Evidence suggests that capitalism has become wholly predatory and has given up all pretense of being “socially responsible.”

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Bill Moyers | The Great American Class War: Plutocracy vs. Democracy

Bill Moyers, TomDispatch: There is nothing idealized or romantic about the difference between a society whose arrangements roughly serve all its citizens (something otherwise known as social justice) and one whose institutions have been converted into a stupendous fraud.

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John Pilger | Mandela’s Greatness May Be Assured, but Not His Legacy

John Pilger, Truthout: John Pilger recalls an interview with Nelson Mandela in the 1990s, painting a portrait of a leader whose African National Congress had been in struggle and exile for so long, they were willing to collude with forces that had been the people’s enemy.

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How Do You Destroy a Presidency?

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: What do you do if you want to make sure a president goes down badly in history and that his or her legacy is one of failure? Of course, the easiest thing to do is to blow up the economy.

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The Backroom Deal That Could’ve Given Us Single-Payer

Enrique Diaz-Alvarez, Jacobin Magazine: It’s not so much that Obama “sold us out” to a powerful constituency, but that he picked the wrong powerful constituency. A quick look at the financial details reveals that health insurance nationalization was always the real “path of least resistance.”

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Paul Krugman | What Europe Needs Now Is Moderate Inflation

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: Europe’s inflation problem: it’s too low. Moderate inflation is actually a good thing for modern economies.

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Jim Hightower | This Thriller Is Both a Joke and No Laughing Matter

Jim Hightower, OtherWords: NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander says he thinks it’s OK for the government to spy on us, but he wants to deny the media the freedom to report on Big Brother’s surveillance.

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Social Justice Groups Demand Congress Slash Military Budget, Spend Money on People, Peace, Planet

Anne Meador, DC Media Group: A social justice coalition called on the Congressional Budgetary Committee to pass a budget resolution that redirects military spending to domestic needs.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: America’s Pensions Are Under Attack, and More

In today’s On the News segment: Politicians, corporations and even our courts are all chipping away at retirement benefits and promised health care that workers paid into throughout their careers; Republicans in the US Senate stayed up all night to delay a vote on a federal appeals court judge; millennials could be the next great generation; and more.

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Economic Update: Struggles Over the Welfare State

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on the tentative budget deal in Congress, psychiatrists refusing insurance and austerity’s terrible toll on Ireland. Interview with Yale history professor Jennifer Klein on rise, fall and possible rise again of the US welfare state and organized labor. Response to questions on possibilities of a worker take-over of Boeing in Seattle.

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Soothing Words on “Too Big to Fail,” but With Little Meaning

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The Oracle Report Thursday, December 12, 2013


First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action, grow, express Moon: Aries/Taurus

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences/-17-65-67-17-65-67116-17-65-67281390-17-65-6736-17-65-67-52-1022272250.mp3&e=1640926800000&cn=94-43-28-63
The shape of things changes today, proffered by a change in our perspective. Today’s energy requires a shift in how we look at things. From different perspectives, lenses, or angles, situations are different. Feedback from others helps us see other sides. Adopting another viewpoint will transform situations that seem “half empty” to “half full.” This isn’t a trick of the mind. It’s a re-tuning – a recalibration – of the instruments of our minds. In the process, we re-affirm our commitments to what we believe is truly of value. We make adjustments.
Changing perspective may require us to go out on a limb. If so, go out on branches and do dances. In other words, wholeheartedly take things on. Go all in. Make it a dramatic leap. Do it in honor of something greater than yourself. Be reverent.

Statements and declarations made today have powerful effects that will linger into the future. This makes today an ideal day to re-imprint this energy for the future. Today Mercury, the planet of messages, information, and communication, contacts the degree of December 2, 2013’s New Moon: a flag that turns into an eagle that crows. Words spoken and actions taken today have massive impact. Signals are given. Gestures are symbolic.

Alongside these themes today, a certain degree of madness sweeps through the collective. Things are unsettled with the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves and it is making people uncomfortable. People who are rigidly fixed are experiencing the most distress. Everything is off-kilter because people, places, and things are trying to come into equilibrium. Off-kilter from the old power and control systems is a good thing. But there is a great deal of fear because most do not know what is happening.

The return of the sacred masculine (what I like to call the return of the kings) is a heroic event. Heroes are called to something larger than themselves. It is superhuman to be super at being a human. Let’s heed the call.