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Truthout Daily Digest December 24,2013

The Day Santa Really Went Black

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: Images are powerful, and that’s why it was such an issue at our house on Land Park Drive when Santa Went Black, recalls Dr. Wilmer Leon III.

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Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Human Rights of Sex Workers

Kate Zen, Truthout: A landmark decision,Bedford v. Canada, issued by the Canadian Supreme Court on Friday, struck down all three anti-prostitution laws in the Canadian federal criminal code and recognized sex workers’ rights to occupational safety.

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Campaign Cash Rules Drown in the Bathtub

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: What little power the government still has to regulate campaign finance donations is being steadily eroded by funding cutbacks, intimidation, bureaucracy and an inability or refusal to enforce the few rules we have left.

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Yes Virginia, Obama and the Democrats Are Mussolini-Style Corporatists, Just Like the Republicans

Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: Given that both political parties benefit from using the power and the resources of the state to enrich their patrons, it’s going to take a lot more pressure than we see now from ordinary citizens to shake up this cozy duopoly.

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Advice for Young Women: Get a Union Job

Michelle Chen, In These Times: All other things being equal, unions are good for working women, yielding higher wages and better job benefits, according to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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1913 Massacre Film Takes a Trip Back to Calumet a Century After a Christmas Eve Tragedy

Gabriel San Roman, Truthout: Louis Galdieri and Ken Ross, producers of the new documentary 1913 Massacre, talk about their movie and the tragic deaths of 74 at a union Christmas Eve party sponsored by the Western Federation of Miners.

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Mystery Oil Spill Turns Miles of Trinidad’s Beaches Black

Peter Richards, Inter Press Service: Whether it is a case of sabotage or simply poor management practices by the state-owned PETROTRIN, a mysterious oil spill in south Trinidad is wreaking havoc on homes and wildlife in the area.

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Walmart and Disney Refuse to Compensate Injured Bangladeshi Workers

Kristina Chew, Care2: US and global companies need to face up to the reality that some of their products are produced by men, women and children working in sweatshop conditions.

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“Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent”? Inside Guantanamo

John LaForge, Counterpunch: When asked if his administration would investigate allegations of detainee torture at Guantanamo Bay, Obama said it would be unproductive to “look backwards.”

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Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry

Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet: While many procedures on factory farms are cruel, breeding animals into mutants and violating mother/offspring bonds are truly crimes against nature.

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Megyn Kelly Lights the Powder Keg for a FOX Gun Guy to Shoot a Black Santa

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: The relationship between racism and gun ownership has been as old as the Republic in America. FOX News keeps providing ammunition to those arming themselves against “the other.”

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After Months of NSA Revelations, Edward Snowden Says His Mission Is Accomplished

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IRS Helps “Churches” Steal Billions From Worker Pensions

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A Solar Boom So Successful, It’s Been Halted

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Edward Snowden to Broadcast Christmas Day Message

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The Seven Most Important Things Congress Did in 2013 (and the Top 25 Things It Didn’t Do)

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In Alberta, Canada, Environmental Regulators Now Funded by Fossil Fuel Industry

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McDonald’s Advises Its Employees to Not Eat at McDonald’s

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, December 24, 2013 – Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Tuesday: Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, demonstration, distribution: Moon in Virgo

Wednesday: Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, take responsibility: Moon in Libra

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

On Tuesday, we complete the Disseminating phase of the Disseminating time of year – the optimum time for sharing, expressing, giving, and receiving. Messages, information, inspiration, solutions, feedback, and insights fall like snowflakes.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s energy works in tandem. Whatever is imprinted or built into Tuesday’s energy (through mindsets, emotional states, intentions, events) finds its way into Wednesday’s energy. A “splitting” or “divergence” results on Wednesday, creating divisions. We see how some are controlled and controlling (intimidating) and some are free and freeing (loving).

If you find yourself involved in the controlled/controlling/intimidating experience, don’t engage the aggression, but if it comes to defending yourself or your position in some way, do so from the stance of the spiritual warrior. Consider if this is something you really want to put energy and effort into. If so, remain in your heart center, firmly grounded in place. Be respectful and recognize that nothing need take you off that stance. The outcome is not measured by success in changing someone’s mind; it is measured by whether or not you were swayed off center and ground by relying on others’ reactions. Stay true to yourself. Remember that old values are dissolving and that the return of the sacred masculine is rebalancing and rectifying things. We are witnessing this right before our eyes. Massive transformation and change is happening in the world.

The intense astrological energies I’ve been highlighting over the last several days drive anger, fear of change, fear of the unknown, relationship issues, accidents, and aggression into situations. We want to opeate above all of that. To do this, we strive for peace of heart that comes from watching falling snowflakes. Watching snowflakes transports us to another mindscape where we are still and the heart and mind can unite. The inner masculine and feminine merge here.

So as we walk through our lives and are engaged in whatever activities the next couple of days holds, we will be like the deer in this photograph, standing amidst the falling flakes, accruing the wisdom on our antlers, immersed in the scene yet somehow offset from it and somewhat invisible. We stand in the middle of power. Via frequency resonation, we come together through this endeavor and through our numbers, imprint and infuse peace and harmony into the energy. It’s a worthy endeavor.

The full version of today’s picture is here.