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The Oracle Report | Monday, December 29, 2014



The Oracle Report – Monday, December 29, 2014

“The Mass Turn” – Capricorn 2014 Lunar Cycle: December 21, 2014 – January 19, 2015


“The Black Moon Transit of Virgo: November 27, 2014 – August 25, 2015”


Monday, December 29, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action; step out of comfort zone

Moon in Aries

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali (The Reckoner)

Skill: mind your mind

Negative Imprint: distraction, shooting the messenger, refusing help or comfort, bargaining things away, trying to make the irrelevant relevant, lost in fantasy or illusion, feeling defeated, hopelessness, spiritual arrogance

Positive Imprint: tuning in, abstractions, innocence, fascination, reaching out to others, kindness, ideals, culture, peace, gentleness, blessings, cooperation, finding the best

Sabian Symbol for Lunar Month: an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe

Harmony and harmonics are the stories today. We are wise to be mindful of what kind of emotional/mental states we are emitting. We will quickly meet in the world whatever we are feeling inside. The principle of “like attracts like” is in full force, so what we put out is what we get back.

Talk of “harmonics” inevitably brings in the concept of “frequencies,” which often results in people “blanking out.” So let’s keep notions of frequencies grounded with the basics: frequency means how often.

When you get down to it, having the often-touted “high frequency” really means how much of the time one emits love. It indicates how often we are in the harmonic heart-mind space of connection with All That Is.

Today, the power of all of this is amplified exponentially.

This means we have an opportunity.

On the individual level in our lives, this energy will bring us outstanding opportunities for messages about what is truly fulfilling and what makes us happier. This information helps us to take on the mantle of our personal power – our sovereignty as free thinkers and creators. It helps us stand up straighter. It’s energy to realign, re-imprint and rectify. It unites worlds.

Realigning, re-imprinting, and rectifying energy is a daily practice for frequent readers of The Oracle Report. Every day brings celestial mechanics from the planets and opportunities to strongly imprint the positive or negative currents. Using awareness and wisdom, we are shifting the experience of life that has been heavily pressed toward the negative polarity over recent history. We understand that wherever each of us leans on the spectrum determines how we collectively lean.

On the collective level of humanity today, the energy is ripe for reclaiming or making up ground.

The energy has us reassessing all sorts of things. We want to make things more whole – to integrate or combine them to flow more easily. We want it to all come together. With this, people, places, and things that are refined are highly attractive today.

As part of this, group or team efforts are heavily favored because this usually makes things better. More eyes or minds or hearts on things gives an advantage. This means we need to be ready to make our contribution or be ready when opportunity strikes! Be bold.

Pay attention to what’s catching your fancy today. We are getting glimpses and trying to grasp things that we don’t quite understand, but it all starts with what allures us. Follow any impulses to read, investigate, or experience things.

It’s a great day for radiating harmony, so let’s get to work.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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NorthPoint Astrology Journal | December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015 | Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, December 28, 2014
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
December 29, 2014 to
January 4, 2015

By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Tromsdalen, Norway onDecember 22, 2014 (credit: Truls Tiller, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

IF EVER there was the right time to make life-changing New Year’s resolutions, this is it! As we discard our 2014 calendars and open our crisp new 2015 datebooks this week, we are also in the building phase of a significant lunar cycle, leading to a powerful and important Full Moon next Sunday.

It’s interesting to look more carefully at the word “resolution,” especially as related to the planetary energies that we are working with. We have the prefix “re,” which means to do again, and the core word “solution,” which is either a method of dealing with a problem, an explanation for something or, in chemistry, a mix of two or more substances.

USUALLY when we think of a New Year’s resolution, we think of finally putting our foot down about something, making a decision “once and for all” that we will change a pattern, break a habit, or improve our lives in some way. It’s interesting, though, to think of the word “solution” as a chemist might — a combination of substances.

Then, when we add the prefix “re-” in front of it, we are adding the element of creating a new form, one that may be similar to a previous version, or perhaps one that is significantly different from anything we have created before — even if we seem to be using the same ingredients as we did previously.

WHO HASN’T HAD the experience of using exactly the same recipe twice, and having the outcome be different each time? Humidity and other environmental differences aside, the main difference is us, and the energy we bring to the creative process.

As we imagine the new year and how it might be different than the last, we may want to think about the process of “re-solution” as a form of alchemy, which is defined as “a seemingly magical power or process of transmuting.” The ability to transmute energy is one of the qualities of Pluto — and Pluto is a major influence as we begin 2015.
THE NEW YEAR doesn’t waste any time in letting us know it’s arrived — things get lively on the very first day of 2015, with a Jupiter-Mars opposition on Thursday. This combination of planetary energies can inspire us to take action in a big way, especially in areas where we feel we must reclaim our freedom and independence (Mars in Aquarius) or in an effort to gain the personal fulfillment that has been lacking in our lives (Jupiter in Leo).

There’s not a lot of tact associated with this opposition, and with Mars (the god of war) being involved, tempers can flare easily. We can use this energy to good benefit, however, as long as we stay mindful of what actions will be most beneficial in the long run, rather than letting a short-term emotional reaction define our trajectory.

NEXT WEEKEND provides the biggest wave of transformational energy. The Sun will first square Uranus and then align with Pluto, making Sunday’s Full Moon (at 8:53pm PST) a powerful time for awareness and change.

Pluto, as god of the underworld, is expert at bringing to the surface issues or truths that have been hidden or forbidden. Uranus, sometimes called the god of chaos, often brings events unexpectedly or suddenly. As we well know, these two planets have been at the heart of many important changes as they’ve been working with us over the past three years.

NOW Pluto and Uranus, the two planets most associated with transformation and breakthrough (or breakdown), are playing primary roles in our first Full Moon of 2015. Their goals are to enhance our awareness of some core issues and to empower us to come into alignment with the river of change that is flowing through our lives.

So, when we plan our New Year’s “re-solutions,” we will want to be thinking about new ways to define ourselves, not just externally, but from the inside out. Old solutions and established forms that came into being when we were in a different stage in our evolution will need to be reassessed. Some will need to be modified and others completely renovated, but their ultimate success depends on how well they align with the new, more enlightened vision we have for our lives — both as individuals and as a humanity.

I’LL BE SPENDING New Year’s Day pulling together all the information I want to share at our teleclass on January 8. The class is called“At the Door of a New Age” andwill cover planetary energies for the first six months of 2015. I’m excited to talk with you about the possibilities that lie ahead of us in the new year!

To help you get the most from the class, your registration confirmation email will include a pdf of monthly calendars I’ll be using. If you’d like to print the calendars before the class airs, you can then take notes directly on the calendars as you listen to the class, either live or by replay.

The full class description is below, so please read on if you would like more information. Or, if you’re ready to sign up for the class, here’s the link:


At the Door of a New Age
Your astrology guide for January to June 2015

A 90-minute teleclass with Astrologer Pam Younghans and Wellness Educator Elsie Kerns

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Live broadcast: 4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST

Also available by download after class airs | Fee: $25

THE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2015 hold enormous potential for spiritual growth and creative change, as the planets challenge each of us to make a quantum leap in some area of our lives.

We’ve been working with the transformational energies of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square for 3 years now. By the end of 2014, we will have experienced the exact aspect 6 times. But in each of those exact aspects, either Pluto or Uranus has been retrograde, leaving us to balance the need to resolve issues from the past with a strong desire to leap into the future.

March 16, 2015 is the date of the 7th and final exact square between Pluto and Uranus – and on that date, both planets will be in forward motion. In other words, it’s all systems go, full speed ahead!

In this 90-minute teleclass, I’ll explain more about what this final Pluto-Uranus square means, and how it relates to the title of the class, “At the Door of a New Age.” I’ll also talk about other exciting and potentially life-changing events in the first 6 months of 2015:

  • The highly-energized line-up of planets in mid-March, which sees Mars aligning with Uranus and both planets trine Jupiter, right before the final Pluto-Uranus square – and just days before an eclipse and the solstice
  • The Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 in the very last degree of the zodiac (29 degrees of Pisces), indicating a time of completion and the need to release old definitions of spirituality
  • The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4 that activates more events related to the Pluto-Uranus-Mars-Jupiter line-up in March
  • The first months of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, and its return to Scorpio on June 14

I’ll also cover the significance of the New and Full Moons for each month, as well as Mercury’s retrograde phases, and other highlights of the first half of 2015. As before, the slideshow will include monthly calendars showing the most important planetary aspects.

I hope you can join us, either “live” as the class airs, or by download afterward!

To register: http://pam2015.eventbrite.com


NorthPoint Astrology Blog: To read occasional posts and add your comments, please visithttp://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. See you there!

To Subscribe to the NorthPoint Journal: If you have been forwarded this issue of the NorthPoint Astrology Journal and would like to receive it directly every week, please click hereto access the “Journal” page of Pam’s website. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, fill out the subscription form, and click on Submit.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week .
MON: Neptune semisquare Mercury;TUE: Jupiter quincunx Mercury;THU: Jupiter opposite Mars; FRI:Chiron semisquare Venus; SAT:Uranus square Sun, Venus enters Aquarius, Sun conjunct Pluto, Chiron semisquare Mercury; SUN:Saturn sextile Venus, Chiron sextile Sun, Mercury enters Aquarius, Full Moon 8:53pm PST, Sun square North Node
About the Journal

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

Astrology Readings
To schedule your personal astrology reading with Pam, please e-mail pam.

Or, see the “Readings” page atwww.northpointastrology.com
to learn more about personal astrology readings.

Please feel free to share
this NorthPoint Journal with people you think may enjoy it. When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.
Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2014.
All Rights Reserved.


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Truthout Daily Digest December 29, 2013

Chris Williams | Capitalism, Ecology and the Official Invisibility of Women

Chris Williams, Truthout: When the costs to society of environmental degradation and women’s unpaid and under-compensated labor are factored in, capitalism provides no profits.

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Less Big Bang Theory, More Dana Scully: What It’s Going to Take to Lead More Girls Into Science

Christopher Zumski Finke, Yes! Magazine: Only 25 percent of STEM jobs are held by women. YouTube science sensation Emily Graslie describes how we can inspire them with better-quality pop-culture role models.

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Americans Are Paying for Health Care With More Than Money

Dr. Philip Caper, Bangor Daily News: Americans now spend close to $3 trillion a year for health care, around 18 percent of our GDP. That works out to almost $9,000 per person in Maine, almost twice as much per person as the average for other wealthy nations that provide health care for all their people.

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In America, Innocent Until Proven Guilty? Not for Most People Who Are Stuck in Jail

April M. Short, AlterNet: Most people in jail in the U.S. have not been convicted of any crime. That is unless poverty can be considered an automatic-lockup offense.

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Loathsome Wall Street Deficit Hysterics: ‘Blame the Old and Sick, Not Us’ – Part 1

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This week in Speakout:

William K. Black discusses the Kansas Regents’ effective elimination of the academic freedom once enjoyed by tenured faculty; Lawrence Davidson looks at the media’s portrayal of the Israel-Palestine relationship; Mary W. Maxwell questions the Australian High Court’s stance against gay marriage; Patrick T. Hiller challenges Catherine Ashton’s call to arms; Julie R. Butler details drug policy reform in Colombia and Uruguay; Richard L. Fricker explains why the death penalty may hinder justice rather than help it; Paul Thomas sheds a light on our faith-based society – and more.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, December 28 – Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday: Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, take responsibility: Moon in Scorpio

Sunday: Balsamic Moon Phase: release, clear, compassion: Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

Fortune continues to shine on us this weekend through enhanced energy for messages, information, and guidance. This is highlighted both days.

Saturday’s energy is best navigated with the attitude of counting our blessings. The energy is slower and asks us to take time to see the good things that we have in our lives. What we view as blessings are directly parallel to what we truly value, and our values are under reconstruction while Venus is retrograde. When we are in the midst of great change, great transformation, what is truly most valuable to us serves us like a stalwart lighthouse. Lighthouses remain grounded under the harshest battering of the elements. In every case, fall back on what you know is of foundational value. Saturday is the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase, so it is technically the last day of this lunar month. We determine what we do not want to carry with us into the next lunar month.

Sunday ushers in the Balsamic Moon phase, the phase when the veils between the worlds is thinnest. Like the mythical realm of the fairies, it exists outside of ordinary time. It isn’t exactly part of the passing lunar month, but it also does not quite belong with the upcoming lunar month. It’s the “between time.” Balsamic phases are “ruled” by the latter half of Aquarius and all of Pisces, thus it is highly suggestible, creative, and innovative energy. It is a time of high magic because whatever is inserted into or molded from the energy at Balsamic prepares the field (stacks the deck) for the future – specifically the next lunar month or even longer if someone is working with bigger cycles of time. During Balsamic, the mindsets we hold, the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, the activities we perform, etc., infuse the future.

The astrological aspects that are already in place and building toward Wednesday’s New Moon in Capricorn provide an opportunity that forces aligned with power and control will find unable to resist. The success of their efforts remains to be seen. Certainly their ability to impact has weakened considerably since Shodashi’s Wave in October (see the Archives). There have been multiple windows of opportunity for them since Shodashi’s Wave, opportunities that they have historically acted upon. Anything they have tried has fizzled out before it could begin.

But the energetic aspects between the New Moon, Pluto, Mars, and Uranus make this opportunity a little different. This opportunity is not only based in Capricorn energy – Capricorn ruled by the Archon homebase Saturn – but it is also highly masculine energy. The negative form of hypermasculinity is embedded in the energy. It’s laden with aggression, dominance, surprise attack, and conflict.

The key here is the sacred masculine’s response. This is the first time we have massive masculine astrological aspects since the full return of the energy of the sacred masculine.

The sacred masculine responds by protecting all that is held by the sacred feminine. It defends but it also disables any incoming danger. It is wise in that it understands potential threat. Such a threat exists between now and Thursday, January 2, 2014.

All of the wise owls here are warriors of the heart. We uphold the freedom and beauty of the human mind and we aim towards the love of life. Follow along the course of your life this weekend, ever-vigilent and attuned to message and insight from divine sources, but do so in “ready warrior” stance. Be prepared to engage – to hold the values of love, freedom, and the sanctity of nature – if “negative” events unfold. We don’t wait for anything to happen or project it (because we are actively engaged in changing the imprint of the energy and we know that the Archons and their Illuminati magicians have been dealt a serious blow to their power by our mistress Gaia-Sophia and her emissaries) but we are not surprised if something does happen. It is wise to be aware.

Let’s find our blessings and find some beauty and if you are able to snap a picture of such a thing, please feel free to share it on the Oracle Report Facebook community or email it to me atlaura.