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One World of Nations: US Finances and the GS / RV’s | The Simple, Brutal Truth

I just saw this link in the comments at Ben Fulford’s page. I hope everyone invested in dinar will check out this blog.

I feel this blogger writes very clearly about a lot that is going on as far as deceiving us all, and he is the only one I have yet seen who addressed my concerns about how this recall affects the victims of these awful wars.

He has a more in depth understanding of these investments than I do and a readily apparent concern for investors.

Link to the full article is below this excerpt from it-
This ever burgeoning Military Complex and its Contractor Empire, is draining America’s finances, creating needless Global wars, and unleashing hoards of uncontrolled, low IQ Contractors with weapons, effecting genocide, and crippling domestic US industries. A total Lose / Lose for America. That is also deeply impacting on current Global Private Placements, RV dialog and trust. America is a Bust Flush. All spent out. But with its hand out again. No one will play, or pay. Truth is buried under propaganda lies.


We do understand how sensitive this Dinar issue is for many genuine, well-meaning parties, who mainly invested innocently in good faith for fabulous projected returns. But truth is key to help you plan in reality, not naïve Guru empty promises. Many Dinarians both want to stabilize their families, and contribute towards society as a magnanimous gesture, but funded by who? Grandiose gestures can’t be based on hype. America alone cannot do it from On Balance Sheet funds. The Treasury has no money and they have only just driven through deal for c$1T to save Americas own Budget shortfall.

It’s not Won’t do, it’s Can’t do. No money exists without a major reset. Even then – Who pays?

The sheer scale of deeply flawed wrong reporting by Guru site’s and Bible belt Bloggers, is building many desperate peoples hopes and false feeding cruel delusions, which become more shattered dreams when they keep on failing to materialize. Why repeat read so many false dawns and even worse quote them? It’s dysfunctional thinking.

The key problem deeply affecting this is the sheer scale of colossal Dinar overprinting which took place. $60T plus printed when $5T is sufficient. What a mess. Fools dream and fantasize. How do the Military explain such vast Counterfeit holdings apart from Bribery rewards as War Loot from their disgusting, Illegal War, which destroyed a nation and has murdered over a million + Souls now for their shameless and immoral complicity? A million + dead, more hate! But don’t tell it this way in the brainwashed Disneyland Republic. We are “Special”. Dumbing down created this. The world looks on and in, part amused at the antics of the 21 st century versions of Beverly Hillbillies, and part concerned at the dereliction of duty of joint community citizens of planet earth.

(Read this whole article at the link below)


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Dong, Dinar Revalue New World Order



I have been thinking a lot lately about currency speculation, the “New Age”, New World Order and the connections between them.

Someone shared an article on a spiritual newsgroup I read about Steve Beckow receiving a directive in a channeling session with Archangel  Michael to purchase certain currencies that were very soon to revalue. The idea was that people working to bring about the new/golden age could spend small sums to then receive huge returns of money that could then be used for projects to better the world and help others.It sounded like a heart-in-the-right-place idea to me so why did my inner voice immediately start bugging me? 

I asked others about it and read a bunch both for and against it online but nothing I read or heard would silence that nagging inner tug of “something is not right here”.

If it works people would help others-all good. If it is really a scam then those involved would learn from that and move on. Even if those currencies are artificially low due mainly to wars my country pursued against them and so my country’s citizens gaining financially from the reval would be kind of vampiric and resemble small scale war profiteering then still-what could I do about it? It’s not my job to judge people and even if I chose to do so I have no mechanism to influence anyone’s behaviour outside of my own. 

Tonight it finally came to me why this issue, the general strike protest I could not support and the cabal based government shutdown Tuesday all fit together and keep bothering me. 

As of December 21, 2012 we have entered a new cycle of time and according to many sources this means the power over top down control is over.We each cocreate both our own lives and experiences and the collective reality. If we don’t take responsibility and engage our own intentions and desires then we remain passive fuel sources for the cabal factions using us as disposable fodder in their endless jockeying for power against one another.

In other words we have our own tools to tear down the master’s house with-by calling forth the wild green powers in the Earth herself we could allow the returning forests to dismember the master’s house into the compost it was always meant to be.

Instead we give our power away by subscribing to the idea that WE are helpless passive pawns only able to WAIT PATIENTLY for the powerful insiders,  angels, aliens, soldiers, and or hackers to deliver our money, our better government,  our clean environment,  our self respect, joy and beauty TO US.

But why would engagement in the old systems tools and methods (power and control over others thru govt shutdown, money based speculation on personal gain from others losses in war, passive waiting and giving away our power) result in anything but MORE of the same old system results of winners and losers, oppression, war etc? 

We have the ability to manifest collectively the disintegration of the violence and greed/money based system and the flowering of the love and compassion based organic living joyful world system we all want.

Why would we want to keep feeding our power into the ongoing machinations and control games the cabal factions are playing against one another? 

What do we gain out of helping them maintain this monstrous system of suffering and oppression? As far as I can see, we only gain the dubious comfort of not facing the unknown or our own power and responsibility. 


I don’t think it’s worth it,  do you?